Thursday, September 13, 2007

When Is The Press Conference?

Prominent Prince William Democrats recently appeared en masse, with willing press accomplices in tow, to associate the activities of Conservatives and Republicans to stem the tide of illegal aliens in Prince William County with racism. The Washington Post headlined its story with "Leaders Denounce Klan Activities In Manassas," but a more appropriate title would have been "Democrat Candidates Attempt To Exploit Racist Activities," as it was organized by Democrat nominee for the 50th District, Jeanette Rishell.

But where, oh where, are those Democrats when confronted by actual racism and religious bigotry against 51st District Republican nominee Faisal Gill?

I guess some forms of racism and religious bigotry are acceptable to Prince William Democrats.

Particularly in the service of the campaign of a Democrat nominee for public office.

It's almost enough to make one nostalgic for former Sheriff Lee Stoffregen. Say what you will about Lee, but when challenged by Republican Glen Hill, a black man, his campaign admirably eschewed playing the race card, making the election a straight contest on the issues.. To the contrary: I have a colleague who is fairly well informed, and a staunch Republican, who told me the day after the election --- when I jokingly quoted to him a line from Blazing Saddles ("A black Sheriff?!?!?") --- that he was utterly unaware of Hill's skin color.

I guess it's a measure of the desperation of Prince William Democrats that they are now willing to play the race card, or at a minimum, to stand by silently while it is played against a Republican nominee.


Lovell Reiley said...

Shouldn't the Republicans who are hacking Gill up be the ones called to account here? The genesis of most of the hateful stuff about Gill I have read is Republicans in his primary opponent's camp. Why should Democrats be chastised for not holding a press conference for the purpose of calling Republicans to account for eviscerating one of their own with inflammatory and false accusations largely generated because of Gill's choice of legal practice and ethnic origin? They could say ... "there the Republicans go again ... making racist and bigoted remarks about someone because of the color of his skin and his religion." Is that what you want?

James Young said...

Many of us have, Lovell. However, the most consistent attack dog is Jonathan Mark, a self-described Democrat.

And BTW, I wasn't referencing those publicly attacking Gill, many of whom do so anonymously or pseudonymously. I was referring to those associated wih Nichols' campaign (though not the candidate himself, so far as I know), who speak in such terms surreptiiously. The quesion here is whether the candidate is willing to tolerate such behavior and sentiments among his supporters.

If Democrats only denounce such behavior when they can associate it with Republicans, it reveals their "principles" to be nothing more than principles of convenience.