Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sharon's Finest Whine

It seems that Democrat candidate for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors Sharon Pandak has decided that current Chairman Corey Stewart is "divisive."

Oh, foresooth! Divisive?!?! Heaven help us!

That's the best she's got? "Divisive"? Of course, that's Liberal-speak for "I don't like what he stands for, but I can't argue against it, so I'll just stamp my feet."

Whine! Whine! Whine!

What's next? "Corey doesn't work and play well with others"?!?!

As long as Corey is working to divide the lawbreakers from the rest of us, I suspect he'll enjoy the support of the majority of the citizens of Prince William County.

Which is, of course, the point.

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