Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Winners & Losers

The moonbats over at "Blue Virginia" list yesterday's winners and losers from ... well, the moonbat perspective.  Since they don't allow comments from people who aren't moonbats, I'll note my observations here.

The Rational will, of course, transpose the "Winner" and "Loser" labels, and ignore what is obviously highly ideological assessments of what happened yesterday.  However, one cannot help but hope that Virginia's leading moonbat gathering place will continue with the meme that anyone who opposes the far Left and its agenda is "ignorant," or "fearful," or "irresponsible" (a particularly bold word from people who are running deficits of more than $1 trillion annually).  Yeah, guys: that's the way to ingratiate yourselves and win voters' approval.

Of course, the most revealing characterization is in their fourth "Winner": "Voting against one's own self interest."  If there is a phrase which more aptly sums up the arrogance of the far Left, I haven't seen it.

And the most ironic?  "Denial," the tenth listed "Winner."  Yeah, guys, you go with that.  Please?

And then, there's the simply fanciful.  Number 7 among the winners is "Empty Suits," characterizing incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as an "Empty Suit."  Again, bold words from a blogger who finds Tom Perriello --- perhaps the emptiest "empty suit" of the 2008 House freshman class --- to be a suitable Congress-critter.

And Number 1 among the "losers?"  Characterizing the entire Democrat agenda for the last two years as "accomplishments."  Uh, guys, apparently, a majority of voters consider Democrat "accomplishments" about as desirable as falling hindquarters-first into a marital aid factory; while I'm sure there's a contingent (mostly in the Democrat Party) who would find that appealing, it's a small-to-vanishing minority.

The claim that President Barry actually had "a strategy for reaching out to Republicans" (Loser #7) is worth a belly-laugh.  Right: if you consider the demand for abject surrender to be "reaching out."  President Barry's idea of "reaching out to Republicans" is similar to the Great Three's strategy of "reaching out" to Hitler and Tojo.

Get over yourselves, guys: demanding unconditional surrender is not "reaching out," except with the point of a sword.  And if you're going to do that, you'd better make sure your sword is bigger.  Last night demonstrated that President Barry's is not.

And if he hews to his current course, the demonstration in 2012 might be even more pointed.