Tuesday, April 28, 2009


RINO No More!

It seems that Arlen Specter is switching to the Democrat Party.

While one can certainly speculate as to all that factored into this action, a number of things are certain:

1. Specter's bout with brain cancer did more damage than anyone suspected;

2. Democrats have no standards other than power;

3. Specter obviously lacks the integrity to resign his seat and run for its as a Democrat; and

4. The fraudulently-misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act" may now have life breathed into it, though Specter denies that he will vote for cloture.

What a scumbag.

Amy Frederick Bows Out

Given current idiocies, referenced in her letter, can't say I blame her:
Dear Friends:

Since first beginning to explore the possibility of campaigning to represent the people of the 52nd District in the House of Delegates, I have been humbled by the support and encouragement I received from across eastern Prince William county, and indeed, beyond. Having been honored to stand by Jeff's side for the past six years as he has served, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know many of the people of this district. They have made this job a rewarding experience for both of us, and the lasting friendships will always remain.

Today, it is with mixed emotions that I announce my withdrawal from the race to succeed Jeff in the House of Delegates.

Unfortunately, some in the leadership of the Republican Party have demonstrated a greater interest in playing politics than in advancing our conservative principles and making life better for the families and the citizens of Virginia. I'm not interested in running for office to serve under broken leadership, where the Speaker compromises principle for what he perceives as immediate political gain. What so many entrusted with leadership in our party fail to recognize is that ignoring our core principles in pursuit of titles and power without purpose is exactly the behavior that severely reduced our ranks in the House, handed the Senate to the Democrats, and has resulted in one statewide loss after another.

Although my campaign ends today, it has been a pleasure to travel around the district and introduce myself as a potential candidate to so many wonderful people.

I want to first thank my friends and family for supporting me and encouraging me to run. I also want to thank Kris Morris and my supporters, who have spent hours volunteering on my behalf. To these people, I will remain forever grateful.

I'm excited about the future, and I will be working hard to make sure that people of principle who share Jeff's and my commitment to service are elected and re-elected this year. I'm confident that in years to come, our party will have new leadership and a new direction, which will bode well for fresh, new ideas -- and ultimately, handing our children a better Commonwealth than the one we inherited.

Most sincerely,

Amy Frederick
Personally, I always thought she was a better politician than Jeff. Too bad.

That Explains It

I awoke with a start at about 6:10 this morning. I didn't find out until later that it was this: GM Offers Plan for Nationalization.

As I noted below, my maternal grandfather was a GM dealer for over forty years.

Obviously, what woke me was the tremors caused by the fact that he was spinning like a top in his grave.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Crying Shame

Apparently, GM's many troubles have caused it to send its Pontiac Motor Division to the gallows.

This is a crying shame. In my experience, there are Ford people, GM people, and (a few Chrysler) people.

I'm a GM person. I've never owned anything but GM products: three Pontiacs; two Buicks; and an inherited Cadillac sedan. The 1994 Pontiac Grand Am I bought new was one of the finest vehicles I've ever owned. Agile and practical, I put more than 215,000 on it before we gave it to my stepdaughter. My mechanic used to have his new technicians do the oil changes, and they would marvel over the fact that its high-mileage engine was cleaner than cars with half or a third as many miles on it. I never had to replace a seal on the engine during the entire time I owned it. We've owned two Pontiac Montanas, one of the finest mini-vans on the market, and my wife still drives one (the first was killed by a careless driver). Heck, the father of my first serious girlfriend was an Oldmobile salesman.

It's probably genetic, as my maternal grandfather was a GM dealer for over forty years in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Pontiac was the first brand he carried, beginning in 1946. Over the years, he picked up Cadillac, GMC Trucks (later dropped), Buick (my father persuaded him to take it on, as Buick District Manager in Philadelphia, and also married my mother, so I'm here because of a Buick), and Opel (later dropped). I remember his annual trips to Michigan (the town of Pontiac, of course) to see the new models.

It's traumatic.

Pontiac Motor Division. RIP.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diminishing The Nation He Was Elected To Lead

As President Barry continues his magical mystery tour around the world, it's no mystery as to what his goal is: diminishing the nation he purports to "lead."

Never mind that his behavior makes Jimmy Carter look like he has a spine by comparison. Never mind the radicals who have influenced him at every point in his life.

