Saturday, October 20, 2007

Letiecq Announces Resignation From County GOP Committee

OK. Not formally. But you can read his endorsements for public office here, and the implicit has become the actual, and he has disregarded his pledge "to support all Republican nominees for election to public office in the ensuing election" by failing to support Michele McQuigg for Clerk of the Circuit Court, and by endorsing Democrat Paul Nichols to succeed McQuigg as Delegate for the 51st House of Delegates seat.

He could have just kept his mouth shut. Many do. Of course, now the blogosphere gives those equally dishonorable the opportunity to trash anonymously/pseudonymously Republicans they are honor-bound to support.

As for Greg, he has allowed his personal problems --- Faisal Gill's law firm is representing an individuals suing Greg for libel/slander, and Michele McQuigg has endorsed his candidacy to succed her --- to lead him on a dishonorable course, after months of giving aid and comfort to, inter alia, racists.

Those who assume a leadership role by joining the County Republican Comittee, which is responsible for the conduct of Party business between County Conventions, assume a higher burden. Greg has not only failed to assume that burden, he has spit in the face of those who do.


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Charles said...

Not a surprise, though. You didn't mention if he endorsed anybody else for Clerk -- if all he did was leave that off his "endorsements", I think that would fall under the "keep quiet" exception.

Since Greg runs a private blog hidden behind a firewall many of us aren't blessed with his "wisdom", which I presume is otherwise "vote for all the republicans except the lawyer who's firm is going to put me in the poorhouse."

The real question is what is more harmful to our GOP candidates -- his endorsement, or his lack of endorsement?

On a serious note (yes, I don't take Greg's endorsements seriously), I do fear for our candidates that have gotten in bed with Greg. HSM was a good idea, and the sooner they get themselves a better president, the better.

I'm still laughing about how the man who once claimed that a minor snafu that delayed a cookout disqualified a candidate, now as president of HSM forgot to schedule any candidate forums until two weeks before the election.