Monday, October 29, 2007

Why Are Maryland Labor Unions Contributing To Virginia Candidates?

Interesting phenomonon. I went to the VPAP website, and just for grins looked up the donations given to Paul Nichols, Democrat nominee for the 51st House of Delegates district seat.

Now, I expected to see a lot of contributions from lawyers, because you ask for money from the people you know, and you cannot doubt that Nichols knows a lot of lawyers. That's what I did, when I made the mistake of running for office. Sure, there are the a**holes who will complain about out-of-state or out-of-district contributions, but when they're from individuals, one can hardly legitimately complain, since it is highly likely that such contributions come from the people who know you the best: the people who's lives you've touched, and who are impressed enough with you that they are willing to underwrite your candidacy.

And, of course, I remember the Democrat candidate who stupidly attacked Maureen Caddigan for such an out-of-state donation, from New Jersey, as I recall.

It was from her mother.

But you've got to wonder about some donations, particularly from institutions. And the VPAP website lists not fewer than four donations from labor unions. Two come from Virginia organizations: the Virginia "Education" Association, a teachers union, and the Virginia AFL-CIO.

But two are very interesting. They come from Maryland, of all places. One is from the Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local 100. The other comes from the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689.

Then there's Bruce Roemmelt, Prince William County's own "union-label" candidate. Nearly a third ($18,050) of the money he's raised ($57,663) comes from labor unions.

Why, oh why, would these Maryland labor unions have an interest in electing a Democrat in Virginia House districts?

Actually, the answer is probably pretty simple: all of these unions want to attack Virginia's Right to Work law, as well as the Commonwealth's strong stand against public employee monopoly bargaining.

Might it be that they view a Democrat majority as more amenable to these outcomes? One has to wonder why Democrats aren't talking about these issues. Perhaps because it is a stealth effort to elect anti-worker, union-friendly candidates? After all, the first thing that many Dems do when they enter office is grant special privileges to Dem-friendly constituencies. It's a necessary course to perpetuate your own power when your agenda is so unpopular with the people.

After all, few Dems in 2006 ran for Congress on a platform of giving more power to labor unions. And what was among the first acts of the Democrat majority in the House? Passage of the fraudulently-misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act," which force employers to recognize unions as representatives of workers based upon cards (no inquiry into how obtained) signed by a majority of employees.

It certainly wouldn't be surprising if Virginia Dems, having run the sleaziest campaign in modern Virginia history, were to have also set themselves on a course to illicitly perpetuate their own power by becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VEA and the Virginia AFL-CIO.

To the extent, of course, that they are not so already.

"No Qualms About Crossing The Ethical Line"

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News shows a surprising level of integrity and foresight in endorsing Faisal Gill for the 51st District House of Delegates seat over Democrat Paul Nichols.

Hardly a Republican organ, the newspaper's editorial page stays mostly positive about Faisal.

However, perhaps the most damning element of the endorsement is its discussion of Democrat Paul Nichols' sleazy campaign tactics, which the paper cites as support for the proposition that he has "no qualms about crossing the ethical line."

As I've said here and elsewhere, Paul is a social friend, and I like him. Therefore, I would prefer to believe that these sleazy tactics are not his, but rather, bad advice that he's received from the Virginia Democrat Party.

However, in this instance, association with this group and, more importantly, standing by idly while they smear Gill in his name, is sufficient to disqualify him from serious consideration for public office.

Of course, Greg Letiecq has thus far remained silent on what must, for him, be a frustrating development.

And reports that Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark is sitting in a Fairfax "Job Johnny" with a Glock-shaped water pistol to his head are apparently greatly exaggerated.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Didn't I Read This Somewhere Before?

According to some scientists, "The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist."

Could've sworn I read this somewhere before.

Oh, yeah. H.G. Wells said the same thing over a hundred years ago, in The Time Machine. And all you need to read is the headline to know the punchline. Even the reporter was able to figure it out (scroll down).

H/T to Drudge.

Contrived Outrage, Vol MCMXLI

There they go again: the far Left Virginia Moonbatosphere is in full throat over Jay O'Brien's latest mailing, which uses that sleazy, time-tested Conservative tactic of using a far Left candidate's own words and radical promises against him.

It's de rigeur that the Moonbat meme is fully endorsed by the boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ..., er, Raising Kaine, Blueweeds, and, of course, Special-Privilege ... er, "Equality" Loudoun. They are, after all, little more than propaganda outlets for the Moonbat wing of the Democrat Party. You expect to hear them calling truth "homophobia," or "an ugly ... smear." They are not, after all, serious people.

But it's a little disappointing to see the smears appearing from normally serious people like Vivian Paige and Ben Tribbett.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Colgan Running Scared?

It appears that Senator Chuck Colgan is attacking Bob FitzSimmonds because of Bob's sterling Pro-Life credentials.


Colgan has, for years, tried to sell himself as some kind of "moderate" who opposes abortion. However, as a member of the Democrat caucus, the pro-abortion maniacs of his party virtually guarantee that no meaningful Pro-Life legislation will receive a vote. And never mind that no one can meaningfully be called "moderate" when they endorse a Supreme Court decision (Roe v. Wade) which struck down abortion laws in all fifty states, and rejected the considered wisdom of centuries of Anglo-American common law.

It appears that the mailer emanated from the swamp that has become state Democrat Party headquarters in Richmond, demonstrating what some have known for years: Colgan has ceded his judgment to party powers-that-be, and that he is running merely to advance the power of the state Democrat Party. I was told on good authority four years ago that the only reason that he ran for reelection then was the personal intervention of then-Gov. Marky Mark.

But if Colgan is serving as a member of Warner's Funky Bunch, is he really serving the people of his District?

