Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Democrat Double-Standard

Well, it seems that the boys and girls over at Raising Kaine are rendering their defense of Earnie Porta.

I appreciate that they've posted Porta's very carefully-worded response. It quite effectively demonstrates that there's a "there" there, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein.

Please note that being "absolved ... of personal liability," doesn't mean that he was absolved of liability; judgment was entered against Porta, as one can discover by checking the opinion and the docket sheet. Moreover, it is my understanding that the trial transcript detailed Porta's actions in helping create and perpetuate the hostile work environment.

BTW, whatever happened to that old Democrat standard (utilized for the "October Surprise" investigation) that the mere seriousness of the allegation is enough? Were this woman's complaints not "serious"? Or does that standard only apply when the allegations are lodged against Republicans? Of course, here, it's not "allegations"; it's a judgment, vacated after an appeal was filed upon settlement. That's the record. And horn-dog Earnie can neither evade those facts nor those set forth in the trial transcript.

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