Friday, November 30, 2007

Michael Savage Sues CAIR

CAIR is, of course, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, race hustlers of the Muslim community.

You can read his Complaint, but as an attorney admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and someone who was filed a half-dozen or so cases in that court, I've got to say that it's unlike any Complaint I've ever filed.

Or read.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rossie D. Alston, Jr., Set To Become Chief Judge

One of the more junior judges on the Prince William County Circuit Court has been selected by his colleagues to become Chief Judge of the Circuit Court for the 31st Judicial District, which covers Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park.

Circuit Court Judge Rossie D. Alston, Jr., a life-long resident of Prince William County, has been elected by his colleagues to replace LeRoy Millette, who has been elevated to the Virginia Court of Appeals by the Governor, subject to legislative confirmation.

Judge Alston was the first Circuit Court Judge selected by local lawmakers when the Republicans became a majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, having been elevated from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

He is also a former colleague of mine, and is known as "Uncle Rossie" around the Young household. He is godfather to both of my sons, and a fine choice.

Congratulations, Chief Judge Alston!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Can It Get Any Worse For The Redskins?

I'm not a big fan of the Redskins, but the team's travails are starting to have the characteristics of a Greek tragedy.

Safety Sean Taylor succumbed to his wounds earlier this morning. By all accounts, he appears to have been a real team leader who, despite some missteps earlier in his life, had been getting his act together.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What A Great Read

Just finished Justice Thomas' new book, My Grandfather's Son.

What an amazingly moving and remarkable book. Highly recommended.

Another Pandak Whine Exposed

Well, I heard today that Prince William County BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart has announced that he will not be running for Congress if Congressman Tom Davis (R-11) declines to run for another term.

What was it that his opponent was saying about his overweaning ambition?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top Ten Moonbatosphere Priorities For 2008

They are listed here at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough er, ... "Raising Kaine."

However, it's been tried before. A better title might have been "Socialism in One State."

Enabling Comment Moderation

I hate anonymity. I particularly hate it this week, when a friend and a good man was denied a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates (the margin was 499 votes) mainly because of the cowardly and largely anonymous/pseudonymous smear campaign run against him.

And yeah, yeah, it was good enough for Publius. However, none of the cowardly lurkers in the Virginia blogosphere would pass for Hamilton, Jay, or Madison. Not even George Hamilton.

I don't expect to effect a sea change in the Virginia blogosphere because of my decision. For one thing, not enough people read my rantings to make much of a difference. Even fewer agree with them.

So I'm initiating comment moderation. If you sign your name on your comment, and it's not a personal attack on me or someone else, chances are almost 100% that it will appear. I don't mind if you disagree with me; I don't have to allow you to do so here if you choose to hide your biases and your history. If you don't sign your name, I reserve the unfettered discretion to approve it, or not, as I see fit.

If you don't like it, tough. My space. My rules. I live by my own standards, never making an anonymous or pseudonymous comment anywhere. Usually, I am rewarded with a personal attack, or some kind of peurile misrepresentation about me or my record by some blowhard who hides his or her identity so I can't respond in kind. However, here, in this space, I will require that you live by my rules and standards. I require nothing more. I will accept nothing less.

It's good to be the King.

H-SC Wins ODAC Title and NCAA Division III Playoff Berth

Wow! For the first time in, well, decades, Hampden-Sydney College will be going to the Division III football playoffs after today's victory in the 113th meeting with Randoph-Macon College in Ashland.

With the victory, the Tigers finished the season 8-2, including a victory over Bridgewater for the first time since 1998. While not the best season in recent years --- I believe the Tigers went 9-1 for two seasons --- this is the first time that the school has reached the playoffs.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

More About The 51st, By The Numbers

The Gill-Haters are amazing. Even though he was defeated in Tuesday's election, by a 52%-48% margin (499 votes), they still attack.

Now, one might attack it as an unhealthy fixation, or merely childish "I-told-you-so"-ism, thereby implicitly belittling the comments and those making them. One might dismiss it as mere racism/bigotry. In some, at least, there seems to be an element of this motivation.

