Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pandak Displays Typical Democrat Arrogance

Had occasion to visit website for Sharon Pandak, who is again running as a Democrat for Chairman of the Prince William Count Board of County Supervisors, and found this little tidbit in the very first sentence, right on the front page:
Several weeks ago we kicked-off our campaign to take back the Chairmanship of Prince William County’s Board of Supervisors.
"Take back"??!?!?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but Pandak was never Chairman of Prince William County's Board of Supervisors. Therefore, there's nothing for her to "take back."

Of course, perhaps she's referring to having the Democrat Party "take back" the Chairmanship of Prince William County’s Board of Supervisors.

One marvels at the conceptual arrogance of that statement, which implies entitlement, as though the Chairmanship of Prince William County’s Board of Supervisors were something to which Democrats were entitled.


More Far Left Idiocy

Just a few days after some on the far Left screamed about Ann Coulter's latest comments about the Breck Girl ... er, former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, Jason Sigger --- the "Armchair Generalist," offering "a progressive view on surrender ... er, military affairs" --- favors us with this caricature.

Could someone please explain to me why it's not appropriate to ridicule the far Left as Coulter did --- by saying “I've learned my lesson. If I’m gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot" --- but it's perfectly acceptable to caricature a Conservative as a Nazi?

Oh, and by the way, let's be sure to recognize that the smears against Coulter rely upon ignorance of the context in which her comments were actually said, which was to note Bill Maher's largely-ignored comments bemoaning the fact that assassins in Pakistan missed Vice President Dick Cheney. She was, of course, making the point that such comments would be ignored --- as they were for Maher. You can hear the entire context of her comments here, as opposed to the misleading excerpt posted by the Edwards campaign above. In case you need a remedial course in sarcasm, this is it.

I've also recently seen a complaint because, in 2003, she wrote a column claiming that John Edwards drove around with a bumper sticker saying “Ask me about my son’s death in a horrific car accident.” That Democrat activist and campaign flak Bob Shrum recently published a book which confirms Edwards' frequent use of his dead son as a campaign prop apparently doesn't matter to those who wish to trash Conservatives.

One wonders whether people like Bryan J. Scrafford, in high dudgeon over the misrepresentation of Coulter's comments a few days ago, will give as much Internet ink to Sigger's outrageous smear.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GOP Stalwart Dies

I was saddened to open my Potomac News this morning and learned that Vivienne Fulford had passed away.

She was one of those wonderful GOP stalwarts who was active when I first became involved in local politics. She was an enthusiastic supporter of the Young Republicans both before and during my tenure as Chairman, and never seemed to suffer from the affliction of resenting YR activism. She was one of my most exuberant supporters when I twice made the mistake of running for School Board in the Dumfries District. She particularly had little use for those who make pretensions to being Republicans, yet refused to support me when I was the only Republican in those races.

I never held her encouragement against her. And while we lost touch over the years, both my wife and I have very fond memories of her.

From the obituary:
The family will receive friends at Mountcastle Funeral Home (4143 Dale Blvd., Dale City) on Thursday, 28 June, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Mass will be held at St. Francis of Assisi Church (18825 Fuller Heights Road, Triangle) on Friday, 29 June, at noon. Interment will follow the service at Oak Hill Cemetery in Fredericksburg. In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy may take the form of contributions to either St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Triangle or Potomac Hospital Endowment Fund in Woodbridge.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I Am Shocked --- Shocked! --- That There's Gambling Going On Here."

Well, Greg Letiecq over at BVBL is at it again.

He hates Faisal Gill, probably because Faisal's law firm has had the temerity to represent Steve Chapman in a lawsuit seeking remedies against the original BVBL and/or Greg for slandering/libeling Chapman. A lawsuit which, by the way, still proceeds notwithstanding uninformed Blogosphere rantings about its lack of merit (in my experience, meritless lawsuits are frequently --- though not always --- dismissed very early on). So he has done everything he can to savage Faisal, and anyone associated or possibly associated with Faisal.

Today, it's because --- among other things --- Tom Kopko called for unity at last night's Prince William County Republican Committee meeting. Tom briefly reported on the status of Julie Lucas' appeal from the results of the 51st District Republican Convention, at which Faisal Gill was narrowly nominated as the GOP standard-bearer for November. He notes that "Tom Kopko, in his role as the sole member of the 51st District Committee is being as exhaustive as possible in considering the Julie Lucas appeal, and hasn’t rendered a decision on the appeal at this point."

'Cept, as usual, Greg omits important facts. Like the fact that Tom reported that his decision is being delayed because of the fact that two observers --- one from RPV, and Eleventh Congressional District Chairman and Lucas-supporter Becky Stoeckel --- have not yet provided him with requested reports. One has to read the comments to learn this little, yet pertinent fact, though I know that Greg was in the room when Kopko pointed this out.

Greg talks as though being "as exhaustive as possible" is somehow a bad thing. Yet he has previously savaged Kopko for his lack of attention to detail, while not being particularly meticulous in practicing it himself.

Given the alignments here, one has to wonder why Tom hasn't received the reports he has requested? Is it because Lucas' appeal is meritless, as I believe it to be? A conspiracy-theorist could conclude that Stoeckel is failing to provide her report so she can allow Kopko to be savaged by people like Greg.

