Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cheap Stunts Substituting For Substance Among Democrats

Sitting down to report on tonight's Committee of 100 debates, I was once again treated to George Barker's substanceless and cheap-shot political ads against Senator Jay O'Brien.

Is this the best the Dems have to offer?

Aside from the foolishness of attacking abusive driver fees (proposed to be limited to Virginia drivers by Democrat Governor Timmy!), Barker is obviously using O'Brien's misstep on the issue in order to avoid revelation of his own Socialist background as an advocate for a government takeover of health care. And, of course, it ignores that O'Brien has promised to work for repeal in the next session of the legislature.

Remember those Republicans who sold the transportation "compromise" by telling staunch anti-taxers that it was necessary to defend against a Democrat onslaught? In order to tell voters that they "did something" about transportation?

Once again demonstrating that getting rolled by Democrats on their bigger government agenda simply gives aid and comfort --- and ammunition --- to the enemy.

What is truly sleazy is the use of looping footage from a Committee of 100 debate --- specifically, of O'Brien shifting his eyes and paying attention to his opponent's comments --- to cast O'Brien in a negative light. A similar effort is being made by Democrat Chris Brown, against Delegate Jeff Frederick. In that vignette, Brown's campaign is completely misrepresenting a statement by Frederick, who was criticizing Brown for his self-contradictory (and false) accusations against Frederick. Brown has criticized Frederick both for supporting abusive driver fees, and for voting against the transportation "compromise." Of course, as Frederick points out, he can't have it both ways.

On the bright side, I suspect the absence of similar commercials against Faisal Gill --- as well as the lack of commentary among the far Left nutroots --- demonstrates that Gill did well in his debate against Democrat Paul Nichols (a professional conflict precluded my attendance at that debate). That was confirmed tonight by a Democrat who told me that Gill had done well.

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