Friday, May 27, 2005

A Few Random Observations

Re: The Nuclear Option
Let us now pay tribute to the late, great Samuel Francis, who dubbed the GOP "the Stupid Party."
And Evans' Law (as in M. Stanton): "When our friends are in a position to be useful, they're no longer our friends."
I must confess, I was dubious about the so-called "nuclear option"/constitutional option. Let's face it: using for judges would weaken the filibuster, which --- notwithstanding its contemptible service in opposition to civil rights legislation --- was used at least once for a noble purpose, to-wit, to defeat an effort to repeal Section 14(b) of the National Labor Relations Act. That provision, you should know, Gentle Reader, authorizes states to pass Right to Work laws, and was a prime target of the Democrat majorities elected with LBJ in the blowout of 1964. A good argument can be made that a ruling of illegitimacy as to judicial nominations would call into question its use for legislation, as well. That's why the National Right to Work Committee opposed it.
Nevertheless, the actions of the Seven Dwarfs was contemptible in so many ways. Particularly vile was John Warner's actions. Warner once again abandoned conservatives (a la Robert Bork, Mike Farris, Ollie North, Clinton's impeachment). The only thing surprising about his actions is that anyone remains to be surprised.

Re: Robert Kuttner's Article in Today's Examiner, Entitled "The Death of American Liberalism"
All that you need to know about Kuttner's op-ed appears in the first sentence: "Why are we losing to these guys?"
That very first sentence bespeaks the arrogance typical of the far Left, an arrogance which is a decidedly unappealing characteristic to the American electorate.
And as someone in a profession (attorney) where arrogance is an occupational hazard, I know from whence I speak.

Re: Potomac News Letter Watch
And once again, Ella Shannon sticks up her head, again to attack the Taxpayers' Alliance that she once headed. There's nothing like the fervor of a convert.
Now, she's endorsing the bid of Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sean Connaughton (RINO-At Large) in his bid for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor.
It's difficult to know where to start with Ella. Once an applicant for the GOP endorsement for County School Board Chairman, she attacks all manner of Conservative reforms for education (tax credits; vouchers), casting herself as an advocate for government education, rather than education.
Of course, there's the characteristic innuendo, bringing to the pages of a once (when yours truly was a columnist) respectable journal the kind of conspiracy theory that belongs on the more wacked-out corners of the Internet.
Then there's the endorsement itself, demonstrating that she either wasn't truly committed to the taxpayers, or that she was bought off by Chairman Sean, or that she's simply lost her mind.
She does everything but give Chairman Sean credit for this morning's sunrise.
It's sad when a once vital member of the GOP and staunch Conservative so thoroughly demonstrates the ravages of age.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How can you tell when Sean Connaughton is lying?

His lips are moving, of course.

Just got a blast e-mail from the campaign. It's interesting stuff. Persuasive, even. That is, unless you've been unfortunate enough to be a Prince William County taxpayer for the going-on six years that Sean has been Chairman.

But it's interesting to read his campaign's propaganda (with appropriate rejoinders)

Dear Friend [OK, Name on a Mailing List; whether you're a friend or not, I define friendship these days by who gives me money],

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my campaign for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the tremendous success we are having across the state [Bill Boling is kicking my a--, and I need money!].

As you know this campaign is about making Richmond live up to the expectations of Virginia [Having spent profligately in Prince William County, my overweening ambition demands that I go to Richmond and do the same thing]. As the only candidate with the proven record of executive experience, I need your help to make sure our campaign is successful so we can make sure our Commonwealth lives up to its potential [I'm probably not going to be able to con the Republican voters of Prince William County a third time, especially now that they've got two real Republicans --- Corey Stewart and John Stirrup --- to choose from].