Of course, why should applying a consistent standard get in the way of his political goals? Particularly when it gets in the way of a good rant? As Charles rightly points out, Greg was effusive in his comments about Kopko ... when he "wasn't trying to discredit Tom to help Lucas get elected." Or, more accurately, to destroy Faisal Gill.

It's really too bad. Greg has apparently gained a significant readership among those in the minority in the GOP, people who are either too blind or too foolish to recognize that --- probably lacking any legal merit in his arguments --- he is lashing out against one of those who is calling him to account for his own irresponsibility.

I guess bitterness sells among a certain segment. Particularly among those --- like the majority of Greg's commenters and probably his readers --- who are too timid and cowardly to put their names on their critiques and smears. Or worse yet: those whose sleazy tactics have made them persona non grata among respectable Republican circles.

Interesting Comment

Heard at last night's PWCRC meeting: "Wow! I'm the only person here from Neabsco [District]."

The author? Julie Lucas.

I had to resist the urge to ask her why should would expect otherwise. After all, she has either been complicit in poisoning --- or remained silent while her supporters poison --- the well.

Monday, June 25, 2007

UPDATE: False Information?

Last week, I made a post about a report that former Beatle Paul McCartney had reportedly fired a roadie for daring to eat meat. Well, in the "it's-a-small-world" category, I received the following e-mail from an unlikely source that I consider to be impeccable, but who may or may not want me to attach his/her name to it, so I'll just provide the text now (to atone for my error), and allow this individual to let me know later if he/she minds having his/her name attached to it:
My brother has actually been a roadie for Paul McCartney and I asked him about this. He says that McCartney does not supply meat through his caterer, but does not forbid or fire people for eating it. My brother just came off the road with him, so I think he would know if this had happened any time recently.
So, there it is. Apparently I owe Sir Paul an apology (though he probably doesn't care). As does Ted Nugent. I apologize.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remembering A Tragedy

Looking at the hometown newspaper online, I found this article on the disaster which was Hurricane Agnes, which struck the mid-Atlantic region on this date in 1972. We moved to the area shortly thereafter, and shortly after my grandfather had moved his inventory of automobiles from his home on the hill back to Schreffler Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac in downtown Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Yes, that picture shows the raging Susquehanna River, just six inches from the top of the flood wall in Sunbury. Other places were not so lucky; virtually the entirety of the rest of the Susquehanna Valley from Wilkes-Barre (where the levee system failed) to Harrisburg suffered billions of dollars in damage from the waters of the river. Even the Pennsylvania Governor's Mansion was flooded. For decades, the Sunbury wall had been quite controversial, since it spoiled the view of the river of those homes you see in the background.

For many years thereafter, there were two pieces of graffiti on the wall, saying "I love you wall!"

And a word of complaint about the wall's aesthetic damage was never heard again.

Thank You For Conceding The Point

Among the more ridiculous claims of the far Left/radical homosexual agenda is the notion that limiting marriage to one man and one woman is unfairly discriminatory because, after all, homosexuals are "born that way," and can't help but practice their perversion.

Well, professional obligations took me to the Bay Area late last week, and as I was leaving my hotel to catch an early flight back on Saturday, I picked up my copy of the local paper, which was touting the upcoming "Gay Pride" festivities occurring this weekend.

"Pride"!?!?!? Sorry, but my impression always has been that "pride" is something one takes in one's accomplishments, what one achieves, not that which is beyond one's control. Hence, there is a conceptual problem with taking "pride" in one's skin color, or one's sex (male or female), or one's national origin, since one has no choice in such matters.

Come to think of it, those who advocate "gay pride" are doing the rest of us the courtesy of giving lie to the notion that homosexuality and homosexual behavior are something other than choices. Choices which society is therefore entitled to condemn.

Thank you for conceding the point.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blacklisted on BVBL?

Well, I tried to post a comment on Greg Letiecq's website, and got this message.

Things like this make me wonder whether Greg can't stand a little truth. Much like the far Left, it sometimes seems like he prefers an echo chamber.

Frequently, it seems that Greg only considers it "malicious" --- and complains --- when the criticism is leveled at someone with whom he agrees. Belittlement, lies, and simple childishness seems perfectly acceptable when directed at the right targets.

No wonder his website has become the home of the peurile and sophomoric losers in Prince William County. Even if, truth be told, it seems to be among the most popular local blogs.

Actual, rational debate, and recognition of actual records, frequently seem not to matter.

UPDATE: Greg has posted a comment (please read it, below) which suggests that his anti-spam filter may be a little too vigorous. Frankly, I've had some nonsensical comments from a delusional candidate from California that I wish had been blocked.

Fair 'nuff. When Greg and I have had disagreements, he has usually said so up front, so I've changed the text above somewhat. I'm willing to take him at his word. I wouldn't have posted this, but for the fact that it seems to have happened a couple of times over the last few days.

I owe him an apology, and I apologize.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sad News?

When heard of this today, my initial reaction was sadness. It's almost always a sad day when an educational institution dies. Almost.

