Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And The Lies Keep Coming And Coming

Racist Gill-Hater Jonathan Mark, he of the life so empty that he has to spend as a pit chihuahua attacking a Republican nominee, has outdone himself with his recent lies.

Having purchased the expired websites formerly owned by the Prince William Taxpayers Alliance, he is now re-writing history to cast Gill as a liar and a "resume padder."

One wonders, indeed, what it is with which a fifty-something man who has nothing better to do than engage in serial attacks upon a Republican nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates "pads" has resume?

Of course, it is Mark who is the liar. Or is he just unable to tell the difference between the truth and his elaborate fantasies?


Of course, it was the "Prince William Taxpayers Alliance," not "Association," so Mark cannot even get his basic facts right.

Then there's the claim that Gill "FOUNDED" the group. This is, of course, not true. As one of its founders, I can speak with some authority on the issue. Indeed, Gill wasn't even present at the initial organizational meetings (at least one was held in my home); to the best of my recollection. Rick Hendrix was there. So was I. So were Ella Shannon, Bob FitzSimmonds, Denny Daugherty, and a few others

But then again, Gill never claimed to be a "founder" of the organization, so far as I am aware (Hector Quintana once did, but his group pre-dated ours by several years, and quickly went defunct when former BOCS Chairman Sean Connaughton became the epitome of a tax-and-spender). The tip-off is that Mark doesn't trouble himself to link to such a claim. He just makes up the lie to serve his purpose, and tries to pass it off as truth.

Gill was elected its Chairman a few years after its founding, a post he surrendered when he became a candidate for public office (Bob FitzSimmonds did the same thing), but the organization is not defunct, either. My recollection is that he came to the group shortly after its founding.

And, of course, there's the claim that the group "NEVER DID ANYTHING." Chairman Sean, who attempted to kneecap Republicans numbered among the group, might disagree, as would those candidates who sought and received (Jeff Frederick; Scott Lingamfelter; John Stewart; Corey Stewart) or were denied the group's endorsement. So might former Governor Jim Gilmore, who appeared at a fundraiser for the group just last year.

Did we do as much as we might have liked? Did we have as much influence as we might have hoped? Probably not. What group does? But that does not excuse the naked falsehoods behind Mark's post. And, of course, we "did something" by establishing the website addresses Mark recently purchased to pass himself off fraudulently has having something to do with the group. Mark's own post belies the claims he makes in it. Charles does a fine job of rebutting Mark's most recent fantasies here, demonstrating that it is simple to avoid spewing falsehoods, if you simply ask, or care. Mark, of course, did not.

Mark's psychosis is deepening.

And BTW, Johnny, unlike you, some of us don't have to pad our resumes.

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