Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weasels for Webb

Another self-identified yet anonymous "Republican" who claims to be voting for Webb.

Is anybody stupid enough to be persuaded by this? Put your name on it, and have a record as a Republican, and then I'll be impressed. Disgusted, too, but at least I won't think you're just a liar.


CR UVa said...

At the very least, it might be believable if these "Republicans" already had some sort of record to go on; regular commenting, a blog, something along those lines.

And why would Democrats get behind someone that Republicans could get behind? If this is such a strong Republican, would support for Webb still be able to hold strong among more liberal voters?

Anonymous said...

Let's be honet people. Many of the daily problems in Virginia, America and the world sum up this way......



I'm tired of the lies, the spin, and the stay the course crap!!!!

My votes this year are going to be for candidates and ballot issues that will improve Virginia and our nation.

James Young said...

Well, I'll give Anon credit: at least he's talking about a relevant issue. Got it completely wrong, of course, but at least he's referencing "government."