Monday, September 18, 2006

George Allen's Jewish Roots?

Apparently, some reporterette at the Allen/Webb debate before the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce asked George Allen whether one of his forebears was a member of the Jewish faith. Senator Allen responded admirably.

I'm really trying to figure out why anybody would care. 'Cept for the Jew-baiters who raised Harris Miller's faith and heritage in the Democrat Senate primary, that is.


Anonymous said...

You say that Allen responded admirably. Read the text of the exchange in The Washington Post 9/21 page 9. Allen responded again repeating the mistruth that his mother was French Italian with a little Spanish blood. Yet he had learned that his mother was part Jewish a month before. Allen could have refused to answer the question as out of line, which it was--but read the transcript--he repeated the mistruth and thus liet. It was the next day that he finally acknowledged his Jewish ancester.

James Young said...

See my post on Webb the Dodger.

I won't begrudge a man keeping a promise to his mother. Particularly when the issue is none of your damn business.

Sharie Eckstein said...

George Allen is a mental case - how in hell do you lie to the people you have governed for 25 years? What's the point of lying about being Jewish? As a Jewish-American I find George's conduct to be at best, cowardly and reprehensible.

And the worst thing about it is that he blames this whole shit storm on his poor little old mother - she probably is trying her best to cover up for him as if he was a 13 year old kid who got in trouble at school. This fucking guy wants to be the president? What about comforting the people of this country, or our troops - when this jackass can't even comfort his own mother and would rather use her as a battering ram or human shield from his critics who rightfully think he is a spineless putz?

And what is the DEAL with having a hangman's noose in his law office, something used historically to hang and lynch blacks in the South for 400 years in this country? And do we really need to elect this loser who apparently used to beat the shit out of his sister Jennifer on a regular basis, routinely called black football players in his college years "niggers," and probably has underwear made out of the confederate flag design?

George Allen, with regards to his racism, is like a seriously latent homosexual who represses his sexual urges so that he emerges as a truly awful homophobe that beats up homosexuals on the streets or worse - very similar to that psychotic gay Marine in that movie, "American Beauty," who winds up killing everyone including himself.

George Allen needs shit loads of therapy, not a position in political office, leading tens of millions of people and troops into the hellish fires of his repressed, embarassed, and racist psyche.

The United States is going through a difficult period in our Nation's history - everyone in the world seems to hate our guts - we really can not afford to elect a rabid fuck up like this at this time, or ever.

James Young said...

Sharie, that's perhaps the most psychotic comment I've ever seen here. Your dime-store psychology and smear of those who oppose the far Left/radical homosexual agenda is certainly entertaining, and of a piece with your entire analysis, which is jew-baiting, pure and simple. The despicable behavior of Webb's nutroots contingent would set back race relations in Virginia fifty years, if it weren't for the fact that most Virginians are probably sensible enough to ignore it.

But thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...
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James Young said...

The last comment was deleted because, unlike some websites, I don't allow cowardly anonymous smears here. I suggest you take it to Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine.

Richard Daley said...

George Allen will win the U.S. Senate election in Virginia because that asshole is going to CHEAT his ass off somehow.

His opponent Naval Officer Jim Webb needs to, in advance, ensure that the voting is conducted in a totally fair and impartial manner, because, without question, the only way the racist, sexist, loser George Allen is going to win is if he manages to cheat somehow.