Friday, October 19, 2007

The Far Left Myth On Abusive Driver Fees

There he goes again! Jeff Dion, in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News repeating the Democrats' lies about Virginia's abusive driver fees.

To hear Democrats like Dion, George Barker, Paul Nichols, and Chris Brown tell it, you might think Republicans were responsible for the targeting of Virginia drivers (out-of-state drivers are exempt).

Well. Those nasty Republicans. Screwing Virginians again.

'Cept the charge is totally false. Here's how WTOP relates how the fees were limited to Virginia drivers:
"... Governor Kaine amended the legislation by removing out-of-state drivers from the abusive driver fees."
So get it right, Dems: the notion that such fees should apply only to Virginia drivers --- not those licensed in other states --- was Governor Timmy's! idea, not Republicans'. Republicans only supported the amendment to preserve the grand "compromise" that Democrats were demanding. So much for "compromise" with Democrats: do so, and they'll beat you over the head with it. I'd note that it's shameless, but when talking about Democrats, that's pretty much redundant.

Dems might want to think about cleaning up their own house before attacking Republicans on the issue.

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