Monday, May 03, 2010

Interesting Data

The Associated Press recently published data on the twenty most economically stressed counties in the United States, and the twenty least economically stressed counties in the United States, with the proviso that they must have a population of over 25,000.

Interestingly, seventeen of the twenty most economically stressed are in states which permit forced-unionism agreements, which unions euphemistically label "union security" agreements. The remaining three are in Nevada, which may go far to explain Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) difficulties in his re-election bid.

All of least economically stressed counties are in Right to Work states, which protect workers from being forced to join or pay dues to a labor union as a condition of employment.

H/T to Drudge.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Scandal Engulfs Virginia Attorney General

And the moonbatosphere goes wild!

It seems that Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli (R) has issued a lapel pin which features a twist on the common state seal: in his version, the torso of the female goddess Virtus is completely covered up. Virginia's actual state seal depicts Virtus with one of her breasts exposed. Cuccinelli jokingly told employees that he wanted to clothe the figure more completely.

As usual, the real scandal is that the pin quotes a presidential assassin. John Wilkes Booth famously yelled "Sic semper tyrannis!" ["Thus always to tyrants!"] after shooting President Abraham Lincoln on 14 April 1865.

There is no word on whether the Secret Service as been contacted about this scandalous action by Attorney General Cuccinelli, but the threat to President Barry is obvious.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Why Vera Baker Is Not Monica Lewinsky

Well, it appears that President Barry may have his own zipper problem. According to the National Enquirer, he may have had a tryst or an affair with a woman named Vera Baker in 2004.

Without doubt, President Barry's myrmidons will dismiss it on a number of grounds. It's the National Enquirer, after all. And we all know it never gets this kind of gossip right. Well, OK, there was John Edwards/Rielle Hunter ....

I have my doubts about this story. Not that I have any use for President Barry (hence, the moniker "President Barry"), but whatever his lack of qualifications for the job he holds, and ideological incompatibility with the United States Constitution, he simply does not have a reputation as a satyr.

Like, say, Slick Willie, whose reputation as a user and abuser of women preceded his tenure in office, and required a campaign official whose role was to tamp down "bimbo eruptions."

And whatever her flaws, my impression of Michelle Obama is that she would have little tolerance for that kind of behavior.

But I saw one comment which suggested that this is some sort of "scandal." If it is, it is not one which should constitutionally threaten his presidency, based upon what we know at this time.

Only those who have bought into their own rhetoric about the Clinton impeachment could possibly believe that.

Of course, Slick Willie was impeached because he committed perjury, and because he obstructed justice in the Paula Corbin Jones lawsuit. It was never "just about sex," as his myrmidons suggested. It was all about the Chief Executive --- and hence, chief law enforcement officer --- of the United States corrupting the justice system he was sworn to uphold.

There is no indication that President Barry has done any of those things. And unless there is, anyone who calls for any kind of investigation or official legal action would lack a reasonable basis to do so.

Nevertheless, I suspect that, if this story has any basis in fact, we will see many people suggesting that impeachment is a possibility.

Of course, they will almost certainly be far Left types indulging their continuing desire to re-write the history of the well-justified Clinton impeachment.