This ham-handed attempt to smear FitzSimmonds demonstrates signs of desperation in the Colgan campaign.

Is Chuck's forced retirement at hand?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interesting Story In Today's Anchorage Daily News

It's about three Arctic villages on the edge of civilization which are threatened because of storms.


Feeding Democrat Smears

Well, as I predicted, Democrats are making charges about Republican bigotry again. 'Cept this time, maybe they'll actually have a point.

Waldo talks about it here.

The boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine" take up the drumbeat here.

There you have it: the Gill-haters are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

What Is The Basis For This Assumption?

Driving in this morning, I heard a report on WMAL to the effect that the recent resolution on illegal immigrants in Prince William County was having an effect, causing Hispanic/Latino immigrants to leave the County in droves, both legal and illegal. Here's the text from the station's web site:

If the Prince William County supervisors were trying to send a message to illegal immigrants that they're not welcome, the message appears to be getting through.

The measures adopted last week in Prince William County were created to send the message signal to the county's mostly Latino illegal immigrants that they are no longer welcome, supporters say.

Since July, it appears both illegal and legal immigrant relatives and friends have been moving out of Prince William County, fearing the new policies will incur mass deportations, although the exact numbers of the migration are difficult to measure.

Although the measures passed last week direct county police to verify immigration status specific to criminal suspects, immigrants are concerned the entire Latino community is being targeted for immigration sweeps.

The county police department will begin immigration status training in January.
The source? None is stated in the text report, but the on-air report cited a company that teaches English to immigrants reports that its business is down.

But how does this business know which of its patrons is legally in the country, and which is not? Do they ask? One has to wonder, since they are not an employer, and therefore under no obligation to ask.

The WaPo story to the same effect (H/T to Doug Mataconis) is here, and provides some answers. It has more detail, and suggests a truly positive effect (emphasis added):
Among the absent students was Jose Luis Pubeac, 42, a day laborer who sneaked into the country 18 months ago. He was busy preparing for his flight back to El Salvador on Saturday.
That's a bad thing?!?!? The guy "sneaked into the country"! If he's leaving, it sounds as though PWC's actions have been more effective than those of ICE, who couldn't seem to find him.

Of course, those in the country legally --- at least, those who are not aiding and abetting those who are not --- have and should have nothing to fear from the County's actions, since legal immigrants are welcome, even celebrated.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Elaborate Fantasies from PRJM

There he goes again!

Now, Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark would have you believe that PWC GOP Chairman Tom Kopko has scheduled a County GOP Committee meeting to prevent people from meeting Democrat Paul Nichols. Why? Because Greg Letiecq, President of Help Save Manassas, decided at the last minute to schedule a candidate's forum.

Calls for County Committee meetings must be issued not fewer than ten days before the meeting, which means that the Call went out on 12 October. I have been unable to find Greg's notice that he was planning some sort of candidate forum for HSM, but my recollection is that it was made well after I received the Call.

Aside from that, only a psychotic would suggest that Tom Kopko scheduled a meeting of the Counthy GOP Committee 15 days before the election just to steal Greg's thunder.

Of course, it is of a piece with PRJM's other fantasies.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shameful Application Of Objective Criteria For Partisan Purposes

Complaints about signage just tick me off. They are never made against anyone but politicians, and politicians are the only ones --- unlike developers, those selling health insurance, etc. --- who every bother to take down their signs.

Now "Too Conservative" is jumping on the bandwagon, complaining about the signs of those, the site's name to the contrary notwithstanding, Conservative Republicans they loathe.

It would have been a better title for their post. At least it would have been more honest.

Letiecq Announces Resignation From County GOP Committee

OK. Not formally. But you can read his endorsements for public office here, and the implicit has become the actual, and he has disregarded his pledge "to support all Republican nominees for election to public office in the ensuing election" by failing to support Michele McQuigg for Clerk of the Circuit Court, and by endorsing Democrat Paul Nichols to succeed McQuigg as Delegate for the 51st House of Delegates seat.

He could have just kept his mouth shut. Many do. Of course, now the blogosphere gives those equally dishonorable the opportunity to trash anonymously/pseudonymously Republicans they are honor-bound to support.

As for Greg, he has allowed his personal problems --- Faisal Gill's law firm is representing an individuals suing Greg for libel/slander, and Michele McQuigg has endorsed his candidacy to succed her --- to lead him on a dishonorable course, after months of giving aid and comfort to, inter alia, racists.

Those who assume a leadership role by joining the County Republican Comittee, which is responsible for the conduct of Party business between County Conventions, assume a higher burden. Greg has not only failed to assume that burden, he has spit in the face of those who do.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Dick Black Announces For Congress

Just got this from former Delegate Dick Black



Black: "This campaign is about who can best serve the good people of Virginia's First..."

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia -- Dick Black today announced his Bid For Virginia's 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. "This campaign is about who can best represent the good people of Virginia's 1st Congressional District," Black said. "This campaign is about government of, by and for the people of Virginia's First."

In making his announcement, Black said his decision to run for the seat is based on the strong support and urging of many friends in the First Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The 1st Congressional District seat became available with the tragic passing of Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, Virginia's first Republican female representative in the U.S. Congress.

Black is a decorated Marine who headed the Pentagon's Army Criminal Law Division where he was responsible for military justice throughout the Army. In 1998, Black was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. During his four terms, he authored key legislation including: Providing $200 Million to build highway interchanges, expanding heart and lung coverage under Workers' Comp, prohibiting abortions on minors without their parent's consent, expanding 2nd Amendment rights, and tightening bail for sexual predators.

Black is considered one of Virginia's most consistently conservative members of the General Assembly. He served on Committees on Courts, Transportation, Education, and Elections and helped elect over 30 Public Officials to House, Senate and local offices throughout Virginia--including three Delegates in the 1st Congressional District.

