Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ya Gotta Believe!

There's so much tripe attributable to Democrats, but the recent hate campaign against George Allen is a new low for those that, many believe, couldn't sink any lower. But it's worth considering what you have to believe in order to support Jim Webb for the Senate

Ya gotta believe that George Allen used the word "nigger" thirty years ago, but that Jim Webb didn't use the word "gook" while a Marine in Vietnam.
Alternatively, ya gotta blieve that George Allen's use of the word "nigger" thirty years ago was unacceptable, but that Jim Webb's use of the word "gook" while a Marine in Vietnam was acceptable.
Ya gotta believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, and other Liberals said their were, and that they magically disappeared when George W. Bush became President.

Ya gotta believe that George Allen's racist character thirty-five years ago is more relevant than was Bill Clinton's character when he was President of the United States.

Ya gotta believe that a man who quit Ronald Reagan's Administration over foreign and military policy differences knows better than a man who remains a member of Reagan's political party.

Ya gotta believe that young Mr. Siddarth was gravely offended by being called "Macaca" ... but sat down and broke bread with the people who thought it was funny, and drove for hours back to Northern Virginia without telling anyone that he had the goods on "Felix."

Ya gotta believe that "Macaca" is a term that resonates with racist voters in Breaks, Virginia.

Ya gotta believe that Jim Webb doesn't know that he's paying his nutroots supporters who are banging the racism drum.

Ya gotta believe that people who were willing to tolerate a racist as Virginia's Governer in 1993 and as Virginia's junior Senator in 2000 have seen the light.

Ya gotta believe that the GOP is a racist party, and that many people knew about George Allen's racism, and just didn't tell anybody.

Ya gotta believe that...
War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

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