Sunday, September 23, 2007

Delusions Of Grandeur From The Gill-Haters

Wow! This is incredible! Apparently the Gill-haters have obtained an opinion from the Virginia Bar which virtually assures that Faisal Gill cannot serve as a Member of Virginia's House of Delegates!

Well, not exactly, Instead, they contrive to apply a legal opinion regarding an entirely different matter to (you guessed it!) smear Gill.

This is among the more interesting memes that the far Left is currently using to attack Republican legislators (or prospective legislators) who also practice law. Some are suggesting that Delegate Dave Albo should not have voted to approve Governor Timmy's! proposal to target Virginians with so-called "abuser fees" because of his legal practice.

What I'm wondering is, what are the author's qualifications to render a legal judgment? The author, "GOP Husband," is too much of a coward to reveal his identity. Say what you will about the website's owner, psychotic racist Jonathan Mark, but at least he attaches his name to his smears. Perhaps he has nothing to lose.

Of course, by the "standard" applied by the author, virtually no practicing lawyer is qualified to serve as a Member of Virginia's militantly part-time House of Delegates. Of course (must've been an oversight) the opinion cited itself warrants that lawyers are "uniquely qualified" to serve in lawmaking bodies.

And what goes unmentioned is that Democrat candidate Paul Nichols --- who has a very diverse practice --- would be equally unqualified to serve under this "standard." Gill unqualified to serve because he might vote on immigration issues? What about Nichols and criminal justice issues? What about Nichols and matters related to family law? Will Nichols recuse himself from voting on domestic partnership proposals? Enforcement of last year's amendment memorializing traditional marriage in Virginia's Constitution? For that matter, matters related to Virginia civil procedure and civil liability? Tort reform?

All are matters related to his law practice.

Why aren't the Gill-haters applying the same standard to Nichols?

Might it be because the point isn't good, ethical, unconflicted government, but rather, to attack a GOP candidate based upon whatever contrivance one can conjure up?

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Charles said...

GOP Husband is Jonathan Marks.

He said so in a comment on my blog.

He set up an account for someone else, but then that fell through and he decided to use it himself.

He's not a lawyer.