However, there is clearly a much more logical and mature reason for their continued attacks: pest (from their perspective) control. Understandable in Democrats (who want winner Paul Nichols to avoid a tough race in his most vulnerable defense of the seat), but despicable in self-identified Republicans, who in 2009 would have little choice but to consider Gill a serious and perhaps even favored candidate for a rematch with Nichols, depending upon the state-wide races.

Had any other candidate lost in a race that could have been swung to the GOP by a shift of just 250 votes, the losing candidate would be trumpeted as a good bet the next time around. But of course, that doesn't fit in the Gill-Haters' meme.

So they have to advance the canard that Gill lost because of his own flaws, rather than their own perfidy and smears. Quite popular among the Gill-Haters is the notion that Gill not only lost in his own right, but that he dragged down Jay O'Brien with him.

But the numbers simply don't bear that out. And facts are stubborn things.

According to the State Board of Elections, Jay O'Brien won 5,334 votes in nine PWC precincts in 2007; Democrat challenger George Barker won 4,272 in those precincts. Eight were shared with Gill, and O'Brien won six of eight. 1102 of Jay's votes were won in Buckhall Precinct, shared with Delegate Bob Marshall.

By comparison, in 2003, O'Brien won 4,688 votes in nine PWC precincts, while Democrat Greg Galligan won 2,519 votes.

So, between 2003 and 2007, O'Brien increased his vote by 546 votes, while the Democrat candidate increased his PWC vote by a significant 1,753 votes. In short, O'Brien won more Republican votes in 2007 than in 2003, but Democrats increased their turnout.

What explains this increased Democrat turnout? One has to believe that part of the explanation lies in the fact that GOP fortunes have been in decline for the last two years, both nationally and in Virginia. However, I don't believe this was the most important factor. Moreover, the 51st District race did have an impact, but not in the way that the Gill-Haters think.

The most relevant comparison is the last time O'Brien ran for the seat, in 2003. Then, O'Brien won 3,681 votes in the portion of his district which overlaps the 51st, according to the State Board of Elections. In 2007, O'Brien won 4,232 votes in the portion of his district which overlaps the 51st, increasing his vote by 551 over 2003, according to the State Board of Elections.

The results in the 51st District in 2007 were 12,246 voters (30.49%), with 5,844 votes for Gill, and 6,343 for Nichols.

In 2003, after all, it was not an open seat, but it was held by Michele McQuigg, an incumbent running for her third full term (having been elected to nearly another full term when she replaced David Brickley in 1998). McQuigg had no opposition in 2003, and her total vote in the race was 8,128, about two-thirds of those voting for 51st District Delegate in 2007 (12,246). Turnout in 2003 was 19.28% in the District; turnout in 2007 was 30.49%.

An equally interesting comparison is between 2005 and 2007. In 2005, Democrats ran Earnie Porta (now Occoquan Mayor). In that race, total turnout was 15,434 voters (36.78%), an increase (over 2003 and 2007) clearly attributable to the statewide races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. The State Board of Elections reports that McQuigg won 8,313 votes in 2005, while Porta won 7,107 votes.

The explanation for this discrepancy is obvious: Democrats were more motivated to turn out by the prospect of an open seat, always a party's best chance of winning. Thus, the fact that the 51st District race was contested increased voter turnout, as it inevitably would.

Thus, the notion that Faisal Gill had any negative impact upon Jay O'Brien is nothing more than a self-serving canard. If anything, Faisal's strong but unsuccessful candidacy aided O'Brien's losing effort.

At least, to the extent that any down-ballot race has an impact upon another race.

Perhaps the most significant element of the argument that Gill's candidacy harmed O'Brien is in the fact that the Gill-Haters are suggesting that voters cast their ballots against O'Brien because they didn't like Gill.

This sounds a lot more like projection of their own sophomoric behavior than it sounds like a rational analysis of the outcome of the election and the actual votes cast.

Fourth Amendment Repealed!

Well, that's what the loons at Special Privilege ... er, "Equality Loudoun" seem to think. They allege that sodomy laws which have been part of Anglo-American law for centuries somehow "permit[] law enforcement officers to force their way into private bedrooms and arrest people for having [perverse] consensual sex."

