Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ike Leggett And The Politics Of Arrogance

Listening to WMAL on the way in this morning, I heard of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's smear of Prince William County and its Board. Leggett apparently claims that Maryland's policies towards illegal immigrants --- one presumes he refers to government handouts and giving them driver's licenses (kind of like the 9/11 terrorists, who obtained licenses in Virginia under a law now changed pursuant to Senator Jay O'Brien's efforts) --- is "more enlightened" than those in Virginia, including those being pursued by PWC BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart. I wish I could provide a link to his comments, but I could not find one.

Three responsive words:

Typical. Left-wing. Arrogance.

It's so typical. It's not enough to disagree with a Conservative. No. One has to claim some kind of moral and/or intellectual superiority.

Typical. Left-wing. Arrogance.

It's kind of like the far-Left response to the President's veto of Democrat efforts to expand SCHIP, health insurance welfare for poor children. Democrats (and some Republicans, sadly) want it to be expanded to cover middle-class and even arguably wealthy families. People who understand the Democrat goal of socialized medicine --- like the President --- recognize the true purpose of this expansion. Of course, they're not honest enough to admit their true purpose, and the far Left is in full smear mode, claiming the President and Republicans "don't care."

Wrong. The President and Republicans "care" enough to decline the far Left's effort to work a further destruction of the American health care system, private choice, and personal responsibility to indulge the far Left's desire for more government power. They "care" enough to not expand the constitutional violation which is government health care.

But don't expect the rhetoric to change. After all, the far Left is "more enlightened" that the rest of us mere peons.

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