Monday, November 30, 2009

White House Still Believes In Man-Caused Climate Change

At least, according to spokesman Robert Gibbs.

In related news, President Barry will be staying up late to welcome Santa Claus to the White House.

H/T to Drudge.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Year In Division III Football

Well, how about that!

Not only did Hampden-Sydney College complete a perfect season to capture the Old Dominion Athletic Conference crown, with a 34-27 victory over arch-rival Randolph-Macon College, but my mother's alma mater, Susquehanna University, also made the playoffs!

Next week, Hampden-Sydney hosts its first playoff game since 1977, when the Tigers meet the Blue Jays of Johns Hopkins University. The two teams last met in the 2007 opener, at Hampden-Sydney, when the Blue Jays prevailed in a nail-biter by a score of 17-16 on a blocked field goal on the final play of the game. That year marked H-SC's last appearance in the playoffs, when they lost in the first round at Wesley College.

Noon. Saturday. Death Valley. The Youngs will be there to cheer on the Tigers!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


In the wake of a rare demonstration of congressional common sense, it seems that the neo-Marxists at ACORN are suing, alleging that Congress' discretionary determination to cut off unconstitutional funding is, itself, unconstitutional.

Give 'em credit for chutzpah: only in the era of Obama could a group unconstitutionally funded by Congress have the gall to bring a suit demanding continuation of that funding.

I'm not sure what's more shocking: that they believe they have a chance of winning, or that they might find a Federal judge who buys into such a loony theory.

An Overdue Honor

As a lifelong Steelers fan, it's a pleasure to see that "Mean" Joe Greene, Hall-of-Fame lineman from the glory days of the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be honored for his role in a 1980 Coca Cola commercial before Sunday's game in Pittsburgh. Fierce on the field, it captures the humanity of a great sportsman, as well as his relationship with those who admire him, especially his youngest fans. In an era where so many sports figures are less than admirable, it's a reminder of some of what's (and who's) best in sports.

The ad was certainly memorable: when I took the family to the Coke museum in Atlanta a few years ago, we sat in a little theatre for quite some time just so my sons could see it. The comments are particularly good.

See it for yourself:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

REPOST: A New Democrat Mantra

A couple of days ago, I posted this:
I'm old enough to remember when Conservatives criticized the Democrat Party as "the party of abortion, acid, and amnesty."

Well, it's a new century, and the "three A's" have yielded to the "three S's":

Surrender; Sodomy; and Sycophancy.

There's Democrat "progress" for you!
I've reposted to include the newest link, to "surrender." Apparently the Afghan "war of necessity," according to President Barry, is now not quite so necessary.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Profiles In Perfidy

Imagine, if you will, an hagiographic front-page Washington Post article on a Democrat who, when attacked by the mainstream of his party, which supports a Marxist in the race for public office, drops out of the race and endorses a Republican.

Yeah. My imagination isn't that good, either. More likely, such an individual would be vilified as a traitor.

Nevertheless, today's WaPo has a below-the-fold, front-page article (continued to page A16) celebrating Dede Scozzafava, a so-called "moderate" who dropped out of the race for Congress in New York's 23d District, and endorsed a Democrat.

Let the far-Left lionization being!

Of course, only a fool would call a big-spending, abortion-supporting, ACORN-endorsed, union-label candidate a "moderate."

Monday, November 09, 2009

A New Democrat Mantra

I'm old enough to remember when Conservatives criticized the Democrat Party as "the party of abortion, acid, and amnesty."

Well, it's a new century, and the "three A's" have yielded to the "three S's":

Surrender; Sodomy; and Sycophancy.

There's Democrat "progress" for you!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Finally! An Accomplishment

It's no secret that I hold President Barry in contempt. After all, he's a man of no apparent accomplishment who was able to con a majority of voters into casting ballots for him with pretty words and vague promises.

Of course, now we know --- by deeds --- he's a committed Socialist.

Well, finally, he has an accomplishment he can call his own: one in ten Americans out of work.

Doug Mataconis has a wonderful graph demonstrating the folly of his economic policies here.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Who "Cares"

It seems that Liberals have succeeded in getting Whole Foods to cease carrying live lobsters in its stores, out of some concerns for "cruelty" to the oceanic equivalent of cockroaches.

Chris Plante observed on WMAL this morning that it demonstrates that Liberals are more concerned about crustaceans at Whole Foods than they ever were about crushed Asians in Tiananmen Square.


Monday, November 02, 2009

Silliest Ad Of The Campaign Season

And the award goes to ... Steve Shannon, Democrat nominee for Attorney General, for a television ad I've already seen at least twice on tonight (no link available; Shannon may have been too embarrassed to put it up on his website).

Republican Ken Cuccinelli has a "personal political agenda"?!?! Oh, foresooth! Say it ain't so!

Then identify one politician who doesn't have a "personal political agenda."

The ad goes on to criticize Cuccinelli because he won't enforce laws with which he disagrees.

Really? You mean, like the "gun-show loophole" that Shannon goes on to criticize? For those who haven't figured it out, that's apparently a law with which Shannon disagrees. And, oh, by the way, a law which protects individual rights.

Shannon doesn't know what the AG office does --- he's been running a campaign to suggest that his experience as a low-level prosecutor has anything to do with the job --- and now he can't even be consistent in his own ads.

Shannon should not only not be elected Attorney General. He should be sent back to law school, or perhaps college, to take a few courses in basic logic.