Thursday, September 13, 2007

BREAKING! Democrat Challenger Endorses Racist Campaign Tactics

Harkening back to his party's unsavory history as the champions of slavery and Jim Crow, George Barker, Democrat candidate for the 39th District state Senate seat, tonight virtually endorsed the largely racist and religiously-bigoted campaign being waged in a race for another seat.

Barker appeared tonight before the Prince William Committee of 100, a non-partisan group promoting public discussion of issues. Given an opportunity to pose a question to incumbent Republican Jay O'Brien, Barker took the opportunity to reference Republican nominee for the 51st House of Delegates seat, Faisal Gill, and asked O'Brien if he endorsed him.

Aside from the implied insult to O'Brien's honor --- as a GOP nominee, he is pledged to support all of the Party's nominees for office in the ensuing election --- Barker impliedly lent his endorsement to the largely racist and religiously-bigoted campaign being waged against Gill.

The interesting question is whether the Democrat nominee against Gill, Paul Nichols --- who was present in the audience --- will condemn Barker's endorsement of these tactics, or will he publicly repudiate them?

I can say that I heard people close to Nichols refer to Gill as "the terrorist," though I find it difficult to believe that Nichols would endorse such racist and bigoted behavior.

The question is, will he tolerate it around him? Will he allow himself to benefit from it?

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