Saturday, September 15, 2007

Something With Which She Has Experience

I had to laugh the other day, when Hitlary Clinton (D-New York Times) attacked General David Petraeus and muttered something about crediting his report would require a ".... willing suspension of disbelief...."

Of course, it's a curious that Hitlary would have a problem with a "willing suspension of disbelief," since she has such vast experience with it, to-wit, defending her philandering husband against charges of marital infidelity; pleading ignorance about the illicit business practices of those with whom she is in partnership, etc.

It's just the latest manifestation of the old Clinton habit of bemoaning practices of which they, themselves, are consummate practitioners (remember "the politics of personal destruction?" Bold words from the employers of Terry Lenzner). Of course, in this case, it's more of a case in questioning a practice upon which they, themselves, rely upon so often.

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