The 1st District includes The City of Fredericksburg; parts or all of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fauquier, Prince William, King George and Caroline counties; all the Northern Neck Counties, the Middle Peninsula counties of Virginia, Williamsburg and parts of Hampton, Newport News, and James City County.

I like Dick Black, and think he'd be a great Congressman.

But who persuaded him that it would be a good idea to move across two congressional districts and three or four counties to run for an open seat?

No Wonder He's Smearing Jay O'Brien

Greg has the story here.

Apparently one reason why George Barker's only campaign strategy is to attack Jay O'Brien for one minor and utterly fixable misstep is because, in addition to being an advocate for socialized medicine, Barker is a proud advocate for the radical homosexual agenda.

The Far Left Myth On Abusive Driver Fees

There he goes again! Jeff Dion, in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News repeating the Democrats' lies about Virginia's abusive driver fees.

To hear Democrats like Dion, George Barker, Paul Nichols, and Chris Brown tell it, you might think Republicans were responsible for the targeting of Virginia drivers (out-of-state drivers are exempt).

Well. Those nasty Republicans. Screwing Virginians again.

'Cept the charge is totally false. Here's how WTOP relates how the fees were limited to Virginia drivers:
"... Governor Kaine amended the legislation by removing out-of-state drivers from the abusive driver fees."
So get it right, Dems: the notion that such fees should apply only to Virginia drivers --- not those licensed in other states --- was Governor Timmy's! idea, not Republicans'. Republicans only supported the amendment to preserve the grand "compromise" that Democrats were demanding. So much for "compromise" with Democrats: do so, and they'll beat you over the head with it. I'd note that it's shameless, but when talking about Democrats, that's pretty much redundant.

Dems might want to think about cleaning up their own house before attacking Republicans on the issue.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stewart Dominates Pandak In Debate

The second debate at tonight's Committee of 100 debate was between BOCS Chairman candidates, incumbent Chairman Corey Stewart and former County Attorney Sharon Pandak.

Stewart easily dominated his Democrat challenger. Pandak was shrill, inconsistent, and made elaborate claims unsupported by the evidence.

She started out on the offensive, attacking Stewart as "divisive," perhaps the whiniest and weakest charge one can make in politics. I guess Pandak missed the fact that most major votes on the Board since Stewart took over as Chairman have been unanimous. But why let the facts get in the way of a good, substanceless argument that Corey "doesn't work and play well with others"? What a crock!

Then there was Pandak's attack on Stewart's use of his "Supervisor's Discretionary Fund" to send an apolitical mailer informing all County households of the impending vote on the resolution regarding illegal immigrants. Pandak failed to note how other Supervisors have used their monies in the past, most to give the public's money to their favorite charities. She declined the invitation to expound on how she would limit the use of such funds or, better yet, do away with them entirely. I don't recall if he said it in the debate, but Corey noted that at least three people opposed to the initiative thanked him for sending the mailer.

Pandak also attacked Stewart by intimating that he was using his position as a stepping stone for higher office. It was unclear whether Pandak was angry because Stewart is much younger, has done so without laboring as a bureaucrat for decades, or because she didn't think of it years ago.

'Course, I don't remember her raising similar complaints when Chairman Sean Connaughton was trying to do the same thing.

The only enlightening moment came when Pandak --- according to some, for the very first time --- said that she opposed the unanimously-adopted initiative on illegal immigrants.

One can only hope that Corey gets the word out on an initiative supported by approximately 80-90% of County voters.

Cheap Stunts Substituting For Substance Among Democrats

Sitting down to report on tonight's Committee of 100 debates, I was once again treated to George Barker's substanceless and cheap-shot political ads against Senator Jay O'Brien.

Is this the best the Dems have to offer?

Aside from the foolishness of attacking abusive driver fees (proposed to be limited to Virginia drivers by Democrat Governor Timmy!), Barker is obviously using O'Brien's misstep on the issue in order to avoid revelation of his own Socialist background as an advocate for a government takeover of health care. And, of course, it ignores that O'Brien has promised to work for repeal in the next session of the legislature.

Remember those Republicans who sold the transportation "compromise" by telling staunch anti-taxers that it was necessary to defend against a Democrat onslaught? In order to tell voters that they "did something" about transportation?

Once again demonstrating that getting rolled by Democrats on their bigger government agenda simply gives aid and comfort --- and ammunition --- to the enemy.

What is truly sleazy is the use of looping footage from a Committee of 100 debate --- specifically, of O'Brien shifting his eyes and paying attention to his opponent's comments --- to cast O'Brien in a negative light. A similar effort is being made by Democrat Chris Brown, against Delegate Jeff Frederick. In that vignette, Brown's campaign is completely misrepresenting a statement by Frederick, who was criticizing Brown for his self-contradictory (and false) accusations against Frederick. Brown has criticized Frederick both for supporting abusive driver fees, and for voting against the transportation "compromise." Of course, as Frederick points out, he can't have it both ways.

On the bright side, I suspect the absence of similar commercials against Faisal Gill --- as well as the lack of commentary among the far Left nutroots --- demonstrates that Gill did well in his debate against Democrat Paul Nichols (a professional conflict precluded my attendance at that debate). That was confirmed tonight by a Democrat who told me that Gill had done well.

Lucy Beauchamp --- The Peter Principle In Action

Tonight's Prince William Committee of 100 debate featured the candidates for two County-wide offices. Actually, for Clerk of the Circuit Court, the office covers the County, and cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.

The first debate was for Clerk of the Circuit Court, with three candidates: Republican Michele McQuigg; Democrat Bill Ryland; and Traitor Lucy Beauchamp.