It seems that Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, Ohio, will be closing its doors on 1 July 2008. It is uncertain whether it will re-open, though --- as one might expect --- its administration is putting on a brave face.

According to the press release issued by the college:

Over the past several years, Antioch College has experienced a continuing decline in its student enrollment. Given its small endowment and heavy dependence on tuition revenue, this low enrollment has threatened the College’s survival. Efforts to balance the College’s budget over the years through faculty and staff reductions, programmatic changes and deferred maintenance of the physical plant have eroded the confidence students and parents have in the College’s academic program. After careful analysis the Board determined that the College’s resources are inadequate to continue providing a quality education for its students beyond July 1, 2008.

The College’s low enrollment and lack of adequate funding led to the decision to suspend operations and declare financial exigency as required by the faculty personnel policy.

Now, this is a situation with which every College has struggled. Just last year, trustees of the new Benedict Arnold Coll... er, Randolph College, formerly Randolph-Macon Women's College, decided to go co-ed, much to the chagrin of alumnae and other admirers. Happily, my alma mater, Hampden-Sydney College, has enjoyed a growing enrollment, and may be in the strongest position of its 231-year history.

Of course, what Antioch's administrators fail to mention is perhaps the real reason, identified in this week's Opinion Journal: "famous for sundry curious radicalisms like requiring verbal consent before two students may kiss --- was designed to accommodate 2,700 students, but will soon close its doors indefinitely. Its enrollment, now around 300, is no longer sustainable."

One hopes that the far Left would get the message.

But I doubt it.

H/T to the Friar.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jericho Returns!

Apparently, the relatively small fan base of Jericho, on CBS, is intense, and has provoked the network to order more episodes.

This is great news. It gives another chance to one of the more intelligent shows on last year's schedule. And while I always thought the serious subject matter had a dubious chance of success, it would be wonderful if this partial renewal led to another opportunity for this show to find its niche.

Will The Far Left Scream About This?

It seems that former Beatle Paul McCartney has fired roadies who dare to eat meat, provoking commentary by the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent.

Will McCartney engender the emnity of far Leftists? After all, he's attempting to tell those in his employ how to live their lives. And we know how the far Left hates that. After all, they want to add sexual "orientation" to anti-discrimination laws, so that employers can't fire employees who choose an irresponsible sexual lifestyle,

Don't hold your breath waiting for the firestorm. Some personal choices are more equal than others.

Don't Let This Happen To You

A tragic story that I came across today on the terrible price of misplaced trust.

Isn't there insurance for this sort of thing?

Liberal Projectionism

Apparently, the boys and girls at Ranting Kids, ... er, Raising Dough, ... er, Raising Kaine are touting a book by someone who is demonizing Conservatives by accusing them of "demonizing Liberals."

Projection much?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

NOW He Doesn't Like It?!?!?

Per Drudge, The New York Times reports today that the Republican Senate Whip, Senator Trent Lott (R-Miss.), thinks that “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” He was speaking about the hue and cry raised against the amnesty-laden immigration "compromise."

One wonders how Lott might "deal with that problem."

He apparently didn't think it a "problem" when talk radio was helping lay the groundwork for the first Republican control of Congress in 1994.

Or perhaps the "problem" is that many in talk radio expect Republicans to stand for Republican values. Like the rule of law and Conservative public policy.

No wonder he thinks it a "problem."

Paranoia Not A Good Quality For A Public Officeholder

What is it about Maureen Caddigan? Right after I'm able to pull the lever for her in a GOP primary, she goes and says something incredibly silly that makes me wonder if I made a mistake.

Today's outrage is her charge in the Washington Post Prince William Extra claiming that BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart "worked to defeat her in the primary." (Now linked; thanks to Charles.)

Caddigan is quoted as saying that "I think he did everything in his power to work against me."

Think again, Maureen. Now, I'm very enthusiastic about Corey. I think he's a good Chairman, an immeasurable improvement over his predecessor. You might remember him: he's the guy who Maureen opposed when he ran against a Democrat incumbent in 1999. I have reason to believe that he respects my opinion. We speak fairly regularly. Corey knows I live in the Dumfries District. He also knows that Maureen and I have had our differences over the years.

In short, Corey has every reason to believe that I would seriously consider voting for any serious Republican candidate against Maureen. He might even be right.

And I can say unequivocally that Corey said nothing to me about the candidate running against Maureen in the GOP primary.

This is not the first time that Maureen Caddigan has allowed paranoia to slip into her public pronouncements. Waaaaay back in 1994, when the Youngs purchased their first (and current) home in Montclair, Maureen was quoted in the local media as saying that we had done so in order that I might run against her for Dumfries District Supervisor.

The problem? It was untrue in every way possible. The Youngs bought a home in Montclair because it was a nice home, purchased from my boss's assistant and her husband. We got a great deal, walking into considerable equity. It was right around the corner from two colleagues and their wives, including one couple who are now the godparents of our sons. And I have never had any interest in running for the Board of County Supervisors.

My understanding is the rumor was some silliness started by Republican activist Jim Lassiter. He did it for grins, and Maureen bought it hook, line, and sinker.

