Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Present at the Creation... Sort of

Any list of Virginia's premier musical artists would have to include, at or near the top, Williamsburg's Grammy Award-winning Bruce Hornsby. Finally picked up his new retrospective album, Intersections 1985-2005, on Friday, and today's horrendous traffic gave me the opportunity to listen to the first CD in the four CD/one DVD set.

What a great collection! I'm no music critic, but as a long-time fan, this was a very satisfying effort. Almost half of the music is never-released versions of Hornsby favorites.

I've got to confess a special affection for his Disk 1 version of "The Valley Road." A quick read of the accompanying booklet/liner notes reveals that this version was "created at a solo concert in Helsinki, Finland in September 2004 and turned into a band version at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia a few weeks later." The latter show was Homecoming 2004, at which I was present, with the family. What a fantastic show!

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