I missed most of it, being on the "questions committee" (along with Republican Trent Barton, and Democrats Bill Westhoff and Keith Scarborough) for the BOCS Chairman debate scheduled later. However, that portion of it that I saw demonstrated beyond question that County and Cities voters have a choice between two well-qualified candidates.

From what I saw, both McQuigg (a long-time friend and political ally) and Ryland (a social acquaintance) acquitted themselves well. Oddly, though, Ryland focused upon his credentials as an attorney, hardly a qualification for the job. Indeed, one has to wonder why a successful attorney would seek the job.

Perhaps the most enlightening part of the debate was seeing School Board Chairman Beauchamp in action. The portion that I saw had her making elaborate claims of accomplishment as a member of an eight-member School Board. Of course, to hear her tell, she was actively managing the schools. Ryland was devastating in wondering why, then, we were paying dozens of administrators millions in salary to do the same job.

It was a reminder that Beauchamp long ago reached her level of incompetence, and certainly doesn't deserve election to a $100,000+/year job. Her continued presence in the race is nothing more than the childish effort to petulantly harm the prospects for Michele McQuigg to hold the seat for the GOP.

Given that she has always been identified as a member of the not-much-of-a wing of the GOP, it remains to be seen whether she takes more votes from Ryland than she does from McQuigg.

UPDATE: Bryan J. Scrafford thinks that Bill Ryland won the debate. Wow. A Democrat partisan thinks a Democrat won the debate.

Now, Bill Ryland is a social friend of mine. I spent a considerable amount of time after the debate talking to his wife, Sally, about their son's college choice and impending visit to my alma mater. And he did have the single best line of the debate when he quoted back to Beauchamp her idiotic statement to the WaPo --- quoted on her own website! --- that she was qualified to be Clerk of the Circuit Court because she watched a lot of Perry Mason in her day (though, as I recall, neither Perry nor any of his people spent a lot of air-time in the Clerk's office). But I didn't see much of it, and the part that I saw was not dominated by either Ryland or McQuigg.

Does Scrafford really labor under the belief that he has any credibility here?

Lucy Beauchamp: Endorsed By No One

Just out of a morbid curiosity, I went to Lucy Beauchamp's website today to find out who was publicly supporting her.

I found this: Lucy Beauchamp's endorsements page was last updated on 5 May, when she betrayed the GOP and narcissistically decided that her personal ambitions were superior to the considered wisdom of the GOP. Or at least, that risking the considered wisdom of the GOP wasn't worth the risk that she would be found wanting.

I guess these are the wages of treachery.

Marc Fisher Owes Corey Stewart An Apology

Here's what Fisher had, in part, to say today:
This, to Prince William's great credit, was a real, honest, old-fashioned hearing in which everyone got to hear each other. Lately, governments in Fairfax, the District and Maryland have turned to cynical tricks to diffuse and defuse citizens' voices: "breakout groups" and "town hall" sessions in which the public is shunted to little tables and forced to talk to hired consultants rather than elected officials.
But this is how he was attacking Corey Stewart on his blog, "Raw Fisher," on Tuesday:
When the top official in the county sends out a mailing to every resident less than a month before that official is standing for reelection, and when that mailing costs $31,000 in tax dollars, and when the mailing does nothing but remind voters that that same official's pet proposal is coming up for a vote today, something's fishy.
And while Fisher says Stewart's action is "not the sleaziest campaign tactic of the week" --- he attributes that honor to Democrat Rex Simmons, causing one to wonder why that story was not the lead of his blog posting --- he does describe Stewart's mailing as a "usurpation of public money to push his campaign against" Democrat challenger Sharon Pandak.

Yeah, right. One that resulted in "a real, honest, old-fashioned hearing in which everyone got to hear each other."

Can't have had one without the other, Marc. 'Fact is, Corey Stewart's mailer facilitated that "real, honest, old-fashioned hearing in which everyone got to hear each other." Yet you have criticized him for it.

Fisher owes Corey Stewart an apology. Either that, or he should be posting at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine," the Criticize-all-Republicans-all-the-time-over-everything blog.

Interesting History

All those Democrats suggesting that Mark Warner will cruise to victory in the 2008 Virginia Senate race, and those Republicans saying that Jim Gilmore cannot possibly beat Warner because he is currently polling badly (though slightly better than Tom Davis), might want to take a look at this poll's results, appearing on Ben Tribbett's website in March 2006.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Question For The Gill-Haters

As anyone who knows me will attest, I am extremely skeptical (get it?) of accusations of "racism" and/or "bigotry," which coming from the far Left too often translate as "I hate your argument, but I can't refute it."

Even in the controversy over GOP 51st House District nominee Faisal Gill, I have been loathe to make such accusations. Indeed, the only times I have done so are regarding Jonathan "I'm A Psychotic Moron" Mark, whose blogsite attacking Gill evidences an entirely unhealthy pathology that can only be explained as racism and/or bigotry, and a number of pseudonymous commenters at BVBL who statements suggested it, and who freely admit their racism and/or bigotry (at least they're honest about it). Contrary to what some might think, I haven't thrown the charge around freely, or without specific justification. To the contrary, I have no basis for making such a charge against Greg Letiecq, whose site is a center for the Gill-haters, since his reason for hating Gill --- Gill's law firm represents someone suing Letiecq --- is well-known.

Nevertheless, I am truly puzzled, and a question arises:
Are you Republican Gill-haters really so stupid as to believe that the Left won't cite a Gill loss (if there is one) and his lack of Republican support as evidence of Republican/Conservative racism?
I suspect that most of the Gill-haters really are that stupid. Then again, most of them aren't honest enough to admit that much of their contempt for Gill stems from is sterling Conservative credentials, and the fact that he historically has had little use for those opportunistic types whose main reason for being Republicans is its current utility in getting elected.