'Fact is, I never seriously considered voting for Maureen's opponent in this year's primary. He never called me, and did nothing in his campaign to impress me. And I told Maureen precisely that when I spoke to her at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor last weekend.

And what supports Maureen's claims, other than her own imagination? Well, the report quotes an anonymous "person active in the county Republican Party" who "disputed Stewart's assertion that he didn't support Brewer," Caddigan's opponent. There's even a letter in the Prince William Extra in which William A. "Tony" Thrall --- no one I've ever even heard of, though there is an "Eileen F. Thrall," a Dumfries realtor listed in VPAP records who has contributed to Democrat Hilda Barg --- makes similar claims.

However, to someone who has been dubious about Caddigan in the past, it is quite clear that Caddigan's accusations have no merit. If they were true, Stewart and his supporters did a singularly poor job of organizing and recruiting people to oppose Caddigan's re-nomination. They never bothered to contact the Youngs, or anyone else known to us, notwithstanding very reason to believe that they might receive a favorable hearing.

It would certainly be refreshing if Maureen would show the same loyalty to the party and its nominees that she has received in the past. And would work for the GOP, rather than against it and its principles and leaders.

UPDATE: Charles comments on the story here. Great title.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Creating A Blogosphere Myth To Steal An Election

No, I'm not talking about Algore and the Nutroots. I'm talking about Julie Lucas and her "team" of sore losers who are unwilling to accept the results of an election.

And they're using the Internet and blogosphere to do it.

The myths are numerous. To be sure, there were "overvotes," i.e., more votes that credentialed delegates, in three precincts. Now, the explanation for such overvotes could be as simple as people voting in the wrong precincts (there were many precincts with "undervotes," in which registered, credentialed delegates who showed up did not vote). But, of course, the Gill-haters are attempting to cast those votes in as sinister a light as possible, suggesting voter fraud.

And, yes, overvotes occured in three precincts. Apparently, "Team Lucas" is attempting spread the myth that they occurred in only two precincts, because of examination of some materials occurring after the Conventtion. The problems? They are two-fold. First, it relies upon the notion that their biased, post-Convention analysis is valid. Second, and perhaps more importantly, this issue was not raised by an appeal at the Convention. To be sure, there was an Algore moment late in the convention, which I witnessed, in which "Team Lucas" member O.P. Ditch attempted to have all votes in one or two precincts favorable to Faisal Gill thrown out, but his appeal was withdrawn, and the Convention adjourned with Gill as the winner. However, even by then, it was probably too late. After all, the Convention accepted the report of the Elections Committee.

To my mind, Lucas has waived her right to appeal. Here's the rub: Article VIII, Section I(4) of the State Party Plan provides that:
All Mass Meetings, Party Canvasses, Conventions, and Primaries shall, to the extent applicable, by governed by and conducted in accordance with, giving precedence as listed to, the following: the State Party Plan; District or Unit Plan or By-Laws; rules adopted by a designated Rules Committee; and otherwise in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.
Here's the problem: "Team Lucas" never appealed from the report of the Elections Committee. "Team Lucas" --- specfically, its "brain trust" (charitably named), O.P. Ditch --- withdrew his appeal from the ruling of Convention Chairman Pat O'Leary, and therefore denied the Convention the right to rule on the issues it is attempting raise on appeal. Her appeal is therefore illegal under Robert's Rules of Order. Page 247, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (10th ed.), holds that "Members have no right to criticize a ruling of the chair unless they appeal from his decision." An appeal at this point is therefore somewhat akin to trying to take an appeal from a state magistrate judge --- perhaps not even an attorney --- directly to the Supreme Court of the United States, while skipping the state trial court, the state's intermediate appellate court, and the state's supreme court. Such an appeal would, of course, be thrown out or rejected.

And perhaps "Team Lucas" is hoping from a more favorable ruling from a committee whose chairman's company was paid more than $4000 by the Lucas campaign, and who has been quoted as prejudging the merits of Lucas' complaints. I am also informed that Becky Stoeckel, Eleventh Congressional District Chairman, is the soul source of the radical notion that all votes in overvoted precincts should be thrown out, and therefore, that all voters in those precincts should be disenfranchised.

Of course, internet myths and smears are nothing new where Faisal Gill is concerned. There is a long-running campaign to smear him as a terrorist or terrorist-sympathizer, and some kind of security risk, notwithstanding his positions of trust within the Department of Homeland Security, and the investigation understaken, apparently, at the behest of political enemies, which cleared him of any wrong-doing. Much appears on a website whose owner is being sued by a former candidate represented by Gill's lawfirm. More appears on a racist Democrat's website.

