Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now THIS Is Ironic!

Perhaps the reader will remember a little song by Alanis Morissette from the Nineties.  It was probably her biggest hit: "Ironic."

Except those among the listeners possessing competence in the English language noted that there was nothing "ironic" in the song.  A series of "bummers," to be sure, but nothing "ironic."

THIS is ironic.  It seems that DR.! Babur Lateef, the 2011 Democrat candidate for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is attempting to further marginalize himself by becoming a regular contributor to the boys and girls at Blow Me, ... er, "Blue Virginia."  And it further seems that DR.! Babur has decided to take on that old statist Democrat standby, and attack those Virginia Democrats --- Senator Creigh Deeds and John Edwards (no, not the John Edwards who famously cheated on his dying wife) --- who dared to veer from Democrat orthodoxy on the issue of gun control.

But this wasn't what was ironic.

What bears the description "ironic" best from DR.! Babur's little piece is his pronouncement about Creigh Deeds, the 2009 Democrat nominee for Governor.  It seems that Senator Deeds doesn't quite measure up to what DR.! Babur believes a Democrat should be.  After all,
Senator Deeds has been a disaster for the Democratic Party. His run for governor was the beginning of where we are today. That poor campaign was then followed by his lack of concern for the Party during redistricting. He would not give up some of his strong Democratic precincts to his neighbor Edd Houck who ended up narrowly losing his Senate seat. This selfish action by Deeds gave control of the Senate to the Republicans.  During the 2011 campaign he was not helpful to other candidates. He did not pull his weight in fundraising for the party or the Senate caucus. Reports from insiders say he was extremely difficult to deal with and was prone to frequent temper tantrums. Then to add insult to injury he votes to repeal this gun law. 
Now, that's funny.  Remember, DR.! Babur was the guy who nearly placed third (after the independent), in his race for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.  In a three-man race, after all, BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart (R), won an outright majority of votes (58.10%), with 32,997.

DR.! Babur could only muster less than half that number, with 15,469 votes for 27.24% of the electorate.  Indeed, at one point in the evening, one had to wonder whether metropartisan John Gray (with 8,207 votes for 14.45% of the total vote) would outpoll the Democrat nominee!

So perhaps DR.! Babur knows from whence he speaks when he talks about "a disaster for the Democratic [sic] Party," and a "poor campaign."  And he has the gall to complain that Deeds was insufficiently partisan in redistricting.  You remember redistricting?  The process which resulted in parity (20-20) in the State Senate, even after Republicans won 57% of the votes?

Irony and gall from DR.! Babur, don't you think?