Of course, that's nonsense. Even before the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional laws which predated and coexisted with the Constitution for most of the history of the Republic, law enforcement officers were not "forc[ing] their way into private bedrooms and arrest[ing] people for having [perverse] consensual sex."

Even in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), in which the unfortunately-named Mr. Hardwick was arrested in flagrante delicto in a bedroom, there was no dispute that the officers were lawfully there, having lawfully appeared at a party to serve a lawful warrant, and having been directed to the bedroom by others in attendance. Probably thought it was funny. Even then, Hardwick was not prosecuted for his perverse act, and actually pursued a declaratory judgment action to get the case before the Supreme Court.

Of course, the truth is a little more complicated than the glib rhetoric of partisans for the radical homosexual agenda.

And of course, it's little surprise that people who don't understand the word "marriage" are using fanciful hyperbolic misrepresentation to support their agenda.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Luck With That

According to today's Anchorage Daily News, PETA is calling upon Alaskans to stop consuming fish.
It's not People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, to which I belong; it's so-called "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals."

The Youngs spent a week in Alaska this summer, and I can proudly say that a morsel of beef did not pass my lips during the entire trip. With my many cases up there, many was the occasion where clients generously made gifts of Alaska's wonderful bounty of the sea. On one occasion, a very generous witness in a case appeared at my hotel to present me with two well-wrapped frozen silver salmon that he had caught himself, to bring home to the family. I had clients who told me that they wouldn't eat seafood products from the lower 48.

Good luck with that.

What Would Have Been A More Shocking Headline?

Much of Virginia's far Left moonbatosphere is trumpeting the fact that Senator John Warner was quoted in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch as "blast[ing]" the Virginia GOP.

This is hardly news.

What would have been news would have been a Warner comment lending support to the Party that gave him its nomination five times.

President Bush To Address Federalist Society 25th Anniversary Gala

Just got this from the Federalist Society:
The Federalist Society is pleased to announce that President George W. Bush will address the Federalist Society at its 25th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, November 15.
Happily, as the founder of the Society's Emory University School of Law Chapter, I will be in attendance.

Along with about a thousand of my closest friends.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Scapegoating Gill Is Nonsense

Some people want to blame Faisal Gill for Senator Jay O'Brien's loss. It's a nice story, but appears to be entirely fictitious. Here are the actual numbers for those eight precincts which overlap:
McCoart (Nichol/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 562 O'Brien: 618
Nichols: 572 Barker: 510

Westridge (Nichols/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 542 O'Brien: 582
Nichols: 545 Barker: 510

Penn (Gill/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 419 O'Brien: 470
Nichols: 353 Barker: 308

Lake Ridge (Gill/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 638 O'Brien: 648
Nichols: 593 Barker: 598

Old Bridge (GIll/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 534 O'Brien: 617
Nichols: 451 Barker: 377

Rockledge (Nichols/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 561 O'Brien: 651
Nichols: 621 Barker: 538

Mohican (Nichols/Barker winners):
Gill: 289 O'Brien: 293
Nichols: 330 Barker: 322

Springwoods (Nichols/O'Brien winners):
Gill: 146 O'Brien: 207
Nichols: 214 Barker: 155
Now, let's look at an O'Brien District which did not overlap the 51st, but overlapped the 13th, where Bob Marshall clean Bruce Roemmelt's clock:

Marshall: 1,083 O'Brien: 1,102
Roemmelt: 716 Barker: 702

When one looks at these numbers, it seems that O'Brien consistently outperformed the GOP candidate in Prince William for House of Delegates (in both the 51st and the 13th Districts), and that Nichols consistently outperformed the Democrat candidate for State Senate.

What conclusions can be drawn? Well, of course, it is and can only be only speculation, but --- believe it or not! --- Greg Letiecq, no friend of Faisal, thoroughly refutes the suggestion that Faisal can be blamed for O'Brien's defeat here. Since I can't disagree with what he says, and he has already saved me the legwork, I commend it to your attention.