Julie Lucas, by allowing this appeal to go forward for her benefit, is burning her bridges in the GOP, attempting to delegitimize its processes. That she has filed to run for reelection to her seat as the Neabsco representative on the Prince William County School Board demonstrates most persuasively that she lacks the courage of her convictions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pat O'Leary Responds

Below, I posted about a new controversy regarding the 51st District Convention, and how the Elections Committee Chairman, Ruth Griggs, was selected by the Lucas campaign. Pat O'Leary has posted the response below to an anonymous comment posted in response to it:
I would like to provide some insight into the selection of Ruth Griggs and the other committee chairman at the 51st Legislative District Republican Convention. After I agreed to serve as the Convention Chairman, Tom Kopko and I decided to convene a meeting with representatives of both campaigns to organize the Convention. The meeting was held on May 14, 2007. About 7 or 8 people from the Lucas campaign and two people from the Gill campaign attended.
After addressing issues associated with receiving the registration forms, we moved onto discussing the Convention committees. Everyone agreed that each committee would have (1) two representatives from the Lucas campaign and two representatives from the Gill campaign and (2) a chairman, who was acceptable to both campaigns. At a later point, someone suggested that the Credentials Committee have two co-chairmen. Since no one recommended co-chairmen for the other committees, the other committees had only a chairman.
As mentioned above, the starting point in the chairmen selection process was to identify people, who were acceptable to both campaigns. About 8 to 10 names were suggested. I suggested most of these names, but other people also suggested a few names. At this point in the process, the names were suggested to serve as chairman of any committee. Later, in the evening, this would change as the group agreed to link certain people to certain committees. The group also created a hierarchical list of people whom I should call if any of the first set of people declined.
In suggesting people to serve as committee chairmen, I used the following criteria: (1) A person of stature in the party, e.g. current or former county or state government office holders or current or former Republican Party officials, (2) anticipated attendance at the Convention, (3) willingness to serve as a committee chairman, and (4) ability to do the job. One of the people who I suggested was Ruth Griggs because she certainly met criteria (1), (2) and (4). No one had any information about criteria (3) as to Ruth. When I asked if Ruth was acceptable to both sides, the Lucas campaign said "Yes". The Gill campaign had some reservations about Ruth but, as things evolved over a few days, was willing to accept her as the Elections Committee Chairman. Consequently, I called Ruth about serving as the Elections Committee Chairman, and she agreed.
The above represents my recollection of the events related to selection of the committee chairmen. Perhaps, others have a different recollection. However, I am certain that I suggested Ruth as a possible committee chairman. One of my reasons for so doing is that she and I work in the same building in Manassas. To me, this was important because if I needed to coordinate anything she was only one floor away. In fact, as the pre-Convention planning process evolved, I met with Ruth twice in her office. So, from that standpoint, selecting Ruth as a committee chairman was a very good idea.
Best regards
All in all, then, it sounds as though my source was mistaken. Apparently, both campaigns should be criticized for finding acceptable someone who had so recently attacked the GOP and one of its nominees.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Glen Hill Renominated

With 73 of 74 precincts reporting, it is all but certain that Sheriff Glen Hill has won renomination as the GOP candidate for Sheriff of Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park, with more than 61% of the GOP primary vote. He dominated in the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, but won a substantial majority over his nearest competitor even in the County. Turnout was below a pitiful 3%. The State Board of Elections site is here.

Maureen Caddigan beat Charles Brewer for the GOP nomination with nearly 90% of the primary vote. Those results are here.

Impeachment Chic

What is it about Hitlary Clinton and impeached Federal officeholders?

Apparently, one of her Florida campaign chairmen is Congressman Alcee Hastings.

Like her husband, the Great Prevaricator, Hastings has the distinction of being one of the few Federal officials (a judge) ever impeached.

However, unlike the Great Prevaricator, he was convicted and removed from office. Probably because it occurred before the Democrats surrendered everything in pursuit of political power (witness the fact that he has been elected and reelected as a Democrat), and the GOP puts its collective spine, or manhood, in a blind trust.

H/T to X Carmudgeon.

UPDATE: Even a poster at Democrat[ic] Central can figure this one out.

UPDATE II: Vivian J. Paige likewise agrees.

Emerging Scandal Regarding Results of 51st District Convention?

Curiouser and curiouser.

At least, that's the way that some would be complaining, were the tables turned. How do we know this? Because they have already done so.

Remember all those posts, complaining about the fact that, before she announced for Delegate, Prince William County Republican Chairman Tom Kopko received payment from the Faisal Gill campaign for service rendered? You will recall that Kopko received a payment of $2000 for website design for Faisal Gill.

And, oh my!, how the Gill-haters screamed. Someone even ran a poll suggesting that 75% of those polled thought Kopko should resign as both legislative district GOP Chairman and Prince William County Republican Chairman.

Well, it seems that Eleventh Congressional District Chairman Becky Stoeckel is a paid consultant to the Julie Lucas for Delegate campaign. It seems that Becky's company, Executive Press, received two payments totaling $4,327 for direct-mail services to the Lucas campaign. Julie lists among her endorsees Becky Stoeckel.

Yet 'nary a word from the Gill-haters about the controversy. You see, according to Article X, Section B of the Republican Party of Virginia's Party Plan, any appeal from the results of the 51st District Convention would be heard by the Eleventh Congressional District Committee.

Well, Kopko is coming out swinging. In an e-mail sent today, he lists a number of rather serious charges against Stoeckel:

-- You helped Julie Lucas produce attack mailers against Faisal Gill (attached).

-- You attended at least one of the convention’s credentials meetings prior to the convention.

-- At the 51st convention you inserted yourself as a secret, self-appointed observer on the grounds that you are the 11th CD Chairman. Someone portrayed you as a “RPV Observer” but you told me you attended on your own accord.