A Modern Krakatau In The Making?

As if the people of Indonesia haven't had it bad enough in recent years, via Drudge, we learn that a red alert has just been issued for a Javan volcano. If I read the maps correctly, more than 25 million people living within a 60-mile radius.

If this one blows on the same scale as Krakatau, it could cause the greatest loss of life of any natural disaster in history. I picked up Simon Winchester's magnificent book on that subject a few years back, while traveling through O'Hare.

Why Does Jonathan "I'm A Psychotic Moron" Mark Care?

Noting Tom Davis' newly-expressed doubts about running for the Senate, this psychotic Democrat continues to ignore the will of a majority of 51st District Republicans, and gives all the credit to PWC BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart for Faisal Gill's nomination.

While I'm sure that Corey would like that much authority and influence --- who wouldn't? --- he is probably enough of a realist to never have even considered such a thing.

I guess that the truth is truly damaging to Democrat fortunes.

How's That For "Divisive"?

Prince William County's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously early this morning to move forward with a nationally watched plan to crack down on illegal immigrants by increasing local police enforcement and restricting certain public services to legal residents.

Nevertheless, Pravda-on-the-Potomac, ... er, The Washington Post called the proposal a "contentious bill." And, of course, Democrat partisans have been calling the bill --- and its primary advocate, Board Chairman Corey Stewart --- "diviiiiisive" (kindly insert whine).

According to Pravda, the debate was not without drama, contrived and otherwise. Dumfries District Supervisor Maureen Caddigan, who voted for the proposal notwithstanding the fact that she is violating her oath to support all Republican nominees for public office in the ensuing election by supporting Board Chairman Corey Stewart's Democrat opponent, decided to carry water for her in the meeting. And apparently, a statement by Occoquan District Supervisor Mike May drew what was probably a planned outburst: according to Pravda, his statement "was interrupted by a woman who shouted at him and rushed out of the room crying, saying the measures would separate her from her daughter."

Never mind that this lawbreaker should stop violating American law, go home, and take her anchor baby with her.

Oh, and Pravda reports that Coles District Supervisor Mary Nohe authored the resolution; the Daily Fishwrap, ... er, "Potomac News" reports (accurately) that it was authored by Gainesville District Supervisor John Stirrup. The local paper also reported on the use of "anchor babies" for propaganda purposes.

To its credit, more interesting news appeared on the web pages of the Pot. News. For example, the Pot. News reports that a table for propaganda was set up by the Socialist Workers Party, with classics like The Communist Manifesto, and biographies on that old Party animal Che Guevera (not to be confused with Mandy Patinkin or Antonio Banderas).

It appears that rumors that the local Democrat Party had a voter registration table at the location are unsubstantiated.

Monday, October 15, 2007

You Heard It There First

That's right. According to the boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine," a proposal to spend $14.2 million over five years (less than $3 million per year) to enforce the law against lawbreakers is a "recklessly expensive proposal."

Yeah. 'Cept for the next time some Democrat politician wants to spend that much to buy votes.

Sad News On Classmate's Passing

Opened my e-mail today to find this bad news on the death of a high school classmate, Rodney Swineford.

Forty-three years old is just way too young to die.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Contrived Outrage

The family and I have been out of town for two days, visiting friends in Williamsburg, and it seems that I've missed a huge imbroglio.

It's the campaign season, and Prince William BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart has stepped in it. All over the blogosphere and various mainstream journals, the "scandal" is trumpeted. The Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News," has it here. The Washington Post has a report here.

And the blogoshere is all atwitter, too. Democrat activist Ben Tribbett declares "Corey Stewart Under Investigation" ... by a Democrat Commonwealth's Attorney. He provides "More Details on Corey Stewart Scandal" here. The boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine" have at least two posts, one here, and another here. Craig Vitter is likewise perturbed, with not fewer than three posts.

And what are they all atwitter about? It seems that Chairman Corey Stewart used his "Supervisor's Discretionary Fund" --- public funds --- to send out a mailer to County households.

I agree. This is horrendous. That a County Supervisor should be able to use taxpayer funds for whatever he or she chooses, without any responsibility, is a travesty. I've said so for years. Most apparently decide to give it to their favorite charity. I'm somewhat surprised that Corey hasn't tried to do anything about this.

But that, of course, is not what these Democrat partisans are complaining about. That's not why Democrat Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert has launched into his patented strategy of appointing a special prosecutor to attack ... er, "investigate" a political opponent shortly before an election.

They're complaining because Stewart sent out a mailer informing County households about the impending vote on a resolution to deny County "services" --- really, welfare --- to illegal immigrants.

And like cockroaches, they're scurrying when the light is shone on their deficiencies on this issue.

Craig Vitter at least has the honesty to put the text of the mailer up here.

Ben Tribbett is not quite so honest. He declares that Stewart has "used Prince William tax dollars to send out a mailing from the Prince William Republican Party." I usually expect more from Ben.

My expectations are lower for the boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine," and I'm never disappointed. They, too, claim that it's "illegal." A later post declares the mailing "clearly political."

Of course, the mailer is and does no such thing. It advocates no position; it was not targeted at GOP households (or any other households, for that matter); it doesn't say whether the recipient should support or oppose the measure. And as far as we can tell, the Prince William County Republican Party had utterly nothing to do with it. It simply informs County households --- all of them --- of an impending vote over a matter of exceeding public importance. Even an individual with the obviously limited intellectual ability of a far-Left Democrat in full partisan fervor should be able to figure it out.

Yet they persist in misrepresenting it. One hopes that Corey has enough sense to use his campaign funds to attack the lies and smears of the far Left.

