Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time To Renew An Old Joke

With the resignation of Florida Congressman Mark Foley, it's time to renew an old joke, from the last congressional page scanda, one from the Eighties (that one bipartisan, involving Massachusetts Democrat Gerry Studds and a male page, and Illinois Republican Dan Crane, and a female page):

You know that Congressman don't use book marks? They just bend the Page.

'Course, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Dan Crane was defeated in the next election, while Gerry Studds went on to serve several more terms in Congress.

And, of course, if Republicans acted like Democrats, we could expect that, in twenty years, the GOP would adopt an agenda which would seek to legitimate Foley's and Crane's behavior.


Not Jack Herrity said...

As someone who remembers the Studds scandal, I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, mind you, that the media has forgotten this. The GOP was slow to respond to the Foley scandal, you say? The Dems NEVER responded to that one.

Massachusetts is such a strange place.


James Young said...

The phrase Limbaugh uses --- "drive-by media" --- comes to mind.