Monday, September 25, 2006

Your Desperation Is Showing

Poor Jim Webb. It's really sad when someone previously considered fairly honorable diminishes his entire record out of naked political ambition.

Yellow stars? Lightning bolts might equal Nazis?

If Jim Webb had any decency, he'd salvage what's left of his honor and denounce those campaign-financed mouthpieces in the blogosphere who are attacking George Allen, and in the process, setting back race relations in Virginia forty years or more. He might even come up with an idea more original than cut and run in Iraq.

Their hate campaign is desperate, and despicable. That Jim Webb is financing it makes him equally guilty, and utterly unworthy of public office anywhere, at any time.


Virginia Centrist said...

Jim Webb needs to answer some serious questions:

Where does he stand on deer head mailbox insertion?

If he supports deer head mailbox insertion, does he support racial quotas (focusing deer head insertion on only black families to redress past discrimination), or is he an equal opportunity deer head mailbox inserter? What about poor whites in rural areas? Didn't they have it hard?

Charles said...

Gee, I'd just like to know whether he supports the Senate immigration bill or not.

And if he would have supported a filibuster for either Sam Alito or John Roberts, and if not would he sign on to the "gang of 14" agreement not to filibuster judicial nominees.

And what his plan is to combat terrorism, since he wants to pull troops out of the one place we are actively engaged with terrorists.

How about does he support No Child Left Behind? Does he want MORE federal control, or LES federal control, over the states in education policy.

Webb said he was against outsourcing. Does he support the re-importation of drugs from foreign countries (which will move jobs overseas)?

So many issues of real importance. Oddly, I don't expect any votes in the Senate on Nazi imprisonment, or allowing women to serve in the military. But I do expect more votes on restricting abortion rights, stem cell research, anti-terrorism programs, and illegal immigration.

And we have no idea how Webb will vote on those things. Given that he's never held public office, and he's just switched political parties, we have NO IDEA what his philosophy is beyond that he hates the Iraq war, and in fact hates sending troops into ANY war (see Gulf war 1, and how did he feel about Somalia and the Balkans?)

It's hard not to think Webb doesn't have positions on these issues, because his campaign is spending all it's time peddling these crappy personal attacks.