What is likely provoking the scapegoating of Faisal is that his numbers and the narrow, 495-vote margin in his race fully justifies another run in two years, when buyers' remorse should have well and thoroughly set in with the voters of the 51st District. However, doubtless a small number of ill-advised, moonbat "Repubmocrats" who --- all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding --- labor under the misconception that Gill's nomination was "stolen," will continue to think that Julie Lucas can actually beat an attractive, well-spoken attorney. They will be joined by Democrats who --- to be certain --- would love to send the less-capable Lucas sent as a lamb to the slaughter.

Of course, that the former are foolish enough to listen to the latter is one of the reasons why Samuel Francis famously labeled the GOP "the Stupid Party."

Memo to the former: these people do not wish us well. Their advice is designed to advance their candidates and ideology, not the GOP's. Don't listen to them!

"Fredo" over at Greg's site is still trying to scapegoat and smear Gill, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. This is my response:

“Fredo,” that you find it so easy to demonize an organization which seeks to mainstream Muslims into American society — and was concededly but unfortunately infiltrated by one among that small minority who are Jihadists — says more about your biases and bigotry than it does about the organization you condemn. It is, of course, ridiculous to assume that the individual of whom you speak shared his treacherous views with Gill, who served in that role for only a short time, years before that treachery was revealed, but your entire web of fantasy relies upon that proposition.

Sadly, the treacherous frequently rely upon lies to infiltrate organizations which rely upon the honor and good will of their membership. Sadly, good people are sometimes taken in by pretensions of those of a different sort. Sort of like the GOP relies upon the honesty of those who pledge their “intent to support all of the Party’s nominees for public office in the ensuing election.”

Which brings me to your comment that “no one, repeat NO ONE who took any kind of oath to support any particular candidate.” You are, of course. correct. Nice phony straw man. Of course, that’s not what I said, and it’s not what the Republican Party Plan says. What it says is that all participants in official Republican Party nominating contests must pledge their “intent to support all of the Party’s nominees for public office in the ensuing election.” THAT is the oath that was violated by those who attended the 51st District Convention and refused to support the nominee chosen by it, and I have suggested nothing else.

Even Greg was conceding before Election Day that Faisal stood a good chance in the race, notwithstanding the smears of you and others, and his best efforts to provide a forum for you. It’s also ironic that those who speak so sanctimoniously, so frequently, and so unconvincingly about a “big tent” were unwilling to open the flaps for those that Gill brought into the Party. The “big tent” that they/you want is only one “big” enough to include those you deem worthy.

Of course, your claim that “all PWC Republicans were warned, time and again” is nothing that a self-fulfilling prophecy brought about by the dishonorable who violated their oath. Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s truly sad that the GOP is populated by a contingent less interested in electing Republicans than it is in indulging its petty and self-serving, fanciful grievances when it doesn’t get its way. We may well face the same thing from the threat of some Christian Conservatives to sit out the 2008 presidential race if Guilliani is the nominee. I wonder what you’ll say if they do?

As for Gill’s effect on Jay’s race, “Fredo,” or “Gredo,” or whatever, it is GREG who manages to argue quite convincingly, based upon the evidence, that Gill had little to do with O’Brien’s results. Your argument is therefore with him, primarily, not me, though if you’d like to see the actual figures, I would commend to your attention this post. The numbers demonstrate that Jay actually did quite better than Gill in the precincts they shared than he did compared to that single precinct he shared with Bob Marshall. It is impossible to construct from those results the notion that Gill was a “drag” on O’Brien. Turnout was 35.09% in PWC precincts in Jay’s district. Turnout was 33.56% in Fairfax County precincts in Jay’s district. If anything, Faisal’s candidacy AIDED O’Brien’s efforts by facilitating a higher GOP turnout in PWC.

Once again, “Fredo,” when the truth doesn’t suit your purpose, you simply make it up. And belittle. That, along with your cowardly pseudonymity, bespeaking your unwillingness to bear the consequences of your perfidy, speaks volumes about you and your character, or more accurately, your lack thereof.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What To Expect Next?

With last night's election returns, a natural question is "What to expect next?"

Democrat George "That's all we need to know" Barker defeated incumbent Republican Senator Jay O'Brien, with a mandate to do nothing but repeal abusive driver fees. He otherwise carefully hid his crypto-Socialist, pro-radical homosexual agenda, and should be savaged when he tries to pursue it.

