Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coming Soon to the Washington Post

Given its complicity in the hate campaign against Senator Allen, one wonders whether this isn't an upcoming page one headline in the Washington Post:
Monday, 2 October 2006
George Allen Announces Support For Pogroms!!!!
Racist Senator Offers Genocidal Vision for Virginians

(Alexandria, Va.) To a cheering crowd of racist Republicans, embattled Virginia Senator George Allen today announced his support for a new round of pogroms to combat poverty. "It is only through these pogroms that we can effectively work to rid Virginia of the blight of poverty," said Allen.

Independent Internet pundits Lowell Feld and Ben Tribbett were quick to discern the true significance of the Allen statement, saying that it was the latest in Allen's racist, anti-Semitic behavior and policies. "Pogroms were the standard modus operandi of eastern European anti-Semites in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries," said Feld. "There can be little doubt that George Allen will soon offer a 'final solution' for the victims of poverty that includes concentration camps to starve them, and gas chambers to murder them." When asked if he expected such facilities to be located on Craney Island, Feld said he didn't know what or where that is.

University of Virginia political pundit Larry Sabato had this comment: "Well, while I wasn't there, this is clearly an effort by George Allen to appeal to his redneck, racist, 'Bubba' base. I'm not surprised. He'll almost certainly win over a majority of Virginia's redneck, racist, 'Bubba' voters with such a program. This race is over."

Of course, such a story will be accompanied by a primary editorial, roundly condemning Allen and the neanderthal, far-Right Virginia Republican Party.

Expect a correction, two days later, on page A24, bottom right-hand corner (actual size):
Wednesday, 4 October 2006
On Monday, the Washington Post inaccurately reported on a speech given by Senator George Allen. In Sunday's speech, Senator Allen announced his support for new programs to combat poverty, not "pogroms."
The Post regrets the error.


Tugboat Phil said...


Very funny, and sadly it will probably come true....except for the correction. We know THAT would never appear, no matter how small the print.

James Young said...

I really wish I understood THAT pseudonym.