Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Goodbye "F*** You " From Chairman Sean?

Ohhhhh. There's Young, being crude again.

Well, none of my qualities or faults has ever cost the taxpayers of Prince William County a dime. Were it that the same could be said of Chairman Sean Connaughton.

As detailed by Charles Reichley over at TwoConservatives, and a few others, a letter has gone out from the Prince William County Republican Committee noting that the, well, God-like Maximum Leader has failed to resign in time for the special election to replace him to be held contemporaneously with the General Election on 7 November. The letter provides as follows:
Prince William BOCS Chairman Special Election

The Prince William County Board of Elections informed us today that the special election for the position of the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors would not occur on November 7, 2006. Therefore, another date will have to be determined for the Prince William County residents to vote for a new Chairman.

Today, September 8, 2006 was the deadline set by the Prince William County Board of Elections to place the name of the Candidates for the Special Election on the ballot. The Prince William County Government has not received the resignation from the current holder of this office, Sean Connaughton.

When a vacancy occurs or even a letter stating a future resignation date (per Virginia Code 24.2-228.1A) is submitted, a Judge has up to fifteen days to issue the Writ of Election, which sets the date of the Special Election. The Election must be held between forty-five to sixty days after the Writ (per Virginia Code 15.2-502C).

According to the following website:, Sean Connaughton was sworn in to his new position on Wednesday, September 6, 2006. Several attempts had been made to contact Mr. Connaughton to ask when he would be sworn into this new position and when his resignation letter would be received. As of this time, Mr. Connaughton has not responded.

We will keep you informed of any new information regarding this special election.
I asked whether Chairman Sean would do this to us on Thursday. If these reports are accurate, the possible has become the actual, and Chairman Sean has stuck Prince William County taxpayers with [another] huge unnecessary bill, all without even the courtesy of explanation. The arrogance of that act is incredible, even for a lawyer and a politician. Even Chairman Sean's most ardent supporters cannot justify this behavior, though I suppose some will try. They would earn just a little credibility if they didn't bother, and in fact, condemned him.

Those of us who have long recognized his shortcomings, and have in response been savaged for noting them, are --- of course --- not surprised.

Like Charles, I still hold out the hope that the County judge who draws this case can and will work promptly to insure that the special election is held contemporaneously with the general election. However, one has to wonder why the County Electoral Board would set a deadline which was not enforceable or reasonable.

It's really too bad that there are quite a few Internet pissboys (see "History of the World, Part I") out there who will nevertheless excuse this inexcusable conduct, the last, great, political "bird" that Chairman Sean has flipped to the taxpayers of Prince William County, and to a GOP which honored him with its nomination.

Chairman Sean now holds a political job. There should be political consequences for his effort to hurt his own Party. There will certainly be many among the Republican Party of Virginia who will remember Chairman Sean's perfidy when he returns and wants to restart his career in elective politics. 'Course, one wonders whether it will even be in the GOP.

As for now, one would hope that, under the circumstances, the President would respond in kind, and fire this arrogant SOB, relegating to the political oblivion he so richly deserves.


Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I would still be very surprised if he had not tendered his resignation in time since as I understand it from my source at DOT, he had to resign before they'd administer the oath. If he did resign, I wonder who has the letter....

James Young said...

I wouldn't, Jim. But then, we've always differed in our approach to the motives of Chairman Sean.

Charles said...

James, if he didn't resign, and he gets fired, he'll be back here.

Be careful what you wish for -- I have to think you are happier with him in DC.

James Young said...

Oh, Charles, I definitely believe that he should be fired AFTER he resigns.

Anonymous said...

What THE HELL is going on Sean?

If you did resign from the BOS why are you still on the BOS?

9/12/06 Potomac News Correction

A judge must issue a writ for a special election before the election for the chairman’s seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors can be scheduled.

An article in Saturday’s Potomac News said the election will be held in November but failed to mention the need for a writ which may or may not come in time for the November General Election.

9/12/06 BOS Agenda:

8. Supervisors’ Time
view A. RES – Approve – Commendation – Sean T. Connaughton, Chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors – Liz Bahrns – Office of Executive Management

B. RES – Appoint – Ken Whitehead of Eli Lilly and Company; Michael Korent of Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics and Surveillance Systems; and Gloria Pryor of Marine Corps Systems Command to the Economic Development Council – Chairman Connaughton