Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Observations

What is it about radicals and sex? The nihilistic Left is defending the upcoming "Sex Fair" at George Mason University. Couldn't university administrators find a less-suggestive place to hold it than the Johnson Center?

And then there's the guy who murdered a D.C. Cabinet member (specializing in homosexual and other perverse "rights" agendas) because he was on a crack binge.

What's news about that? Most of the trouble that men get into is because they're trying to get more crack.

And what is it about Democrats who lie about themselves? Must be pathological. Came across a website called "," for people who like Tim Kaine. Those who run it describes themselves as "a grassroots group of ordinary citizens -- Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans -- who are sick and tired of right-wing extremists and ideologues trying to take control of our state and our country." Given that I'm used to hearing so-called "moderate" Republicans talking like Democrats, my antennae went up.
Give 'em credit. When I dropped a smarmy e-mail asking them to "identify the so-called 'moderate' Republicans (with their GOP credentials) associated with your site, so that observers can discern the truth or falsehood of your claim," I didn't expect a response. I got two. One from the person to whom I directed the original inquiry, and another from Tabitha Hibbits Peace.
Tabby, baby, you're a former Republican at best. A simple googling indicates that she was once on the GOP committee, and worked for GWB and George Allen in 2000. But now she's a Democrat, and actually ran part of the Socialist... er, Democrat presidential campaign in Virginia in 2004.
It's funny. I know plenty of people who were once Democrats but are now Republicans, even a few on official Republican committees. None of them (save maybe that retired Senator from Georgia) call themselves "moderate" Democrats. "Former," maybe.
It says something about the relative utility of different labels that Democrats and partisans for Democrats want to assume the label "Republican," even when it no longer fits.