Friday, September 28, 2007

What's "Moderate" About More Government Handouts?!?!

More editorializing on the "news/views" pages of today's Daily Fishwrap ..., er, Potomac News. One wonders how it was allowed to slip by.

But hey! Executive Susan Svihlik was a "Goldwater Girl." Operative word? "Was."

In a front-page, below the fold article by Lillian Kafka, the Daily Fishwrap ..., er, Potomac News offers a truly Kafkaesque view of the race to succeed Michele McQuigg as the Delegate from the 51st District, declaring Paul Nichols a "moderate":

There's no question about who's the conservative and who's the moderate in the 51st House of Delegates race.


Faisal Gill is the pro-life, non-apologetic Republican. Paul Nichols is a pro-choice, self-described "regular guy" on the Democratic ticket.

"Pro-choice," moderate?!?!?! Wonderful. Now it's "moderate," in the estimation of the Pot. News, to take the position that the Supreme Court has, by judicial fiat, the constitutional authority to declare the laws of 50 states "unconstitutional," in a decision which even legislatively pro-choice constitutional scholar John Hart Ely has declared "is not constitutional law and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be."

That's "moderate," according to Kafka, in a news story.

Amazingly, Kafka recounts Nichols' contrived "embarrass[ment]" "that Virginia is ranked one of the worst in paying for Medicaid benefits." Ranked? By whom? Radical organizations that hold that medical care is some sort of "right" empowering the government to seize money from those of us who responsibly care for the families that we have responsibly built to given handouts to those who don't, and haven't? Put another way, Nichols apparently subscribes to the notion that a prosperous parent should have money taken from his earnings which might be used to pay for a top-flight education for his child to pay for the medical care of an illegal-alien crack addict.

Oh, to be sure, like all demagogic Dems, Nichols will claim that it's "for the children," but the truth of the matter is that socialized medicine doesn't make such distinctions.

Nichols also declared Virginia "38th in education." Again, by whose standards? The National Education Association, whose local affiliate has endorsed --- or inevitably will endorse --- Democrat Nichols? Apparently, Nichols abides by the canard that throwing more money at teachers results in better education, and confuses the economic well-being of teachers with the educational well-being of students.

Most taxpayers would rank Virginia as one of the best on both issues, by reasonable, truly "moderate" standards.

One can't blame the NEA and the PWEA, as labor unions, for looking out for the interests of their members, any more than one can blame a dog for urinating on a fire hydrant. After all, that's what they do.

Nichols also apparently avoided (I could not make it to the debate, as I had a trial in Pittsburgh that day) the issue of Virginia's marriage amendment:
"He'll join in," Nichols said. "He'll do a great job with the comrades down there. He'll be worried about issues like that and transportation will go right by us."
Apparently, "join[ing] in" to defend the institution predicate to civil society is not something that Nichols believes Delegates should be doing. One has to wonder what parts of the radical homosexual agenda he endorses, but he apparently evaded that issue.

One hopes for a Delegate who can tell the difference between an organization's real interests and agenda, and their contrived rhetoric. One hopes for a Delegate who won't swallow whole every bit of self-interested tripe fed to him by far Left special-interest groups.

Nichols hardly gave evidence that he would be such a Delegate at Wednesday night's debate, at least according to Kafka's report.

Then again, neither did Kafka.

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