Incumbent Republican Supervisor Mike May (Occoquan) handily defeated Republican/Democrat/Independent/Whatever John Gray by a 2-1 margin, though oddly, the headline in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" reads "Supervisor May edges indy challenge of Gray." Huh?

Incumbent School Board member Julie Lucas (Neabsco) received 71% of the vote over two rivals. There's an old saying in politics that "You can't beat somebody with nobody." Young's Corollary: "You can't beat somebody with two insane people." Word is that an arrest warrant was issued for one of her opponents on Election Day. Curiouser and curiouser.

Also a big winner was Gainesville District Supervisor John Stirrup, over Democrat Corey Riley. Aside from the confusion which would have resulted from two Corey's on the Board of County Supervisor, this result should lay to rest any talk that Stirrup is more of a show horse than a work horse (like the equestrian reference, John?).

Democrat Paul Nichols barely defeated Republican Faisal Gill in the 51st House of Delegates district, calling him "an honorable man" in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News." Given the breadth of Nichols' law practice, and the fact that he attacked Faisal for practicing immigration law, he will be unable to vote on a majority of matters regarding criminal and family law that might come before the legislature. Oh, yeah: and he wants to bring Metro to Prince William. Best of luck with that.

And given Nichols' silence in the face of the smear campaign against Faisal --- and active employment of those engaged in it --- one wonders about the sincerity of the comment. One might believe that it would have been "honorable" to denounce it ... and discipline any supporter involved in it.

Republican Corey Stewart won a resounding victory over Democrat Sharon Pandak for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. This outcome, coupled with others in the region, may demonstrate that, while sleazy attacks (see Faisal Gill) and outrights lies (see Barker/Colgan/Brown campaign against Governor Timmy's! abusive driver fees only for Virginians) work for Democrats, whining does not.

See, former Chairman Sean: you can actually do something (other than promote your own ambitions for statewide office) as BOCS Chairman! And get a mandate for doing so.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Resisting The Urge

I won't encourage you to get out and vote, since I work under the presumption that my readers (both of you) are smart enough to figure that that it's Election Day.

Understandably, the far Left moonbatosphere is encouraging its readership to exercise their franchise.

Know Your District II

Was working Henderson Precinct, Dumfries District, this morning with Amy Frederick, and who should show up by Senator Chuck Colgan.

Someone might want to let him know that the Henderson Precinct is in the senatorial district currently represented by Toddy Puller.

I figured we should just let him troll for votes for a while.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Know Your District

Ran into an old political ally this afternoon, and he informed me that he had removed scores of signs for Aracely Panameno, the Mexicanos sin Frontieras candidate running a write-in campaign against Neabsco District Democrat John Jenkins.

Now, normally I frown upon such activity. Whether legally placed or not, signs constitute the hard work of a candidate and his/her campaign, and should be respected.

But for some reason, these signs were placed on the median down Waterway Drive.

Memo to the candidate: Montclair is in the Dumfries District, not Neabsco.

You would think that someone offering him/herself for public office would show the wit to know which neighborhoods are in his/her district.

This sounds a lot like the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

According to today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News," Paul Nichols got around to condemning the illegal flier distributed in the 51st District, smearing GOP candidate Faisal Gill. There's no link, but the story appears on page A4 of today's edition, under the headline "Nichols denounces anti-Gill flier, claims no involvement. It appears that the press conference took place a day after Nichols' initial comments.

Of course, that wasn't his first reaction.

And if you read the story, nowhere does Nichols actually condemn the illegal act of distributing campaign literature without an "Authorized by" line. Instead, Nichols once again denies involvement, and claims victim status because Gill has alleged that it is Nichols and/or his far-Left backers who are behind the smear.

Now I really understand what that phrase in the headline means.

Perhaps the headline-writer should have actually read the story before writing a headline which suggests that Nichols and House of Delegates Democrat Caucus leader Brian Moran had said what he/she wishes they had said.

And what he should have said.

Pot. News Reverts To Form --- Endorses Tax-And-Spender

Well, I guess it was inevitable: note that something good is done, and you're rewarded with idiocy.

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" endorsed Sharon Pandak for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors.

