Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Problem With Lying (Or Psychosis)....

is keeping your creative fictions straight.

Yesterday, Johnny Mark, racist hater of everything related to the Virginia GOP's first Muslim candidate for the House of Delegates, Faisal Gill, created the elaborate fiction that Gill was a "resume padder" who claimed to be the Chairman of a group "WHICH NEVER DID ANYTHING." His lies were rebutted here.

Now, Johnny Mark responds with a partial rebuttal --- he seems to have backed off of his fiction that Gill claims to have "founded" the group --- by misrepresenting Gill's website, and claiming that "Gill thus claims to the the Chairman of the now-defunct Prince William Taxpayers Alliance."

Nice quibbling.

Now, now, Johnny, here's a little lesson for you: just because an organization does not renew a website address does not mean it is defunct. It may mean a lot of things, but not that it is defunct. Furthermore, you just can't seem to get the name straight.

You've got to love the single-mindedness of this Gill-hater. Or pity it.


Charles said...

So the actual name of the group is:

Prince William County Taxpayers Alliance.

I wonder if we can get JM to buy up every possible combination of names of the group. I'm already clicking on his ads at BVBL whenever I can, as much as I hate funnelling money to BVBL at least it's coming from JM.

I wonder if he'll call the group "undefunct" after it issues it's endorsements for the upcoming elections....

Mom said...

Lying and Pschosis are not traits limited to JM, BVBL has both in addition to some others, cowardice, duplicity, egotism, etc. Tried to post the following in response to a comment by the OWW but Greg apparently blocks comments that don't jive with his world view, limited at it is. Would be nice if you could sneak this into his yardsigns thread:

No OWW you're looking in the wrong direction for the racist, it was simply a tongue-in-cheek observation. Truth of the matter is that I have been a staunch supporter of both Stirrup and Stewart for quite some time, substantially previous to many of their "staunch" supporters here, supporters who previously savaged both prior to "The Resolution". Sad thing is I can see both losing re-election bids (Corey more than John) due in large part to some of the mouth-breathers here. Right, wrong or otherwise, in politics impression IS reality and some who voted for them previously may not this cycle because of the vitriol spread on sites such as this or the alleged connection to the KKK. Remember, most of these people don't read blogs and rely on the MSM for information. That's not to say they will vote against Corey and John but it is infinitely more likely they will just sit the election out as somewhat disinterested bystanders.

Like I said, that scenario is more likely to have a negative impact on Corey who needs to win big in the Gainesville and Brentsville districts in order to retain the chair. Every vote lost will hurt particularly given:

1. Covington running unopposed, thus potentially reducing GOP turnout in Brentsville.
2. A largely uninteresting race between Marshall & Roemelt, see above.
3. A potential reduction in hispanic support for GOP candidates, a potential that can't truly be gauged until the day after.
4. A potential increase in votes for Pandak as a result of Dem voter drives as a result of "The Resolution", another potential that can't be accurately gauged until the day after.

If I were Corey I would put a little distance between myself and the more emotional aspects of this issue. I'm not saying the message is wrong, its the impact of being associated with irresponsible bombthrowers that is detrimental. In order to temper any potential for damage, he should probably revisit the issues that got him elected in the first place and will allow him to continue to pursue this agenda in a second term, unless of course you believe Pandak will pursue it with the same vigor in which case, go ahead and continue to damage Corey's chances. (Patriot, I realize that is probably your aim and will make you and JM happy so please don't bother to respond)