As well as some RINOs who are violating their oaths to "support all of the Party's nominees for public office in the ensuing election" by attacking him for it.

Interestingly, boys and girls at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine" have a post in the very same post atacking Corey in which a Democrat Party official complains about one of their own (who submitted his resignation from the County Democrat Committee) violating his oath by supporting Corey. One might expect to see a few words about Maureen Caddigan's violation of her oath by supporting Sharon Pandak, but of course, that would be too much like applying an objective standard objectively, and wouldn't serve the Democrat goal of power at any cost.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wonder Why Chairman Sean Got Out Of Dodge?

Part or most of the answer is in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News.

Ann Coulter Announces Retirement?

Doug has a critique of her latest comments here.

I've always liked Coulter. Just finished her latest book, and laughed out loud many times. She interviewed me once, many years ago, regarding one of my cases, for a story she was writing. She's attractive, witty, sharp, and has the ability to reveal puncture far-Left pretensions almost like no other, revealing the nasty, foaming-at-the-mouth characteristics that they usually hide so well.

However, her comments here leave one wondering whether that attractive exterior and sharp mind harbors an anti-Semitism which would render her persona non grata in all respectable circles.

I truly hope not.

Bolling Monkey-Wrenches Blogosphere Speculation

Just received this from Randy Marcus, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's spokesman:


RICHMOND - Recent media and blog articles have reported that Lieutenant Governor Bolling may be considering a possible candidacy for the United States Congress in the First Congressional District. Given these reports, Lieutenant Governor Bolling has issued the following statement:

“Over the past several days, I have received a great deal of encouragement from business and political leaders throughout Virginia and in Washington, DC to consider running for the United States House of Representatives in the First Congressional District. I am deeply flattered by their belief that I would make a good Congressman and serving in the United States Congress would be a tremendous honor.

“However, as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and as President of the Senate of Virginia, my full attention is currently directed toward the upcoming General Assembly elections and doing everything I can to make certain that we retain our Republican majorities in the State Senate. Given the importance of the position I currently hold at this critical time in Virginia history, it would not be appropriate for me to consider running for any other political office.

“I am confident that the people of the First Congressional District will find a suitable candidate to replace Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, who did an outstanding job representing the First District in Congress. My thoughts and prayers continue to be offered for Jo Ann’s husband, Chuck, and their sons. I wish them all the best during this difficult time in their lives.”

A good call by the Lt. Governor. Though I believe that he would make a fine Congressman, I always thought the suggestions that he might move to run for this seat were a little silly, anyway.

There He Goes Again

As most Supreme Court watchers know, the Court reverses the San Francisco-based United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit far more frequently than it reverses virtually any circuit Court of Appeals in the land. Indeed, correcting the Ninth Circuit's errors could be a full-time job for the Supreme Court, were it so inclined.

Much the same might be said of psychotic racist Jonathan Mark ("PRJM"), who has made it his mission in life to smear 51st District Republican House of Delegates candidate Faisal Gill.

Now, because I have called him out on his misrepresentation of a post criticizing --- not praising, ever! --- Jimmy Carter, PRJM has decided to launch a personal attack on me, but again seems to be linguistically-challenged.

Here's a little message for the psychotic racist: a "conspiracy," dear PRJM, requires the participation of more than one sad, pathetic stalker with a talent for tall tales, access to a computer, and a gift for weaving fantastic fantasies borne of his racist worldview. A "conspiracy" requires the participation of two or more, rather than one probably-judgment-proof individual sitting in his basement with waaaaay too much time on his hands.

But I suppose that the inability to understand the meaning of simple words is de rigeur for a member of a political party which doesn't seem to understand the word "marriage." It's not my "incompetence as a writer" which is the issue, it is PRJM's incompetence and/or misrepresentation as a reader. And, of course, his deficiencies as a human being.

Of course, I've been paid for my writing. Has Mark ever been paid for his writing, I wonder? Given his penchant for ad hominem assaults, I somehow doubt it.

It is ironic indeed that someone who sees Islamo-fascist conspiracies everywhere, and has smeared (government investigations clearing him to the contrary notwithstanding) a United States Navy veteran with the "terrorist" brush, is accusing me of being a conspiracy-theorist.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark: Certified Moron

Yesterday, I noted Jimmy Carter's smear of Dick Cheney as "a disaster," implying --- but not saying outright --- that as the most spectacularly disastrous President of the 20th Century, Carter speaks knowledgeably about the subject of "disaster."

Apparently, I was too subtle for racist Gill-hater, and Democrat, Mark.

Mark uses partial and incomplete quotation to misrepresent my comment as "praise" for Jimmy Carter. In so doing, Mark cements his credentials as a certifiable moron.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jimmy Carter Calls Dick Cheney "A Disaster"

Give the peanut farmer some credit: he knows from whence he speaks.

In other news, Bill Clinton calls Pope "a liar."

Paul Nichols Joins The Smear Campaign

Blatantly. Explicitly. Ben Tribbett has the details here.

I guess their internal polls are showing that Paul has a little problem.

Pot. News Continues Leftward Lurch

The evidence? Today's editorial, "How To Be A Good Illegal Alien."

Okay, that's not really the title. But it would have been a title more honest than "Too much attention can be a bad thing." A few "gems":
"Perhaps the members of Mexicans without Borders and those who support them should stop drawing attention to themselves."
"These actions are not having the desired effect. Citizens of Prince William County are not becoming aware of the value of the Hispanic community; they are not becoming more tolerant."

Never mind the arrogant, race-baiting presumption of "intolerance." What the Pot. News fails to recognize, or scrupulously desires to ignore, is the fact that many who "value" "the Hispanic community" make an entirely proper and just distinction between those who have come here legally, and those who are here illegally.

