Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What If Senator Allen Had Said This?

Melissa, one of the Ditzy Democrats at Monstrosity, suggests a better response (though I've changed one word) to the idiocy of one of the reporterettes at yesterday's Virginia Senate debate:
YES, damnit, I'm a Jew! What, are you [a Nazi] or something? Do you want me to make a little STAR out of my notecards, color it with a yellow highlighter and TAPE it to myself so that everyone will know for sure? You want a swastika, bitch?
Obviously, I support Senator Allen, and am voting for him.

But if he had actually said this, a notoriously cheap lawyer such as myself might even have sent him money.

Having just seen portions of Patton on AMC this weekend, I've got to wonder whether Senator Allen --- should he see this --- would be mindful of a line near the end of the movie: "No, I never said that. I never said any such thing. But I wish I had."


Virginia Centrist said...

That's what he should have said!

Melissa said...

I meant to thank you for the link on the 19th, but alas, did not. (which is obvious. Uhm, moving along then...)

Thanks for the link/write-up, Mr. Young!