Friday, September 22, 2006

Despicable Democrat Smears

Like most people (even Jim Webb is making pretensions, though I don't believe him), I'm getting a little sick of the race-baiting campaign against George Allen.

Perhaps the most despicable element of it, though, is that, in order to believe the smears, which started with a comment in August, you have to believe that Mrs. Allen --- George's mother, not Susan --- is a racist, and that it was at her knee where young George learned to badly mispronounce the racial smear "macaque."

Personally, I don't believe it. Any more than I believe that Jim Webb didn't refer to Southeast Asians as "gooks" during his tour in Vietnam. Don't expect a series of front-page Washington Post stories exploring that reality.

Jim Webb and his paid bloggers should be ashamed of themselves, but they probably aren't. Hell, Jim Webb won't even own up to financing this hate campaign against George Allen.

And after all, smearing a frail 83-year-old woman is a small price to pay in order to obtain political power.


Steve Rankin said...

Let me see if I've got this straight: George Allen served four years as Virginia's governor, and he's served six years as U. S. senator-- and he's managed to hide his 'racism' all that time? Either he's a great cover-up artist or a lot of Virginians are dummies.

Wasn't Sen. Allen one of the leaders in getting the resolution passed condemning lynchings?

If "macaca" is a racial slur, how come "Spider" Webb gets a pass for saying it in the recent debate? What if he had used the "N" word?

But at least "Spider" isn't beholden to the Hollywood "moe-gules."

Virginians should remember that, if elected, Webb will vote FOR Harry Reid for majority leader and AGAINST John Warner for committee chairman. Even the rosiest predictions don't have the Democrats re-taking control of the Senate. Which means that Webb would be a freshman member of the liberal minority party.

Oh what a dangerous Webb we weave...

James Young said...

According to the Dems, no Republican is smart enough to pull off such a con.

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