Saturday, December 24, 2005

Light Blogging Over the Holidays

As some have already noticed (both Vince Thoms and Ben Tribbett made a comment at Tom Davis' Christmas festivities), the blogging has been light of late. Between the holidays, the end of the year (I am in a "use it or lose it" vacation posture), and some rather burdensome discovery obligations in a number of cases, I just haven't had the time (or access to the T1 line) to make regular postings. This one comes from my mother's dial-up (!?!) connection in Central Pennsylvania. But I'm never far, and will offer more commentary in January, with the triumphant return of the Ellie Awards, Internet Edition.

Try to temper your enthusiasm.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Blue Dog of Discerning Tastes

Before I got into the blogosphere, I was only aware of that big red dog on PBS. Two young boys in the Young household are very fond of Clifford.

Well, it turns out the Virginia has its own dog, and it's a blue one. Steve Sisson over at the Blue Dog has published his list of his daily dozen, and it seems that I've made the cut at number seven.

It's interesting, since I can still recall a professor or two in the Hampden-Sydney political science department suggesting that I moderate what they perceived as overly partisan credentials. 'Course, then there's those among my "fellow" Republicans who seem to have a daily Two-Minute Hate whenever I dare to point out that some Republicans are acting more like Democrats.

I'm flattered, since I'm in some truly outstanding company, and have been at this for less than a year. However, rest assured that I'll work harder to try to make the top half next time.

Thanks, Steve.

A Virginia Treasure Leaves the Blogosphere

As you might gather as a regular reader here, I don't have much use for most Democrats these days. As a rule, today, they're shrill, mean-spirited, dishonest, hypocritical, and generally unpleasant. About BO, I do not, and do not want to, know.

One exception is Barnie Day, a former General Assembly member from Stuart and columnist for the Roanoke Times and Augusta Free Press.

Well, Jim Bacon reports over at Bacon's Rebellion that Barnie is hanging it up for other projects. Whether it is voluntary or not is unclear; if not, at least his editors had the decency to allow him to say goodbye to his readers. The hacks at the Potomac News could learn a thing or two from them, but they're cowards.

Barnie is one of that ever rarer breed these days: a Democrat who could disagree without being disagreeable, without foaming at the mouth, and with a considerable degree of honesty. Only met him once (we obviously don't go to many of the same meetings) at the Blog Summit in August.

He will be missed.