Sometimes, you just can't believe the pablum emanating from this third-rate fool. Speaking after listening to a diatribe from Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, he responded with this:
“I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”
Of course, it's not about blame, Barry. It's about the fact that you're President of the United States, and you represent this nation as both Head of State and Head of Government. And in that capacity, you stand for everything --- for good or ill, as informed by your own ridiculous philosophy --- done by this nation.

Spare us your narcissism, and man up a little bit.

Better yet, grow a pair.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Could Someone Explain ...

... why the vilest women of the far-Left --- Rachel Maddow and Janeane Garafolo --- are among those most adamantly belittling participants in the tea party protests by comparing them to a sex act? Especially when no self-respecting man would engage in that act with either of them?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stupid Quotation Of The Day

And the award goes to ... Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norten, champion of unconstitutional legislation to give the District of Columbia a vote in the United States House of Representatives!

She was on C-SPAN this morning with the incredibly beautiful Greta Brawner, complaining that the unconstitutional legislation is being held up by those who would preserve the constitutional rights of D.C. residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and came up with this little gem (near the beginning of the interview):
Whoever heard of your gun or your vote?
Unfortunately, it is Delegate Norten herself who is taking that position, failing to understand that it is guns in the hands of private citizens which guarantee the vote.

Just as they guarantee that persons of her hue are not still treated as property.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Captain Richard Phillips is FINALLY freed after a four-day stand-off.

Sadly, one of the four pirates survived, to be subjected to the research of the United States Department of Justice.

Kudos to three Navy SEALS with good aim!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Illegitimate Senator?

With the news that the Department of Justice is asking a Federal trial court in Washington to void the convictions of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, a Reagan-era quotation comes to mind:
"Which office do I go to to get my reputation back."

--- Former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan, upon his acquittal on corruption charges.
Now, this decision by Attorney General Eric Holder isn't the same as an acquittal, which still only means that the government's case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But it certainly calls into question the results of the senatorial election conducted last year in Alaska, in which former Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich defeated Stevens in a close race (less than 4000 votes). The vote was held just days after Stevens' convictions.

Was this the thing that made the difference? Ask any Alaskan (I know quite a few) and the answer is, "Almost certainly."

Of course, one has to wonder, in this extraordinary situation, whether Mark Begich would have the dignity and decency to resign his seat, and allow a special election, re-running his race against Stevens, without the cloud which heretofore surrounded Stevens?

Naaaah! He's a Democrat! Power at all costs.

Even if that cost is your dignity and your soul.

Nevertheless, if Begich had any decency, that is the course that he would follow. And you can bet that, were the roles reversed, far Lefties would be demanding that course.

UPDATE: Apparently, some Alaska political leaders agree. Not surprisingly, they are Republicans. It seems that all involved --- former Senator Stevens; Alaska's voters; the courts charged with administering justice; the American public which is supposed to be served by the Department of Justice --- deserved better.

Whatever happens now, Democrat Senator Mark Begich has to be at the top of any list of "Most-Endangered" Democrats when his term is up.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

President Barry Announces New Legislative Initiatives

In light of the deepening economic crisis, President Barry took the occasion of the G-20 Summit in London to announce a series of reforms to kickstart the American economy:
1. Immediate closure of the Departments of Housing & Urban Development (which has failed miserably and provided neither housing nor much urban development), Health & Human Services (ditto), Education (double ditto), and Commerce;

2. The firing of Ron Gettelfinger, James P. Hoffa, Gerald McEntee, and Rich Trumka from their posts as heads of the UAW, Teamsters, AFSCME, and the UMW, respectively. Since the President now has the power to fire corporate executives in companies propped up by the government for a few months, there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to fire bosses of unions propped up by the government for decades;

3. An executive order barring the payment of so-called "prevailing" wages on government contracts, and a demand that Congress immediately repeal the racist-motivated Davis-Bacon Act requiring ascertainment and payment of such inflated prices:

4. Called for immediate passage of the National Right to Work Act, and the Freedom from Union Violence Act;

5. Issued a veto threat against the fraudulently-misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act," and the push-button strike bill for first responders;

6. Suspension of Medicare and Medicaid payments and reimbursements, pending full repeal of these programs for socialized medicine;

7. Immediate authorization for off-shore drilling for oil and natural gas in all promising areas; and

8. Making permanent the Bush tax cuts.
My understanding is that, upon hearing this, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's head exploded.