It's hardly a surprise: unbridled development brings to the County more people, and hopes for increased circulation. Of course that's what the Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" wants.

But what's most amazing are the serial idiocies in the endorsement. The endorsement reads like a virtual litany of campaign talking points from the Pandak campaign. Incumbent Board Chairman Corey Stewart is condemned because of "graaandstanding" [envision The Whiners from SNL]. It's apparently "graaandstanding" because, during the debate on the resolution regarding illegal immigrants a few weeks ago --- perhaps the biggest news event in the County since the trial of the Beltway snipers, or the Bobbitts --- Stewart didn't ignore the CNN crew that appeared to interview him.

In a county with the John Jenkins Neighborhood Park, the Hilda Barg Center for Homeless Prevention, the Sean T. Connaughton Community Plaza, and the Kathy Seefeldt Parkway, that's a rather bold charge. At least Stewart hasn't had the gall to put his name on anything since he's been in office.

Oh, and he is "diviiiiding our community" [whine]. Dividing it how? Apparently, by wanting to enforce the law against scofflaws (which the Fishwrap describes as "championing a resolution that did very little"... but which the Fishwrap opposed anyway.

Oh, and the one that is only intimated: by not going along to get along with County bureaucrats and their efforts to increase the size of government. The Fishwrap codeword for this is that Pandak "clearly understands the importance of an effective county staff," and that she will "bring consensus" [read: do whatever big government advocates tell her to do].

And here's the funniest one of all, in a journal that was a virtual mouthpiece for the ambitions of Stewart's predecessor: he "has clearly worshiped at the altar of his own ambitions."

As evidence, the paper cites Stewart's mailing of a postcard, using his Supervisor's Discretionary Fund (which the paper has never managed to complain about in the past, when other Supervisors were using it to buy votes) to inform County citizens about the impending vote on the resolution. Three individuals who opposed it thanked him for doing so. Apparently, Stewart is to be condemned because he "sent out a mailer to county residents" with "his name in big, bold letters." The Fishwrap calls it an "advertisement," though of course, if a tax-and-spender had done the same thing, it would have been called a "notice."

But "clearly worshiped at the altar of his own ambitions"?!?!?

Yeah. Like that's ever bothered the editors of the Fishwrap in the past.

Paul Tibbets, RIP

A participant in one of the watershed events in human history died yesterday. Gen. Paul Tibbets (USAF, ret.) died at 92 at his home in Columbus, Ohio. In Googling his name, I found that he had an official website.

Unless I am mistaken, this means that the last surviving member of the crew that carried out the mission is Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk, a native of Northumberland, Pennsylvania. I, too, was raised in Northumberland.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Desperate Dems And Their Serial Lies

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News, had a front-page story about the latest evidence of increasing Democrat desperation in the face of the impending GOP onslaught.

According to the Pot. News, an illegal and scurrilous flier has been distributed in the Lake Ridge portion of the 51st District to smear Republican nominee Faisal Gill. Of course, leave it to that journal to get the facts wrong: it says that Lucas "filed an appeal [from her loss at the 51st District GOP Convention] and it was denied."

Actually, Lucas filed two appeals, and both were denied, the second, unanimously, by the Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee.

Revealingly, Democrat candidate Paul Nichols doesn't condemn the flier. And, of course, he plays the "Not me!" game, claiming that "it was something that I decided I wasn't going to get into." Not that he minds of his minions do get into it; I have specifically heard Nichols' supporters repeating these scurrilous charges.

I will admit that I used to think more of Nichols than this. Yet he has failed even to condemn the blatant violation of campaign laws evident in its distribution. Let alone the sleaziness of the attacks.

Never mind that it's abundantly clear that it's distributor is a psychotic who can't pay attention to the evidence, and wants to promote his or her views contrary to the evidence.

Sounds a lot like a Democrat to me. Or, at best, a Republican who's not and never been much of one.

On second thought, it could easily be a member of Lucas' "Brain Trust."

You know: the guys who couldn't preserve Lucas' rights to appeal by following the rules and tried to game the system every bit as much as they wrongly claim Gill did. Having miserably failed to present a qualified candidate, they've made it quite clear that their only goal is sliming a well-qualified GOP candidate.