Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Elaborate Fantasies from PRJM

There he goes again!

Now, Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark would have you believe that PWC GOP Chairman Tom Kopko has scheduled a County GOP Committee meeting to prevent people from meeting Democrat Paul Nichols. Why? Because Greg Letiecq, President of Help Save Manassas, decided at the last minute to schedule a candidate's forum.

Calls for County Committee meetings must be issued not fewer than ten days before the meeting, which means that the Call went out on 12 October. I have been unable to find Greg's notice that he was planning some sort of candidate forum for HSM, but my recollection is that it was made well after I received the Call.

Aside from that, only a psychotic would suggest that Tom Kopko scheduled a meeting of the Counthy GOP Committee 15 days before the election just to steal Greg's thunder.

Of course, it is of a piece with PRJM's other fantasies.

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