Thursday, September 27, 2007

Racist Gill-Hater Displays Ignorance ... But I Repeat Myself

Racist Gill-hater --- and self-professed Democrat --- Jonathan Mark has weaved another myth. This time, it's a conspiracy theory that GOP leaders "persuaded" Michele McQuigg to retire from the House of Delegates and run for Clerk of the Circuit Court to make way for Faisal Gill.

Of course, even non-racist, non-Democrat Gill-haters who are informed know that Michele has had her eye on the Clerk's office for more than two decades. She was the GOP nominee for Clerk in 1983.

Another outrageous lie from an outrageous liar.


Charles said...

On the other hand, he seems to be repeating himself a lot lately.

Patriot Games said...

On a one to ten scale, with one being Fred Phelps and ten being full-on, bareback, Mark Foley gay, just how attracted are you to Jonathan Mark? It seems like you have an unhealthy sexual obsession with him. I hope it leaves you with enough time to carry on the good jihad for Faisal.