As the first Republican Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, a community of 355,000, I have steadily and methodically driven down property tax rates every year I have been in office [I've virtually ignored skyrocketing assessments, and the average taxpayer has a bill 50-60% higher than when I took office]. I have already capped property tax bill growth in Prince William County so taxes cannot sky rocket if the value of your home increases [Now that taxes are 50-60% higher, I can posture in an election year by saying that I'll limit increases. 'Course, if you fulfill my ambitions, I won't be around to have to keep that promise]. And I imposed fiscal discipline and long term sound budgeting policies in our county while taking on the liberal ACLU to defend the traditional family values of Virginians by installing porn filters on all the computers in our public libraries [Thank God I made a few good appointments, and those rubes on the Library Board were willing to take the heat!].

I also committed myself to fixing Prince William County's transportation nightmare by building over 75 miles of new roads during my term and increased our community’s support to public safety [Never mind that the bonds were approved long before I ever took office].

Due to our hard work and dedication to the conservative values of the Republican Party, we have created in Prince William County the highest job growth rate in the nation in 2004 and the lowest crime rate in our history. When I took this record back to the people of Prince William in 2003, I was re-elected with more than 85% of the Republican Primary vote and 70% of the General Election vote [And thank God those Democrats ran two buffoons against me. 'Course, it might say something that 15% of Republican voters (in a race with few cross-overs) couldn't stomach voting for the only candidate in the race who didn't have the backing of the Democrat Sheriff....].

Now I need your support to take this record of achievement to the voters of Virginia in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. With your help we can get our message out so we can ensure that Richmond lives up to the promise of Virginia [GIVE ME MORE MONEY!].

Our campaign to win the Republican primary nomination on June 14th is taking off in every corner of Virginia and we are experiencing incredible momentum with voters from all over the Commonwealth [Bill Boling is waxing my tail in every debate, and I need to get on the air to tell lies about him].

Well, you get the picture. Poor Sean. All that ambition. And so little principle behind it.

Some wonderful comments from the far Left over the weekend.

First, there's Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) comments to a bunch of high school students in Nevada, calling President George W. Bush a "loser." Hmmmm. I wonder what's more pathetic --- that an American political "leader" would use such a term, or that American high school students were so miseducated as to raise the following question: "OK, Senator Reid, so GWB is a 'loser.' Since he's managed to beat every Democrat whose ever run against him, what does that make your party's candidates?"

And then there's Senator Charles Schumer's (D-NY) comments, something to the effect that "the stench of extremism in Washington" is worse than he's seen in decades.

To merely use his imagery, most Americans would agree that the gun-grabbing, pro-abortion-on-demand, pro-socialized medicine senior Senator from New York has confused his personal hygiene problem with that of others.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Does Harry Have No Shame?

