Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Few Corrections

A normally fairly rational Democrat blogger (by Democrat standards, that is) has posted without comment a list of Democrat talking points for the Fall election.

It is entitled "Seven Republican Roadblocks: Seven Reasons for Change," but a better title would be "Seven Democrat Lies and Half-Truths: Seven Reasons to Elect Republicans":
  • Opposed raising the minimum wage --- Half-truth; Republicans opposed the standard Democrat, economically anti-rational vote-buying and job-killing scheme. Witness the net loss of jobs immediately after it took effect. The great accomplishment of the current Democrat Congress is killing jobs;
  • Fought life-saving stem cell research --- Lie and Half-Truth; Republicans opposed Federal funding for research which involved the destruction of human embryos;
  • Brought us the abusive driver fee --- Half-Truth; should continue "as part of a compromise in which Democrats refused to provide for transportation funds out of the General Fund"; fails to mention Governor Timmy's! proposal to sock it only to Virginia drivers;
  • Scuttled efforts to raise teacher pay --- Half-Truth; refused to support Democrat vote-buying scheme by throwing more money at failing government schools;
  • Roadblock in preserving our AAA bond rating --- Lie; refused to support spendthrift policies with higher taxes;
  • Obstruct increases in long-term care for seniors --- Lie; refused to support Democrat scheme to buy the votes of old people by impoverishing young people;
  • Opposed the largest investment in education in Virginia history --- Lie; refused to throw more money at failing government schools.

As always, Democrat talking points require appropriate annotations. And a healthy dose of skepticism

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