Friday, October 12, 2007

Ann Coulter Announces Retirement?

Doug has a critique of her latest comments here.

I've always liked Coulter. Just finished her latest book, and laughed out loud many times. She interviewed me once, many years ago, regarding one of my cases, for a story she was writing. She's attractive, witty, sharp, and has the ability to reveal puncture far-Left pretensions almost like no other, revealing the nasty, foaming-at-the-mouth characteristics that they usually hide so well.

However, her comments here leave one wondering whether that attractive exterior and sharp mind harbors an anti-Semitism which would render her persona non grata in all respectable circles.

I truly hope not.


hoobie said...

I thought she was already "persona non grata in all respectable circles".

What circles do you hang out in?

James Young said...

That was "all respectable circles," "hoobie," not "all moonbat circles."