Sunday, September 30, 2007

Clarification Of 11th District Committee's Rejection Of Lucas Appeal

Just received this e-mail, regarding the Eleventh Congressional District Committee's unanimous rejection of Julie Lucas' appeal regarding the 51st District Convention which nominated Faisal Gill. I initially wrote about it here. The e-mail is from Denny Daugherty, and since I am not it's only recipient, it's obviously not confidential:
I was present for the meeting as a proxy for Rick Hendrix, 11th dist. rep. to the State Central Committee..
The vote to reject the Lucas appeal for lack of a petition was unanimous. The motion was made by the representative of Fairfax City.
The appeal did not ask for the convention result to be overturned. Rather, it asked for an advisory opinion on what to do about overvotes in future conventions. Party committees don't render advisory opinions; the party's general counsel does. The vote does not preclude the 11th dist. chair or any other party official from asking advice from the RPV General Counsel on that topic.
So, those who complain about the rejection of the Lucas appeal know not of what they speak. Once again, "Team Lucas" and its estimable "brain trust" was hoist upon their own petard, failing to satisfy the requirements for maintaining a challenge.

Of course, count on the cowardly Gill-Haters to maintain their attacks, even thouhg proven wrong again and again.

By their standards, I suppose it's Becky Stoeckel and the other Members of the 11th Congressional District who are now in cahoots with Faisal Gill.

UPDATE: For some reason, Greg Letieqc --- also copied on this e-mail --- has said not a word about it.

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Charles said...

The interesting thing is that apparently people are upset about rejection even though the appeal didn't actually ask for any action to be taken anyway.

I can't read what Greg wrote, because he has still blocked my access to his site (I know I can get around it, but frankly it's so much nicer not having to read what he writes most of the time).