- You did not notify the LD Chairman nor the Convention Chairman of your presence, let alone your asserted role and activities:

- You inserted yourself into sequestered activities of the Credentials Committee. That chairman complained that you were interfering with the committee while not understanding why you were there in the first place.

- You inserted yourself into the sequestered activities of the elections committee both during voting (for delegates only) and during the long and sequestered vote counting.

- You gave advice to credentials and elections committee members in your self-appointed role.

-- Now you are calling a clearly illegal meeting of the 11th CD to consider overturning a convention in your endorsed client’s favor. It violates the party plan, is protested by committee members, and goes against your own request “without objection” to reschedule. All this while you claim today that your “hope is to get thru this process as expeditiously and fairly as possible.”

Now, if Brother Tom had done any of these things, he would be eviscerated by his/Gill's critics. Arguably, these amount to more serious "conflicts of interest" than anything Kopko was alleged to have done to "aid" Faisal Gill.

And still, no word from those who were savaging Kopko.

Unlike others, I won't necessarily question Stoeckel's motives or behavior. She's in business, a business which does political things, and she also serves as a volunteer as the Eleventh Congressional District Chairman. She has the luxury --- denied many --- to be able to indulge her political interests in a professional capacity, and make a living at it. Perhaps she did these things in her capacity and expertise as a Congressional District Chairman, hoping to smooth out the process and ensure its integrity.

But had she supported Faisal Gill in a party nominating contest, I note that she already would have been savaged for her behavior, with every motive and action questioned.

The only difference between her actions and Tom Kopko's appears to be that she is supporting who --- for some --- is the "right" candidate.

Among the elements of "integrity" is the ability to even-handedly apply a single standard.

If the criticism of Kopko as compared to the silence regarding Stoeckel isn't a double-standard, I don't know what is. And it is a double-standard which should be remembered the next time you read a comment or complaint from Greg Letiecq, Jonathan Mark, "Batson D. Belfry," AWCheney, or any other Gill-hater.

One of my standards is a well-developed contempt for those who purport to apply objective standards in the service of a subjective agenda.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"We"?!?! Who's "We"?

At his venomous website, anti-Muslim racist and guilt-by-association artist Jonathan Mark indulges his psychosis, and perhaps his multiple-personality disorder, by inveighing against Attorney General Bob McDonnell's endorsement of 51st District Republican nominee for Delegate, Faisal Gill, and suggests that "Let's see if we can hammer AG McDonnell on this at public appearances."

"We"?!?! Who's "we," Jonathan? You and your tapeworm?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Emerging Presidential Scandal

I have received scandalous new information which will almost certainly result in the impeachment of President Bush, and the criminal indictment of former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

You see, it seems that they have spoken from the same podium, and to the same group, as "Palestine" Liberation Organization terrorist leader Yassir Arafat.

You may remember. The group was the United Nations. The podium was in New York.

And, of course, this kills the presidential hopes of Senator Hitlary Clinton (D-NY) who was once seen with Arafat's wife.

Well, my predictions might be true. At least by the "standards" of the Faisal Gill-haters and their Internet hate campaign.

Another Question The Gill-Haters Won't Ask

Someone just reminded me that former Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Griggs served as Elections Committee Chairman at the 51st District Convention held last Saturday, at which Faisal Gill was selected as the Republican nominee for November's General Election. She was Julie Lucas' choice.

It raises a question: why would Julie Lucas choose as her representative an individual who publicly attacked the GOP nominee, Corey Stewart, to succeed her?

At the time, Griggs claimed that her actions were high-minded motives. Knowledgeable observers knew that they were motivated more by petulance.

You see, Griggs was angered by the fact that GOP activists were disgusted in 2003 by the candidacy of a briefly-declared independent candidate for the Coles District Supervisor’s seat, Tom Burrell. While accusing the County GOP Committee of “driv[ing him] out of the race” (if they could, he never should have been a candidate), Griggs told only part of the story.

She failed to mention the part about Burrell using GOP resources to promote his candidacy among Republican Committee members, getting many of them to his announcement under the false pretense that he would be running as a Republican. Indeed, there were many Republicans who would have been happy to see him enter the GOP race, since they perceived the incumbent as having been weakened (both by personal problems and by a campaign launched against her by former Chairman Sean Connaughton), and her opponent and eventual nominee and victor Marty Nohe as a candidate whose ambition exceeds by several orders of magnitude his ability.

The County Republican Committee did not drive Burrell out of the race. His own dishonorable conduct did. That Republicans blew the whistle on that dishonorable conduct seems to be more offensive to Griggs than the conduct itself.

But the more interesting fact unmentioned in Griggs' letter attacking the GOP is why she cared so much about Burrell’s candidacy, one which revealed her own questionable conduct. In communications responding to my comments at the time of the contretemps, she admitted that both she and Connaughton had recruited Burrell for the race. It might have been nice for her to have mentioned that in her public comments, because it casts her actions and criticisms of the GOP — as well as Connaughton’s — in a decidedly negative light. And it explained her behavior attacking GOP nominee Corey Stewart.

With that background, one wonders why Lucas would choose as her representative an individual whose most significant preceding action regarding the GOP was to attack its nominee, and to endorse an independent.

