Monday, October 29, 2007

"No Qualms About Crossing The Ethical Line"

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News shows a surprising level of integrity and foresight in endorsing Faisal Gill for the 51st District House of Delegates seat over Democrat Paul Nichols.

Hardly a Republican organ, the newspaper's editorial page stays mostly positive about Faisal.

However, perhaps the most damning element of the endorsement is its discussion of Democrat Paul Nichols' sleazy campaign tactics, which the paper cites as support for the proposition that he has "no qualms about crossing the ethical line."

As I've said here and elsewhere, Paul is a social friend, and I like him. Therefore, I would prefer to believe that these sleazy tactics are not his, but rather, bad advice that he's received from the Virginia Democrat Party.

However, in this instance, association with this group and, more importantly, standing by idly while they smear Gill in his name, is sufficient to disqualify him from serious consideration for public office.

Of course, Greg Letiecq has thus far remained silent on what must, for him, be a frustrating development.

And reports that Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark is sitting in a Fairfax "Job Johnny" with a Glock-shaped water pistol to his head are apparently greatly exaggerated.

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