Friday, September 22, 2006

Democrat Chairman Candidate's Website Appears

Nine years ago, I ran (for the second and last time) for public office, the Dumfries District seat on the Prince William County School Board. It was in the early days of the Internet, and I certainly had no real appreciation for the Internet's power in campaigns. Nevertheless, a very pleasant young man from Woodbridge was kind enough to volunteer to put up a website for me. I don't know how much traffic it got, but I remember looking at it and thinking it quite good.

Whatever it looked like, it was certainly better than this.

One would think that a Democrat nominee for public office in a county of a third of a million people could do better than this. Sharon Pandak has managed to put up a site with even less substance than your average Democrat candidate.

"Experience Integrity Leadership"? What "Experience"? "Integrity" compared to whom? "Leadership" to where?!?!?

Previously, I was doubtful that Corey Stewart could match Chairman Sean's 70% in 2003. After all, Chairman Sean pulled a lot of Democrat votes because of his tax-and-spend policies.

But if this is the level of professionalism and substance we can expect from the Pandak campaign, Corey might even exceed 70%.

H/T to Greg.


Hirons said...

My money is on Corey breaking 70%. What's the over/under on if she'll even be in town on election day?

James Young said...

Ark, ark.

Charles said...

I think at NLS someone asked if she'd remember to get an absentee ballot.

She'll lose not because of a bad web site, but because of her bad treatment of citizens during her reign as county attorney.