Monday, September 18, 2006

Who Do They Think They're Kidding?

Fox News in D.C. covered a rally today against the Marshall-Newman Amendment to protect marriage. Speakers echoed the Chicken Littles who suggest that its passage would impair the right of contract.

One question which wasn's asked of the speakers was whether they support the notion that marriage should be re-defined to include homosexual relationships.

It would doubtless be revealing to learn that most of those who theorize that this amendment would interfere with the right of contract are, in reality, supporters of the radical homosexual agenda. Their opposition to the amendment clearly has less to do with concerns about unintended consequences than it does to do with the intended consequences: putting Virginia squarely in opposition to the radical homosexual agenda.


Anonymous said...

It's not a radical agenda if a majority of the people support it. What? A majority of people don't support gay marriage? Just wait 20 years.

James Young said...

What color is the sky on YOUR planet, Anon?

David said...

I don't know that the sky is necessarily a different color on the James Young Planet, but there is a marked reluctance to let pesky facts get in the way of perfectly good irrational beliefs.

Readers may be interested in the Pew Research Center poll from earlier this year.

James Young said...

Yes, David, and the Pew Center, of course, has no bias. The fact is that protection marriage has won everywhere it's been on the ballot. That is the only "poll" that counts.