"The anti-illegal immigration fervor is not dying down or becoming encased in a more reasonable political discussion."
Perhaps because it is the illegal-immigrant groups and their supporters who are being unreasonable, as advocates for scofflaws? Somehow, I doubt that this is what the Pot. News' editors meant.

"In fact, with every sign, protest, boycott and press conference held by Mexicans without Borders, the citizens of Prince William County who oppose illegal immigrants are becoming more entrenched in their, sometimes extreme, views."
So, now advocacy for compliance with the law is "sometimes extreme." Who is it who's doing the caricaturing?
"And as Mexicans without Borders and related organizations become more antagonistic to the very citizens they must win over -- the citizens of Prince William County -- they are losing the battle to win over their fellow human beings."
"The approach that Mexicans without Borders, the Hispanic community and illegal immigrants should take is one of humility."
"Do not highlight this fact by drawing public attention to yourselves."
"Instead, reach out to the citizens of Prince William County and show yourselves to be nothing more nor less than fellow human beings."

"The actions of Mexicans without Borders drives a wedge between legal citizens and illegal immigrants, and allows the latter to be caricatured rather than seen."

"Illegal immigrants: show your humanity. Become one with the communities that surround you. If you do this, you might find that your worst enemies become your best advocates."
Of course, the point is, and always has been, illegal immigrants, those who have broken, and are breaking every day, our laws, and because of their illegal status, fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner (for example, by getting health insurance), becoming a drain on government "services" (whether there should be many such services at all is a different question).

The question raised by the Pot. News' serial idiocies is: why is our local paper trying to tell lawbreakers how more effectively to continue breaking our laws? While I'm sure these little tips are helpful, why is the paper engaged in such activities?

By the way, when the representation fits, it's not a "caricature"; it's a fact.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yeah, That's The Ticket

In his latest outrage, professional racist Jonathan Mark has put up what he describes as "an open letter from an anti-Gill GOP'er." The problem? He fails to identify its author.

So I guess we're entitled to assume that the letter is just another myth from the fertile imagination of a bigot.

Even if it is not, please spare us the whining (sense a theme today?). Either put up or shut up. If you can't sign your name to your tripe (at least JM is not a coward, having signed his name to a lot of tripe), then kindly keep it to yourself.

This is the worst kind of smear politics: anonymous complaints by whiners whose cause so lacks righteousness and morality that they fear the consequences of being associated with it. They are (or he or she is) cowards, and they are (or he or she is) dishonorable.

What is even worse is the fact that they are (or he or she is) willing to sign on to Mark's racism and bigotry in order to advance a pro-tax agenda. I firmly believe that most Republicans, especially those in Prince William County, are neither racist nor bigoted. It is doubtful that they could buy into Mark's elaborate fictions.

So what is their motivation? I have a sneaking suspicion that they are attempting to camouflage their disdain for Conservative principles in the rhetoric of "electability" and suspicion. The simple fact of the matter is that Gill's most ardent GOP opponents are those who have attacked the GOP and GOP principles of low taxation and limited government for literally years. Such a line of attack has, of course, made them singularly unpopular and unsuccessful in internal party struggles. So what do they try against someone with impeccable Conservative Movement credentials like Faisal Gill? Suspicion and innuendo, if not racist and bigoted itself, then specifically designed to play upon racially-motivated fears.

It's despicable. But of a piece with the dishonorable tactics in which they have engaged for years.

Michael Farris in 1993. Oliver North in 1994.

That they refuse to sign their names speaks volumes about the likes of these weasels.

And volumes about what they are promoting, too.

Sharon's Finest Whine

It seems that Democrat candidate for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors Sharon Pandak has decided that current Chairman Corey Stewart is "divisive."

Oh, foresooth! Divisive?!?! Heaven help us!

That's the best she's got? "Divisive"? Of course, that's Liberal-speak for "I don't like what he stands for, but I can't argue against it, so I'll just stamp my feet."

Whine! Whine! Whine!

What's next? "Corey doesn't work and play well with others"?!?!

As long as Corey is working to divide the lawbreakers from the rest of us, I suspect he'll enjoy the support of the majority of the citizens of Prince William County.

Which is, of course, the point.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Missing The Point

Or perhaps a better title is "Fraudulently Misrepresenting The Point."

Apparently, race hustlers have announced that tomorrow will be a "Day Without Immigrants" in Prince William County. It will be a day when immigrants are supposed to stay home in order to protest.... well, it's not entirely clear what they're supposed to be protesting.

After all, the policies being pursued by the Prince William County Board of Supervisors are targeted at illegal immigrants, not all immigrants. Indeed, I'm sure that most citizens of the County, like me, have no problem at all with immigrants --- indeed, they welcome them --- they only opposed people who commit crimes. Hence, the term illegal immigrants.

The point, of course, is to confuse the issue, to misrepresent fraudulently that policies attempting to deny public benefits to people who shouldn't receive them, people who have committed --- and continue to commit --- a crime.

One can only hope that this fraudulent protest is not joined by those many legal immigrants --- for example, the naturalized citizen who services the Young fleet, and those among his employees who are legal and in the process of being naturalized, the highest form of flattery --- who are a welcome and welcomed addition to our citizenry.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

George Barker's Lying Ad

Catching Law and Order: Criminal Intent on the USA Network, I had a chance to see, again, George Barker's ad. He is running against Senator Jay O'Brien.

And once again, a Democrat challenger is engaging in false advertising. I imagine there's some truth in the ad --- for example, Jay O'Brien is the incumbent --- but the focus is on the abusive driver fees imposed by last year's transportation "compromise."

Barker's ad is simply silly. It's interspersed with unflattering pictures (in slo-mo!) of Senator O'Brien from a Committee of 100 debate a few weeks ago. Wondered who was filming it.

