Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where Does He Go to Get His Reputation Back?

The title is a reference to a famous question asked by President Reagan's first Labor Secretary, Ray Donovan, after his acquittal on corruption charges.

It seems that the felony indictment against former GOP House of Delegates candidate Steve Chapman for voter fraud has been dropped, and trial on the remaining misdemeanor charge pushed back until 22 March, 2006.

I commented on the shamelessness of Delegate Harry Parrish and his campaign's links to these charges here. Note the carefully worded non-denial denial of Harry cited in today's Potomac News: "Parrish said at the time that the first he'd heard of his opponent's indictment was from reporters." Of course, that doesn't address the issue of the charges brought to Democrat Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert, and the fact that Parrish operative Kenny Klinge --- acting on behalf of the candidate, if not with his knowledge --- was behind them. Harry never answered the question as to whether Klinge was acting with his knowledge and approval. Since he was not fired, such knowledge and/or approval should be assumed.

One now wonders whether Harry's Dem opponent, Donald Shuemaker, will have the wit to point out the sleaziness of Harry's and/or his campaign's attacks upon his Republican rival. Voters won't have too long to wait, however, as there is a debate scheduled for tomorrow night before the Prince William Committee of 100.

How many others owe --- or perhaps will owe, depending upon the outcome of the minor charge still pending --- Steve Chapman an apology?

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