Friday, October 26, 2007

Colgan Running Scared?

It appears that Senator Chuck Colgan is attacking Bob FitzSimmonds because of Bob's sterling Pro-Life credentials.


Colgan has, for years, tried to sell himself as some kind of "moderate" who opposes abortion. However, as a member of the Democrat caucus, the pro-abortion maniacs of his party virtually guarantee that no meaningful Pro-Life legislation will receive a vote. And never mind that no one can meaningfully be called "moderate" when they endorse a Supreme Court decision (Roe v. Wade) which struck down abortion laws in all fifty states, and rejected the considered wisdom of centuries of Anglo-American common law.

It appears that the mailer emanated from the swamp that has become state Democrat Party headquarters in Richmond, demonstrating what some have known for years: Colgan has ceded his judgment to party powers-that-be, and that he is running merely to advance the power of the state Democrat Party. I was told on good authority four years ago that the only reason that he ran for reelection then was the personal intervention of then-Gov. Marky Mark.

But if Colgan is serving as a member of Warner's Funky Bunch, is he really serving the people of his District?

This ham-handed attempt to smear FitzSimmonds demonstrates signs of desperation in the Colgan campaign.

Is Chuck's forced retirement at hand?

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