Among other things, Barker claims that abusive driver fees are imposed for "failure to use a turn signal." The problem? It's simply not true. It's easy enough to check: a quick visit to the DMV website demonstrates that fees are imposed only for:
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license - $250 each year for three years;
  • Reckless or aggressive driving - $350 each year for three years;
  • Driving while intoxicated - $750 each year for three years;
  • Other misdemeanor convictions for driving and/or motor vehicle-related offense -$300 each year for three years;
  • Any felony conviction for driving or motor vehicle-related offense - $1000 each year for three years.
Oh, and by the way, it was Democrat Governor Timmy! who signed the bill, and proposed that the fees apply only to Virginians.

Now, it took me about ninety seconds to confirm his information. The question is, why is George Barker lying?

And then there's the line in the end: "That's all we need to know."

A bad idea? Sure. One promoted by the Democrat Governor, and a "compromise" among a majority of legislators to pass the package. So, does George Barker oppose the compromise? Would he have voted against it? Barker doesn't tell us.

A one-note candidate. And this is the best the NoVA Democrats have to offer?!?!

This Is "Enlightened," Ike

Earlier today, I wrote of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's smear of Prince William County and its Republican-majority Board of County Supervisors.

Since I drove to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for a hearing this afternoon, I had some time to consider "enlightenment" and "diversity," of which Leggett spoke. He was happy to smear our County, but apparently doesn't have all the facts.

We have a black (or African-American, if you prefer) Sheriff, Glen Hill, elected in 2003.

We have the only Hispanic member of Virginia's House of Delegates, Jeff Frederick, first elected in 2003.

We have a member of the School Board, Dr. Michael Otaigbe, who is a [legal] immigrant and a naturalized citizen.

We have a candidate for the 51st District House of Delegates seat, Faisal Gill, who is a Muslim.

And what do they all have in common?

They're all Republicans. Oh, and they were nominated or endorsed on the quality of their ideas, not to fill some quota for phony "diversity."

And the GOP nominee for Clerk of the Circuit Court is a woman, Michele McQuigg.

And Prince William's currently-elected Democrats? Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert is a white man. Neabsco District Supervisor John Jenkins is a white man. Woodbridge District Supervisor Hilda Barg, who is retiring, is a white woman.

Hill replaced a white male Democrat. McQuigg, who has held the 51st District House of Delegates seat, replaced a white male Democrat.

And the Democrat candidates for public office in 2007? Dem Clerk of Court nominee Bill Ryland is a white man. Hilda Barg's hand-picked successor, Frank Principi, is a white man. Dem nominee for the 51st District, Paul Nichols, is a white man. Dem nominee for the 13th District (Bob Marshall's seat), Bruce Roemmelt, is a white man. Dem nominee for the 52nd District (Jeff Frederick's seat), Chris Brown, is a white man.

And for "diversity"? Dems are running moonbat Jeanette Rishell, a white woman, in the 50th District.

Perhaps Mr. Leggett would like to extend and revise his remarks.

Or he could simply apologize.

Ike Leggett And The Politics Of Arrogance

Listening to WMAL on the way in this morning, I heard of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's smear of Prince William County and its Board. Leggett apparently claims that Maryland's policies towards illegal immigrants --- one presumes he refers to government handouts and giving them driver's licenses (kind of like the 9/11 terrorists, who obtained licenses in Virginia under a law now changed pursuant to Senator Jay O'Brien's efforts) --- is "more enlightened" than those in Virginia, including those being pursued by PWC BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart. I wish I could provide a link to his comments, but I could not find one.

Three responsive words:

Typical. Left-wing. Arrogance.

It's so typical. It's not enough to disagree with a Conservative. No. One has to claim some kind of moral and/or intellectual superiority.

Typical. Left-wing. Arrogance.

It's kind of like the far-Left response to the President's veto of Democrat efforts to expand SCHIP, health insurance welfare for poor children. Democrats (and some Republicans, sadly) want it to be expanded to cover middle-class and even arguably wealthy families. People who understand the Democrat goal of socialized medicine --- like the President --- recognize the true purpose of this expansion. Of course, they're not honest enough to admit their true purpose, and the far Left is in full smear mode, claiming the President and Republicans "don't care."

Wrong. The President and Republicans "care" enough to decline the far Left's effort to work a further destruction of the American health care system, private choice, and personal responsibility to indulge the far Left's desire for more government power. They "care" enough to not expand the constitutional violation which is government health care.

But don't expect the rhetoric to change. After all, the far Left is "more enlightened" that the rest of us mere peons.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wesley Clark --- Four-Star Liar

kestrel9000 has the details here, in which Clark falsely claims that "Rush Limbaugh labeled any American soldier who supports an end to the war in Iraq as 'phony.'"

Of course, Limbaugh did no such thing. Instead, he referred to a convicted felon --- convicted, by the way, of falsely representing himself as an Iraq veteran --- as a "phony soldier."

Good God! Calling "any American soldier who supports an end to the war in Iraq as 'phony'" would be kind of like labeling any four-star general a liar simply because of Wesley Clark's comments.

Limbaugh doesn't engage in stereotyping, General. We leave that to those, like you, on the far Left.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Happens When The Inmates Run The Asylum

The truly sad thing is that they probably believe their tripe.

It is of a piece, however, with the serially dishonest campaigns being run by Prince William Democrat challengers. One wonders how the Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News/Manassas Journal-Messenger managed to miss the pattern. After all, it's editorialized about it before.

One of the ironies of this imbroglio is that the same far Lefties who will issue numerous apologias for what they would characterize as "just a few cents a day more" in tax increases when they try to increase taxes to even more confiscatory levels are calling an additional $5 a day "lining your own pockets."