Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bold Words

I guess I misread the headline.

I saw "Senate Play[s] Games with U.S. National Security," and thought for sure that I was about to read a post on the lame-duck Senate's vote to require the United States Armed Forces to enlist sexual deviants loudly proclaiming their deviance.

Alas, I misread it.  What it actually said was "Senate Republicans Play Games with U.S. National Security."  Apparently, it was a post on the efforts of most Senate Republicans to delay consideration of the new START Treaty --- you know: the one President Barry signed in April, but didn't submit for Senate ratification until just recently --- until the new Congress --- you know: a Congress with some actual electoral authority --- takes office in January.

Contrary to moonbat rhetoric, there may be some good and sufficient national-security reasons to not ratify this treaty.  Personally, I don't feel strongly one way or the other about the treaty on the merits.  Though I have substantial problems with a lame-duck Congress making substantial policy decisions which have utterly no urgency.  Of course, since Virginia's moonbats can brook no dissent, the children at "Blue Virginia" don't allow comments from those who dare to disagree with the talking points issued by President Barry's White House and other myrmidons.

Does the far Left even make the pretense of having an interest in free speech anymore?  Not at "Blue Virginia."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT Repeal Passed; Next Up: NAMBLA To Lobby For Repeal Of Laws Against Pedophilia

So, some sexual deviants will now allowed to serve openly in the United States Armed Forces.

I wonder how long it will be before NAMBLA (the "North American Man-Boy Love Association") opens an office in D.C. and gets its agenda in the Democrat platform?

Monday, December 13, 2010


The Honorable Henry Hudson, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, has just ruled that the individual mandate in BarryCare is unconstitutional.

Here's Attorney General Cuccinelli's letter:

Dear Defender of Liberty,

Today, a federal judge in Richmond ruled the individual mandate of the federal health care law UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

In other words - we won!

This won't be the final round, as this will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, but today is a critical milestone in the protection of the Constitution.

I am still fully digesting the court's ruling, so I'll get back to you again later with more details, but I wanted you to hear the good news right away.

Thank so many of you for your support to become the Attorney General of Virginia, and your support since then. Today is a day to celebrate those same first principles that our founding fathers articulated over 200 years ago.

We are proud to defend their work and the same first principles today in the 21st century.

Stay tuned - and thank you for your support. 

Ken's Signature
Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia
Congratulations to Attorney General Cuccinelli, and to all Virginians!  As a fellow litigator, I can attest to the fact that victory is sweet!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Completely Sick ... And I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of It

Apparently, a Huffington Post blogger, morally superior Liberal, and Columbia University professor maintained a three-year incestuous relationship with his own daughter!

Remember this the next time someone tells a West Virginia joke.

I can't wait for the depraved individuals who starts telling us how this was a relationship between consenting adults (apparently, the daughter was over 18 when the sexual relationship began) and that it's really none of our business.

Oops!  Too late!  Someone already did.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

On "Hostage Takers"

So President Barry has compared "compared negotiating with Republicans to negotiating with hostage takers and said he only did so because of the danger that the hostage -- aka the American public -- would be harmed," according to the WaPo?

OK.  So never mind that President Barry can't bring himself to call Islamofascist terrorists "terrorists."  But now, he's calling the people elected by a goodly portion of the American electorate "hostage takers"?!?!  This guy's arrogance knows no bounds!

And I was under the impression that most Republicans want to stop the Obama tax increase for everyone, and it was President Barry who was holding the American economy and the middle class and poor he claims to represent hostage to his desire to increase taxes on the successful.

Frankly, President Barry's attitude on maintaining tax increases for the rich at the cost of the middle class and the poor reminds me a lot of the old National Lampoon cover, the one with the dog, the gun, and the legend "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog."

I wish I could reproduce it here, but I have only this link.

Perhaps the reason for his "compromise" is that he feared that the American people had figured this out, too.