Friday, October 12, 2007

There He Goes Again

As most Supreme Court watchers know, the Court reverses the San Francisco-based United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit far more frequently than it reverses virtually any circuit Court of Appeals in the land. Indeed, correcting the Ninth Circuit's errors could be a full-time job for the Supreme Court, were it so inclined.

Much the same might be said of psychotic racist Jonathan Mark ("PRJM"), who has made it his mission in life to smear 51st District Republican House of Delegates candidate Faisal Gill.

Now, because I have called him out on his misrepresentation of a post criticizing --- not praising, ever! --- Jimmy Carter, PRJM has decided to launch a personal attack on me, but again seems to be linguistically-challenged.

Here's a little message for the psychotic racist: a "conspiracy," dear PRJM, requires the participation of more than one sad, pathetic stalker with a talent for tall tales, access to a computer, and a gift for weaving fantastic fantasies borne of his racist worldview. A "conspiracy" requires the participation of two or more, rather than one probably-judgment-proof individual sitting in his basement with waaaaay too much time on his hands.

But I suppose that the inability to understand the meaning of simple words is de rigeur for a member of a political party which doesn't seem to understand the word "marriage." It's not my "incompetence as a writer" which is the issue, it is PRJM's incompetence and/or misrepresentation as a reader. And, of course, his deficiencies as a human being.

Of course, I've been paid for my writing. Has Mark ever been paid for his writing, I wonder? Given his penchant for ad hominem assaults, I somehow doubt it.

It is ironic indeed that someone who sees Islamo-fascist conspiracies everywhere, and has smeared (government investigations clearing him to the contrary notwithstanding) a United States Navy veteran with the "terrorist" brush, is accusing me of being a conspiracy-theorist.

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