Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Question For The Gill-Haters

As anyone who knows me will attest, I am extremely skeptical (get it?) of accusations of "racism" and/or "bigotry," which coming from the far Left too often translate as "I hate your argument, but I can't refute it."

Even in the controversy over GOP 51st House District nominee Faisal Gill, I have been loathe to make such accusations. Indeed, the only times I have done so are regarding Jonathan "I'm A Psychotic Moron" Mark, whose blogsite attacking Gill evidences an entirely unhealthy pathology that can only be explained as racism and/or bigotry, and a number of pseudonymous commenters at BVBL who statements suggested it, and who freely admit their racism and/or bigotry (at least they're honest about it). Contrary to what some might think, I haven't thrown the charge around freely, or without specific justification. To the contrary, I have no basis for making such a charge against Greg Letiecq, whose site is a center for the Gill-haters, since his reason for hating Gill --- Gill's law firm represents someone suing Letiecq --- is well-known.

Nevertheless, I am truly puzzled, and a question arises:
Are you Republican Gill-haters really so stupid as to believe that the Left won't cite a Gill loss (if there is one) and his lack of Republican support as evidence of Republican/Conservative racism?
I suspect that most of the Gill-haters really are that stupid. Then again, most of them aren't honest enough to admit that much of their contempt for Gill stems from is sterling Conservative credentials, and the fact that he historically has had little use for those opportunistic types whose main reason for being Republicans is its current utility in getting elected.

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