Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yeah, That's The Ticket

In his latest outrage, professional racist Jonathan Mark has put up what he describes as "an open letter from an anti-Gill GOP'er." The problem? He fails to identify its author.

So I guess we're entitled to assume that the letter is just another myth from the fertile imagination of a bigot.

Even if it is not, please spare us the whining (sense a theme today?). Either put up or shut up. If you can't sign your name to your tripe (at least JM is not a coward, having signed his name to a lot of tripe), then kindly keep it to yourself.

This is the worst kind of smear politics: anonymous complaints by whiners whose cause so lacks righteousness and morality that they fear the consequences of being associated with it. They are (or he or she is) cowards, and they are (or he or she is) dishonorable.

What is even worse is the fact that they are (or he or she is) willing to sign on to Mark's racism and bigotry in order to advance a pro-tax agenda. I firmly believe that most Republicans, especially those in Prince William County, are neither racist nor bigoted. It is doubtful that they could buy into Mark's elaborate fictions.

So what is their motivation? I have a sneaking suspicion that they are attempting to camouflage their disdain for Conservative principles in the rhetoric of "electability" and suspicion. The simple fact of the matter is that Gill's most ardent GOP opponents are those who have attacked the GOP and GOP principles of low taxation and limited government for literally years. Such a line of attack has, of course, made them singularly unpopular and unsuccessful in internal party struggles. So what do they try against someone with impeccable Conservative Movement credentials like Faisal Gill? Suspicion and innuendo, if not racist and bigoted itself, then specifically designed to play upon racially-motivated fears.

It's despicable. But of a piece with the dishonorable tactics in which they have engaged for years.

Michael Farris in 1993. Oliver North in 1994.

That they refuse to sign their names speaks volumes about the likes of these weasels.

And volumes about what they are promoting, too.

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Charles said...

This sounds like one of the lucas campaign staff that wrote me. It might not be, but it sounds not so much anti-conservative as anti-muslim.

Note the expression of shock at how many muslims there were in the district, and the almost disdainful way he says they will show up to vote.