Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's Play The Hitlary Game!

So Hitlary Clinton (D-Dogpatch) thinks that Vice President Dick Cheney is Darth Vader?

So much for the politics of personal destruction. I guess she forgot that Darth Vader was redeemed in the end.

But never one to let an opportunity for a good game pass by, I humbly offer "The Hitlary Game": name (in a comment) the movie character Hitlary most resembles.

You know, like Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford, 1945).

Or Mommie Dearest (Faye Dunaway, 1981).

You can play, too!


Leslie Carbone said...

Lady MacBeth?

Mrs. Iselin?

Cruella DeVille?

James Young said...

Oooo! Mrs. Iselin! I like that one, Leslie. And I presume you refer to the Angela Lansbury iteration (with all due respect to respect to Meryl Streep, she just didn't work for me).

For some reason, Joan Crawford came immediately to my mind.