For all the phony "scandals" alleged about Faisal Gill, Tom Kopko, and the Conservative majority of the County GOP and its Committee, it is far more scandalous that Lucas would chose such an individual --- whose actions as Elections Committee Chairman, it must be conceded, appear to have been wholly appropriate --- for her representative.

Ducks Take Stanley Cup

I am not a hockey fan. When, a few years ago, hockey came back after a long strike, my first observation was to ask "It was gone?"

Now, the National Hockey League has as its champion the Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks!?!?!?!

I can't consider "tough" any sport whose champion is named the "Ducks."


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Creative Liar Smears Faisal Gill

Anyone who reads Greg Letiecq's tackily-named website is familiar with the psychotically-creative rantings of Jonathan Mark.

Well, Mark also runs his own smearsite, and has now given evidence that he will stop at nothing to indulge his anti-Muslim racism.

I'm not a fan of Islam, by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly can respect devout practitioners of any faith who seek to pursue their American dream as citizens of our constitutional republic. That is one reason why I am proud to call Faisal a friend, and respect him.

However, Mark clearly questions the loyalties of any American Muslim, particularly those who dare to present themselves for public service. His latest rant against Faisal can't even get the facts straight. As I expect that he will alter it once his carelessness is exposed, I note here that he states that Faisal "spoke at the 12/17/06 Muslim Public Affairs Council along with controversial LA sheriff Lee Baca."

Now, Mark does not favor us with a report of Faisal's actual comments, but relies --- as usual --- on his characteristic guilt by association, noting that a Muslim radical from Switzerland also spoke at the conference. To support his assertion, Mark quotes at length from an article in the "Hawaii Free Press." It was reprinted in the Hawaii Reporter, a wonderful Conservative website run by an editor with whom I have had a few friendly e-mail exchanges over the years (she covered a case I had there a few years back)

The problem? The article cited by Mark is dated "1/16/2006 8:34:49 PM," clearly demonstrating that the conference at which Gill spoke occurred in 2005, not 2006.

Now perhaps Mark would have a point if he could cite even a single questionable comment by Gill. But, as usual, Mark favors us with nothing more complex that his racist rantings.

UPDATE: Poor Jonathan Mark doesn't like his racism exposed, so he has dubbed me a "race hustler." Considering the source, I consider it a mark of honor. He also asks "What provoked this outbust [sic]?" The short answer to his question is "Your racism and incompetence."

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Liars, Damned Liars, and Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine"

Well, the boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine are at it again.

What is "it," you ask.

"It" is lying, of course. At this post, Lowell asserts that "... expanding stem cell research is supported by an overwhelming 72% of Americans, with only 24% opposed. " Fair enough. But Lowell goes on to say that"In other words, this [the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S. 5)] is overwhelmingly supported (3:1) by the American people."

But, as Keith Jackson used to say, "Whoa, Nelly!"

How does one go from support for "expanding stem cell research," which was supported by the linked polling data, to "overwhelming[] support (3:1)" for federally-funded stem cell research?

Of course, one doesn't. After all, polling data also demonstrates --- sad to say --- support for at least first-term abortion on demand. Nevertheless, when asked about Federal funding, overwhelming majorities oppose federally-funded abortions. And contrary to Lowell's claim, no national poll has ever demonstrated majority support for federally-funded embryonic stem-cell research.

But I've got a real cause and real polls for the far Left.

Large majorities of Americans polled at various times demonstrate support for Federal Right to Work legislation, which would bar any requirement that an employee join or pay dues to a union as a condition of employment.

Of course, the problem (for the far Left) with such a law lies in the fact that it would remove a major source of illicit funding. For the far Left.

And why stop forced extractions for political speech when their allies on the far Left and in the media continue to clamor for restrictions on voluntary political speech?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Faisal Gill Wins GOP Nomination In 51st District

Faisal Gill secured the GOP nomination for the 51st District House of Delegates seat late this afternoon, after a long and, from what I observed, sometimes raucous convention at GAR-Field High School.

I stopped by the convention after dropping my eldest son, Jimmy, off at a birthday party nearby. Since I don't live in the district, I had little interest in going for the long haul, and it seemed to me that, with the vile and despicable smears that some have made against me, it just didn't make sense to make myself a target. However, when I heard that there were some continuing controversies, and being in the area anyway, I stopped by for a look/see.

So I left a juvenile birthday party to witness the sometimes juvenile behavior of the convention. Except, the kids I left at the birthday party were better-behaved.

What a mess. It appears that someone screwed up, and in three precincts, more votes were cast than convention delegates certified. When the votes were counted, Faisal Gill came out on top, both in raw numbers, and in delegate votes (votes were weighted by precinct, based upon a formula set forth in the State Republican Party Plan).

It appeared to be quite a problem. It certainly created quite a controversy. However, the Elections Committee apparently determined that, even if the extra votes were presumed to be votes for Gill, and they were excluded, Gill still would prevail, and therefore reported to the convention that he was victorious.