It's pathetic to see a politician in the twilight of a generally distinguished career of public service engaging in cheap and dirty tricks to maintain his office. Nevertheless, Manassas Delegate Harry Parrish --- who faces a primary challenge for the first time in his long career --- seems to be willing to tolerate just that among his campaign operatives.
One has to cull through many news reports to learn that Parrish operatives may be responsible for the recent legal troubles suffered by newcomer and GOP conservative challenger Steve Chapman, but the evidence is there.
Deviating from what has, irregularly, been local political coverage superior to that appearing in the area's 800-pound gorilla (the Washington Post), the report appearing in today's Potomac News merely parrots the accusations of Chapman supporters that suggest that Parrish's campaign might be responsible) . Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert (D) apparently deflected the question, never really answering it, and the Potomac News' reporter let him get away with it.
The story in the Washington Times delved further into the subject, and reveals that the source of the investigation and the attack may well have been longtime campaign professional and Parrish operative Kenny Klinge. The Post's reporter --- who did not talk to Ebert --- quotes Klinge, who denied that the campaign hired a private investigator, but admitted that he took "some information" to the county commonwealth's attorney's office after becoming convinced there was "something amiss" with Mr. Chapman's residency. He then notes that he did so without any prompting from Parrish.
Well, gee, isn't that special? Klinge gave Harry just what he wanted --- deniability --- and it's probably true that Harry didn't know about it in advance. But doesn't it say something about the man that he hired Klinge, and that Klinge involved himself in the smear?
It's never a good idea to move into a district simply to run. That's something that I've said before in print, and something I probably told Steve Chapman.
At the same time, it's one thing to move from downtown D.C. to Farmville to run, and another entirely to move across a county. With that having been said, I have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of Chapman's move and his residency.
What is more disturbing is the fact that Harry Parrish is so reticent to run on ideas and principles, but instead enlists the aid of the likes of Alexandria Republican Kenny Klinge to smear a young candidate. It says much about his continuing qualifications for office. Klinge's recent activities demonstrate that he is or has become the kind of Republican that inspires monikers like "Repubmocrat" and "RINO" (for Republican In Name Only). A quick websearch reveals his primary recent activities in trying to soak the taxpayer for more money. And he is the Boyish Governor's appointee to the Commonwealth Transportation Board and the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. The latter is the group created to push for and spend (if passed) the tax increase that Mark Warner promised he wouldn't seek. No wonder Klinge's working for Harry.
And it's no surprise that Harry doesn't want to run on his record. After all, the highlight of his last term was the betrayal of Republican fiscal discipline and friendliness to the taxpayer, signing on to the Boyish Governor's unnecessary billion-dollar tax increase.
Some record. Some candidate.
At the same time, Harry can salvage some dignity from the situation. He must first demand full and immediate disclosure from his campaign operative, Kenny Klinge. The voters have a right to know if this campaign flack hired a private investigator to lurk about Steve Chapman's residence. Parrish should also immediately terminate the services of Mr. Klinge.
But most importantly, he should demand that the Commonwealth's Attorney's office immediately dismiss all charges against Steve Chapman.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Kaine Reveals True Agenda

You've gotta love the rhetoric of the Democrat Governor wannabe, Tim Kaine. Witness his press release celebrating his endorsment by the teachers' union, the VEA ( Let's decipher the codewords:

"I am honored that the Virginia Education Association has chosen to support my long-standing commitment to education excellence in Virginia by endorsing my candidacy for Governor."
Read: Not surprisingly, Virginia's teachers' union bosses are marching in lockstep with the Democrat Party, and are endorsing me.

"There is nothing more important to the economic, cultural, and social future of this state than the strength of our schools - they are the cornerstone of our communities, our businesses, and the commonwealth as a whole."
Read: Government control of education in the form of government schools is necessary to our agenda of more government, all of the time. VEA bosses recognize that Virginia Democrats, like those nationwide, owe what little political power that they have left to labor unions and their ability, in most states, the extract forced dues, and will pursue that agenda.

"The endorsement of Virginia's teachers honors my unwavering commitment to fulfilling the state's obligation to public education and to protecting the historic investment Governor Mark Warner and I fought to make in our schools through last year's budget."
Read: I'm going to equate Virginia's teachers with the union bosses of the VEA, even though many teachers don't support their agenda. VEA union bosses know that I'll pump more public money into government schools, no matter what their performance, or lack thereof. Like Mark Warner, I remain a lackey to union bosses and his unprecedented tax increases of 2004.

"During my time on the Richmond City Council, as Mayor of Richmond, and as Lt. Governor, I have shared the dedication Virginia's teachers have shown to making sure that the state's classrooms are places where students can learn and teachers can teach."
Read: Virginia's union bosses can count on me, as a long-time government employee, to pursue their agenda for more power for government and for government employee union bosses.

"As Lt. Governor, I have had the pleasure of visiting schools in nearly all of the commonwealth's 134 cities and counties, and I have learned, with each visit, about opportunities to move Virginia forward on the path of education excellence for the entire state."
Read: I've spent most of my three years as Lt. Governor on the campaign trail at taxpayers' expense.

"I look forward to working with Virginia's teachers in the future and have full confidence that together we will ensure continued excellence in education for Virginia's families."
Read: VEA union bosses can count on me to kowtow to their agenda.