Friday, September 28, 2007

Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Gone!

Apparently disgusted because she didn't get her way, Old Whithered Wench Anke W. Cheney has decided to take her ball and go home, and promises that she won't darken the door of the GOP again.

Good riddance to bad garbage.

If only we could hold her to it when she gets over her snit.

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Mom said...

Charles, I spoke too soon. In the face of what he would probably describe as the imminent failure by the BOCS (What a shock, Wally bailed out them, sarcasm intended) Greg has blocked my recent post responding to the childrens caterwauling. I'll post it below just for giggles.


Given what appears to be an outcome most of you would characterize as unfavorable, does anyone feel played yet? You should and its not like you weren't warned. The resolution was nothing more than pandering and posturing of the worst kind and you all got sucked in. You should have known from the get-go that Barg, Jenkins and Nohe wouldn't ultimately support or fund it and the latest flip-flop by Wally the Fish is typical as he always changes with the wind. Days numbered, write-in candidate for his seat, what a joke, he's unopposed and has high name recognition in a district widely devoid of the present issue. Now if you really want to get him, go after his development votes in the Linton Hall corridor that led to trailers at Brentsville HS (its full because of overdevelopment and school board policy regarding state grants, not because of an influx of illegal immigrants), FOIA his correspondence regarding the quarry, check into his real-estate holdings and if there is a potential conflict with the proposed Buckland Bypass, support for the NVTA tax package, good lord I could on for hours, the long and the short of it is welcome to the "I've been burned by Wally Club", unfortunately its membership is neither exclusive nor small.

At least the experience has taught some of you (but not all of you) lessons about how to effectively approach the county government, and I mean approach not impact as the latter depends on how entrenched particular supervisors are in their views. Citizen input can make a difference, and I believe you will find more effective when you address the BOCS in a snappy red blouse as opposed to a tired old t-shirt. (wink, wink Lafayette, you're one of the few who has at least learned part of the lesson)