Well, that didn't sit well with "Team Lucas." However, rather than behaving respectably and accepting what was a narrow but clear defeat, they decided to fight, and drew the convention out long past the time when it should have been adjourned. I arrived at about 3:30, and immediately joined a few other officious intermeddlers, including "Not Larry Sabato," Ben Tribbett, and "Black Velvet Bruce Li," Greg Letiecq, who led the smear campaign on his tackily-named website, giving aid and comfort to the likes of Democrat Jonathan Mark, whose racist-tinged comments became more shrill and frank as the convention approached.

Interestingly, I spoke to one convention delegate (and Gill supporter) who noted to me that a few members of the Barbara Bush Republican Women's Club had expressed similar sentiments to him/her.

The question now is whether Julie Lucas and her team will emulate Al Gore (see 2000 election controversy). Early action is not promising, i.e., she might. Her "brain trust" --- charitably named --- was apparently led by O.P. Ditch, one of the tax advocates, who distinguished himself while I was there by trying to get the votes of one (remember, three had overvotes) precinct thrown out entirely, i.e., disenfranchising all voters in the precinct. Not surprisingly, it was a precinct which had gone for Gill. I wonder how many of those to be disenfranchised by Ditch's effort were military votes?

Then, unexpectedly (probably because Lucas' people figured out they didn't have the votes to prevail; she lost her own home precinct), he withdrew his appeal from the ruling of the Chairman, Pat O'Leary, and the convention adjourned.

The whole thing makes me wonder if I shouldn't have stayed home.

On the bright side, though, more than six hundred (600) people who signed a pledge to "support all of the Republican Party's nominees in the ensuing election" showed up and spent the better part of a beautiful Saturday afternoon to select a GOP nominee. And unless I am very mistaken, it was the most ethnically diverse gathering of Republicans I have ever witnessed, giving lie to the Democrat smear/stereotype about Republicans. Many were new immigrants to our nation, demonstrating the power and persuasiveness of the Republican message. Of course, there are those who will condemn it for that reason (while paradoxically posturing with the claim that they seek a "big tent," which appears to actually means that they want more Liberals --- preferably WASPs --- in the GOP).

What is of particular note is the fact that so many apparently Muslim Americans, many new, made what was probably among their first participations in the democratic process with the GOP. Of course, as with all immigrant groups, it is important that they assimilate into American culture. And it was quite heartening to see so many choose the GOP as the vehicle for their collective voice. In these times when many --- too many, really --- mindlessly question the loyalties of all Muslims, it is significant that so many good, loyal, hard-working Muslim Americans participated so enthusiastically on behalf of a GOP candidate.

I don't know who will win the 51st District. It was never a "safe" GOP seat, except with a GOP incumbent, and plenty of mud was thrown by both sides. Most of it was independent, but unfortunately, Lucas' late desperation caused her to associate herself formally with the smear of Faisal Gill.

In any case, the GOP now has a nominee, and in my opinion, it is a nominee who will be a much more formidable candidate against a serious Democrat nominee, Paul Nichols.

One hopes that, rather than indulging what is likely bad advice to continue the controversy, Julie Lucas and her supporters will fulfill their pledge to "support all of the Republican Party's nominees in the ensuing election," including 51st District nominee for the House of Delegates, Faisal Gill.

Despicable Democrat

Came across this post, in which a Virginia blogger savages a Chicago woman for drunk driving. Now, this woman committed a crime. But the sad fact is that it is a fairly common crime. Many are caught driving drunk. Some get away with it, even when they kill someone (think: Teddy Kennedy). But what makes it of interest to "Howling Latina"?

Turns out the woman is Justice Scalia's daughter. So, of course, this is an opportunity to savage a conservative. Of course, how Justice Scalia is responsible for his daughter's wrong is not explained.

I've had dealings with two of Justice Scalia's sons --- both lawyers --- over the years. They're great guys. Another of his sons is a Catholic priest. This particular daughter is not as prominent as they are. Indeed, I had never heard of her before I saw this post.

It seems that she is being held up to public ridicule for no reason other than the fact that she is the daughter of a prominent Conservative.

Howling Latina is despicable. I would like to have sad so on her website. But it appears that she doesn't allow comments from me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hampden-Sydney Institution Retires

Just got an e-mail on this from the alma mater:

Mrs. Erlene Bowman, Head Cashier at the Hampden-Sydney College Bookstore, was honored at a retirement party on May 30. Mrs. Bowman has been at Hampden-Sydney for 42 years.

For generations of Hampden-Sydney students, Erlene Bowman has been the face of the Bookstore. Through multiple managers and locations, Erlene has been the constant. Her friendly smile and sincere concern for the well being of the thousands of young men with whom she has interacted during Bookstore transactions and the hundreds who have sought her out when they just wanted to talk are long remembered and for many alumni and students represent what they appreciate most about Hampden-Sydney College.

Dr. Walter M. Bortz III, President of the College wishes Erlene well.

The amazing thing about Erlene (as all who knew her called her) was her memory. She greets old alums such as myself by name when we go into the bookstore on the occasional visit. Even more amazingly, she remembers my children and their names as well. On one occasion, I went in to buy a few logo soup bowls, and she wanted to make sure that I had enough for the whole family.

Generations of Hampden-Sydney men doubtless wish her nothing but the best.